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Sony Xperia M5

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  • CHAD
  • v}S
  • 23 Feb 2024

I used this handset 5/6 years ago. I loved this set but one uncertain moment changed my mind to sold it. Unfortunately one day my mobile automatically switched off for almost 2 month. That’s why i sold it.

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    • hoang
    • YRI
    • 06 May 2023

    I absolutely love this phone. Too bad the SoC got loose and my father decided to replace it.

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      • James J
      • pev
      • 09 Apr 2023

      I have used and have been using this phone for more than 6 years, reliable. The battery is certainly worn out, but this is due to the age of operation

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        • DVD
        • 0xQ
        • 30 Jan 2022

        long time ago i have 2 of what model phones bad memories after i newer buy sony phones

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          • PineappleLivesOnTree
          • y6V
          • 10 Oct 2021

          Anonymous, 18 Aug 2021So sad that I bought M4 Aqua instead of waiting for M5. I d... moreI would love to have that phone! I prefer plastic as a back cover, glass is not my style

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            • Anonymous
            • 043
            • 18 Aug 2021

            So sad that I bought M4 Aqua instead of waiting for M5. I didn’t know they would release a new one only a few months later. This one even has a glass back instead of the disgusting plastic of its predecessor.

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              • DrREDACTED
              • KnV
              • 11 Mar 2021

              My XPERIA M5 doesn't have Wlan Dual-Band hahahah

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                • Mpjm
                • d%{
                • 25 Oct 2020

                Alejandro, 11 Jun 2020I never buy Xperia again. One day it didn't light anymore. ... moreYou probably rooted xperia m5 or flash.

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                  • Gojira
                  • tA$
                  • 15 Sep 2020

                  I wanna ask about the sim card.
                  Why my phone cannot have a signal but if i check in the setting sim card has available and read it.
                  But the signal like cannot reach it or weak...
                  Even i try to change other sim card result always same..
                  So if my experia has a problem what is it and what should i service or any part would i change emadiately...
                  So this my question...thanks soooo much...
                  (Sorry if my english was bad)

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                    • Kyaw Khant
                    • 6p$
                    • 13 Jul 2020

                    Sony Xperia M5 Dual Camera is error . How can ?
                    Either the Camera or Flashlight may be in use by another app

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                      • Rakesh
                      • tYW
                      • 13 Jul 2020

                      I have been using this phone since October 2015... I never faced any problem except storage

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                        • Alejandro
                        • LI%
                        • 11 Jun 2020

                        I never buy Xperia again. One day it didn't light anymore. Like other Xperia, bricked.

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                          • Kaykay
                          • Nu6
                          • 20 May 2020

                          I had such bad experience with my Sony Xperia Z1 compact that I have sworn off Sony Xperia phones for life. My phone died around 1.5 to 2 years of very careful use. Battery got swollen after a year. I think the only Sony Mobile with great reviews is the Sony Xperia Z3 Compact Tablet with 8". This product cost 3 to 4 times as much as my Z1 compact. Perhaps the more expensive the device, the better. But for me, no more Sony phones.
                          And yes the 21mp camera on the Z1 compact was very poor.

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                            • r2d2
                            • PXR
                            • 27 Mar 2020

                            I used it like for 3 months and one day it just turned off and never turned on again, logic card just got damage and fixing it cost a lot. Always have been a sony cell phone but this one really disappointed me

                              • ?
                              • Anonymous
                              • 3Yc
                              • 09 Jun 2019

                              This is a worst phone ever I purchased facing lots of problems now one more problem add connect to WiFi automatically start blinking need to switch off again open again blinking mag shows ul system is stopped don't understand how to rectified it's a big headache now.

                                Sonyhornyformoney, 03 Nov 2018Even the browser lags in this phone permanently. Good point... moreIt works like great after many years. Sad to hear some people had problems with it. Amazing phone still. For browsing use Amorfly browser. It's the best ever browser and works like a charm!

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                                  • JessiK3
                                  • NiI
                                  • 15 Jan 2019

                                  the.gom, 29 Jul 2018the camera is the best than other xperia i try... i've been... moreI have to agree it has the best camera ever but it heats up warmer than the sun and the battery is not that strong

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • pc3
                                    • 11 Jan 2019

                                    I just buy it at 75 Euros..hope it deserves!!

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                                      • Sonyhornyformoney
                                      • mk7
                                      • 03 Nov 2018

                                      Even the browser lags in this phone permanently. Good point is though, that I threw it like 20 times against the wall and it didn't want to die. Be aware, this phone's a hard nut.

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                                        • Adul Al Salami Kebab
                                        • nrX
                                        • 25 Sep 2018

                                        Nk, 04 Sep 2018This phone disappointed me. I now fear to buy any SONY's sm... moreIs this some kinda pun? This device is godlike! O3O