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Sony Xperia M5

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  • Nk
  • uv7
  • 04 Sep 2018

This phone disappointed me. I now fear to buy any SONY's smartphone!

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    • the.gom
    • tx0
    • 29 Jul 2018

    the camera is the best than other xperia i try... i've been try z1 compact,z2 z3,z3+ and x compact...but it think m5's camera is the best... but unfortunally m5 have a very bad battery. i need charge it 3 times a day... and it very easy to heat...sorry for my english

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      • Konga from Tn
      • 7kh
      • 04 Jul 2018

      Gigi, 23 Feb 2018I won't go through all the bad things that have already bee... moreOne of the best phones I hv ever seen camera is so good the phone is stylish no hanging issue...yes if we charge it with any other local chargers its heats up temp goes up to 60
      If we use the original charger is k
      And camera is better tn my iPhone 6 but bit slow

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        • Andee
        • NH5
        • 27 Jun 2018

        After using the device for 3 months, it started to be slow, freezes, takes about 20 min to reboot then it crushed, took it back to the store and they told me the motherboard has failed and they need to send it to Sony for repair, took them another 3 months to repair. Got my phone, used it for 5 months and the same issue started. no more Sony for me, never in my life.

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          • Anonymous
          • pUc
          • 06 Jun 2018

          You know this phone is so frustrating im using it almost 2 years and since the last 6 months it started destroying my charger cables... Its just the ultimate destroyer of micro usb. I had a much better experience on my old 70€ lenovo... It excells in shooting photos though. But also the camera app is flawed :Autofocus sucks, mo manual focus... Those 21 Mp pictures could have been also captured with a high quality 10 Mp camera...

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            • Anonymous
            • pvZ
            • 28 May 2018

            Filled with special Sony spam!! Owned this phone for nearly 2 years. It's been great, but now my contract is nearly up it's suddenly become slow and crashes. A phone that suddenly stop working just at the time you need a new contract is clearly built to do it. I'll never buy a sony anything again. It's a shame the stereos they made in the 80's are probably still going fine.

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              • Anonymous
              • NH{
              • 16 Mar 2018

              My phone has never shutdown or failed to start in a years time until i switched off the location and not soon after that the phone suddenly shutdown by it self en i hand to do a soft reset to restart it, so i switched on the location its been two months since the incident and it did not happen again.

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                • wislam
                • aXk
                • 13 Mar 2018

                One of the best phones in terms of least radiation exposure.
                It's a shame it's running Google's Android spyware.

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                  • AnonD-743814
                  • tx4
                  • 11 Mar 2018

                  Sucks!!! Oftenly shut down by itself. Sudden death. So annoying.

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                    • AnonD-454049
                    • fXb
                    • 01 Mar 2018

                    Gigi, 23 Feb 2018I won't go through all the bad things that have already bee... moreYou should try to install a custom rom

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                      • Gigi
                      • 6w0
                      • 28 Feb 2018

                      Anonymous, 27 Feb 2018honestly this is a good phone i use it 2 years , i broke i... moreLucky you! I really don't care about brands and makes.
                      The specs seemed more than ok for the M5 but the implementation of the specs were a joke!
                      I got SOOO dissapointed with the M5.
                      Yesterday it froze simply from opening the album app! The "lightning fast focus", as they claimed, not that it isn't fast, it cannot focus in anything other than good lighting. Just at night, IN MY HOME, WITH the lights on, it has troubles focusing.

                      Once more, I'm happy for you that your phone works all right.

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                        • Anonymous
                        • F4a
                        • 27 Feb 2018

                        honestly this is a good phone i use it 2 years , i broke it then i give it to my friend , now i am looking to buy it new one

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                          • Gigi
                          • 6w0
                          • 23 Feb 2018

                          Oh I forgot about the totally crappy Sony SMS app. It was slower then going through the mail in the year 1875! I never ever even considered on any phone to change the stock SMS app but with the M5 I had to install something else and I ended up with Textra which was/is 234435 times better!!


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                            • Gigi
                            • 6w0
                            • 23 Feb 2018

                            I won't go through all the bad things that have already been said.

                            Think about just the normal things, the basics that a phone must have, support and have them they don't or are crap.

                            WiFi - even when it's off, you suddenly turn it on, it already has/sees/knows all the networks arround. Then, you have it on the whole time, come to a new place, have some issues with wifi, you go scanning and there's no feedback, you just dont't know what's the phone doing.
                            Then wifi drops out, but just as you unlock the phone and pull down the drawer you see the phone connecting to wifi. How I know that the phone was disconnected from wifi up to that point - Viber or other apps are offline so form my wife's phone (in the same room) I cannot connect to mine.

                            Bluetooth - I have 5 devices paired (car, 3 headsets and PC). If you disconect from car, then after 3 hours go back to your car and just turn bluetooth on all seems fine. BUT, if you disconnect from car but after 3 hours turn bluetooth on and this time want to connect somethong else - the stupid phone wants to connect to car, and them slooooowly goes through the list of ALL the devices, but then alsto the damn THROW app (I call it throw-up) comes and messes everything up. So even bluetooth is fucked up.

                            I really AM NOT a fan of conspiracy theories, and how the government is spying on us and bla bla bla, but IF YOU are, that this phone is for you!! What I mean by that is that every now and then the bloody phone is doing something HUUUGE in the background, so intensly that the screen input lags and stutters. Forget about playing games, power using...just moving from screen to screen!?!? It's like, its reporting everything to the FBI/CIA/NSA or maybe the Japaneese counterpart :-D So I kill the data and wifi connections and usually goes fine, but often I have to reboot it.

                            Ah yes, the first few months it took the phone like 5 minutes to get a fix, and you could feel it becoming hot! The suddenly, with NO update is, I must admit, all right. I DID and still use all kind of different GPS apps, and only enable location when I need location services!

                            I don't know if it's a Sony or Android thing but - If I manually rearenge the pics through ES File Explorer (sort them in different folders) then all the dates get fucked up after the Sony app rescans the photos.

                            Needles to say a ton of bloatware installed...

                            My wife('s number) has a special ringtone BUT - if the phone is locked, in stand-by it rings with the usual ringtone, then, if I'm using the phone and my wife calls, the other (special) ringtone is used! At least if it were the other way arround...

                            The camera controls are shit. I installed Open Camera and with its HUUUUGE 2MB is 654684351 times better than the original Sony crap camera app!! Still way worse photos than the 8MP S4mini.

                            The flash light is crap. You get almost more light from the screen using a white background.

                            Luckilly I didn't "HAVE" to test the waterproofing because I doubt it would be as advertised...

                            No removable battery. But at least I don't have this drain problem but it definitelly doesn't last two days. I have NO heavy CPU usage, but above average screen/usage time, and you can just be sure that it will go through the day, as not having to carry a battery pack. Usually I pug it at night and is below 15%.

                            In comparison to Samsung (S4 mini was my previous phone) no vibrating notification when you just pickup the phone to FEEL that there was an event so that you don't have to unlock the phone.
                            No sliding over to keyboard to move the cursor arround. Okay theese are mybe some proprietary Samsung things...

                            I AM a power user, but not in the sense of CPU power (games,...) but in the sense of calender, contacts, apps for home central heating, climate control, mobile banking, eBay, dictionary, maps, notes, organizing my life, PDA, and ofcourse email (multitasking) all things that need a 4656 year old phone!
                            This piece of shit has more ram than my old Pentium 4 (and probably more CPU power too) but is 345 times slower!!!
                            My old S4 mini is still better than this M5!
                            My old Blackberry Bold 9000 is still better for serious (grown ups) usage.
                            Hell, even my beloved Sony Ericsson P910i was/is better!

                            What I do like about the phone, or why I bought it? Because of the advertised specs (which ended to be bogus), the camera (which is crappy), the waterproofing (I read that you don't wanna test it), and because my 2 year contract was expireing any my wife needed a better phone so I gave her my S4 mini!

                            Probably Sony has good phones too, but will I EVER buy a Sony phone...the answer is, you guessd it, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

                            P.S. Now I have even doubts about other Sony products too..

                            Goog luck!


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                              • Anonymous
                              • N7B
                              • 09 Feb 2018

                              All in all a terrible phone I will come close to purchasing a sony in my lifetime again

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                                • Sarvjeet
                                • XNn
                                • 08 Feb 2018

                                angry bird, 09 Jan 2018Shame on you SONY, I have this phone over a year. Every thi... moreYou should go to sony service center they will replace your phone with a better one. This model is defective.

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                                  • dat boi
                                  • p@h
                                  • 03 Feb 2018

                                  not a good phone

                                  there is no manual focus and the autofocus is just unusable
                                  the waterproofing is a joke and the screen shatterd with an screen protector on it. the repair cost is 160 eur where I live.

                                  if you use youre phone more than 2.5 hours a day you won't have enough batery.

                                  conclusion: with third party camera apps the 21MP camera is nice, but the rest of the phone is bad though

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                                    • angry bird
                                    • 0Tn
                                    • 09 Jan 2018

                                    Shame on you SONY, I have this phone over a year. Every thime I nead the phone, he died. Shut down and can t power up. He came on about a 2 or 3 hovers. BIG SHIT COMPANY.

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                                      • Akshay
                                      • HsJ
                                      • 25 Dec 2017

                                      Federico , 03 Oct 2017Same problem. Shut down and not start unless in plug in. Automatically off &not on a switch butoon

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                                        • David
                                        • vuP
                                        • 23 Dec 2017

                                        I have had this phone for two years and have not experienced any problems with it.
                                        It has a great camera and I am perfectly happy with the phone.