Sony Xperia M5

Sony Xperia M5

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  • Pen

6month use m5. 3x change main board, 3x change skrin, 1x beteri, 1xbackcover, so bad.. I don't want buy Sony again..

  • Anonymous

Have amazing camera amazing amazing amazing camera,I bat I can't a big problem when I use LTE network it's kill me coz M5 shut down..... U gotta set may charger in my pocket

  • Anonymous

I have this phone for six months now and i must say that it is great! It doesn't show any lag and I have been pushing it real hard with games and various apps... Batery life is somewhat lacking especially if you are a heavy user like me. Both cameras are great and I bleave you won't find better in these price segment. Also water resistance came in handy when a friebd accidentally spilled bier all over the phone.

  • Anonymous

Burst mode on Xperia M5 shots about 4 frames per second, whereas the Xperia Z burst mode shots about 10 frames per second.

  • AnonD-679462

Will this phone support VOLTE?

  • AnonD-679462

Will this phone support VOLTE?

  • AnonD-678156

I'm using xperia M5 from last 1.5years. If your handset has auto shutdown problem then update the in built apps especially of sony. Your problem will be solved. Phone is awesome. I'm facing one problem is that it takes more than 3 hours to get full charged. Otherwise it's a phone

  • AnonD-676897

Worst phone that I have ever had. I cannot emphasize how many problems I have experience since I got this phone in Nov 2015. Since day one I have never had more than a day's battery life from the advertised two day battery. Also had the phone shut-down one day and had to send it in for repairs with the worst Sony Repair Centre experience, took in total 3 and a half months for me to get the phone repaired. With about 5 months of my contract left the battery now won't even last me half a day. Deeply displeased and will never go the Sony route again.

  • Anonymous

Can't update my M5 from Lollipop to Marshmallow.

  • Ravikumar

instead of helio x10 & powervr, snapdragon & adreno, would be better for this phone.

  • zvone

hi, i have this phone and i can not see ram memory. i go to app but i don see currently use of ram memory

  • Cyanide

Worst phone ever - unfortunate to be an owner of one - bricks itself whenever there is no reception and only powers on when the charger is connected - no fix even on latest updates
Stay away from this one

  • Anonymous

Brt, 12 May 2017Phone was ruined when Android 6 update came to this device... W... moreWill RAM reduce after updating the version in Sony M 5

  • MaxXs

Dont buy this Phone.
I bought this Phone this christmas. And its has only be giving me problems the touchscreen Sometimes doesnt work on bottom right corner, the earspeaker and the speaker stopped working. This Phone isnt work buying.
The only good side about this Phone is the camera.

  • AnonD-670519

Do not buy this device - it has so many bugs on it.

  • Anonymous

Good luck getting Nougat with this MediaTek chip in it.

  • Priya

Plz tell me how is the audio recording quality when record Acostic Guitar.

  • Brt

Phone was ruined when Android 6 update came to this device...
When I rooted phone and downgraded to lollipop 5.1, there was no problems. So, Sony companion MUST release Android 7 for this phone.

  • Brt

Anonymous, 09 May 2017Sony m5 is the worst phone that I used in my life. It gives a lo... moreWhat are u talking about? Just don't use automatic mode, switch to manual and it will be fine.

  • Troy

Anonymous, 09 May 2017Sony m5 is the worst phone that I used in my life. It gives a lo... moreWouldn't advise anyone to but it my phone spent more time at repairs than I have used it, it's just shuts down randomly software problems