Sony Xperia M5 Dual

Sony Xperia M5 Dual

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  • Cris

I am an M5 dual user. I just bought my fone last october 2015, and after a month i went back 2 store where i bought my fone bcoz of d error of its front camera. Then after 3weeks, dey replaced my fone with a brand new m5. Then agen, at first it functions well. But, as time goes by, i noticed dat my fone automatic shutdown and it cant read my memory card. So i decided 2 go back to store agen. And now, my fone is still der. And have 2 wait for 3weeks agen. I got very disappointed with M series. Sad to say, but its not worth d price.

  • AnonD-461668

The first time my xperia M5 was sent at the service centre in Ipoh and usually they will collect and sent to KL to be repair there. But this time they sent to service centre in Ipoh which is new and maybe not even sony's official service centre since they also repairs for other phone brand. After the problems have been stated to them they said they will change the motherboard and the screen but I read on the xda forum the official sony service release a note to replace the battery from v2 to v3 version for the auto shutdown problem. After 1 week the phone was received back from the center and when we got home the back glass of the phone popped out it was not securely put together. A few days later we sent the phone back to the service centre and got it back. The phone autoshutdown happens more frequently, the phone is running hot, the camera very hard to focus and the quality is worsten, the glass back of the phone popped out again, the power and volume keys are very hard to press, the upper parts of the screen still have light bleedings. Sony service centre dont know how to repair phone properly, if the glass back of the phones popped out how about the water resistant capabilities? They also do not know how to solve the auto shutdown problem. SONY YOU SHOULD GIVE REFUND AND STOP SELLING THIS PIECE OF GARBAGE IF YOU DONT WANT TO SOLVE THE PROBLEMS.

  • ritom

Kirifullhd, 17 Jan 2016I don't know but it's much people talking about some issues of t... moremy girlfriend using this device for about 2 months.its so far so good. no issues like auto shut down or camera auto close. i think you were unlucky.

  • viru

which is more better performance,safe&worth to buy ? is m4 dual or m5 dual???plz reply

  • Kirifullhd

AnonD-488488, 14 Jan 2016Don't every buy this phone, it is defective, despite many replac... moreI don't know but it's much people talking about some issues of the phone and I never experienced issues with the phone.... If this issues are real please send me a video of evidence...

  • Man brunei

Did anyone have a problem with the speaker of m5? sometime my m5 have a problem with it, i need restart it to make the speaker work again.. Any comment

  • Ron

Which one is better between sony m4 and m5? I read there are a lot of problem issues of m5 rather than m4. Because in my country, Indonesia only supply m4 with 8gb internal memory

  • AnonD-488779

[deleted post]I am Indonesian
I bought M5 last month and until now
I have nothing bad xperience in using it
Sometimes Internet makes hot in bad signal but I think it's normal
Maybe different country get different components

  • AnonD-488026

AnonD-488099, 13 Jan 2016guys suggest me sony m5 sony m4 aqua please i want to buy one of... moreDont go with m series if u are a gamer go with samsung

  • Rnld

AnonD-488099, 13 Jan 2016guys suggest me sony m5 sony m4 aqua please i want to buy one of... more There are a lot of problem issue of m5. M4 is better than m5, although m5 has 3gb ram and m4 has 2gb ram. m4 using snapdragon 615 which is better quality than m5 which is using mediatek.

  • AnonD-488488

Don't every buy this phone, it is defective, despite many replacements. If you already have one and you experience the camera problem and the auto shutdown problem, better ask for a full refund or take your case to court. I bought two units in October last year and both are defective! Each unit has been replaced at least five times now but still the same problem. The camera and the specs are good, but the stress, inconvenience, and the trouble you get because of the auto shutdown issue is not worth it.


do not buy this phone
sony is the best but this

  • AnonD-488099

guys suggest me sony m5 sony m4 aqua please i want to buy one of this phone....i am high graphics game lover so suggest me please please

  • AnonD-488026

Dont buy this phone......i bought this phone about 5 months ago.i have been facing many problems about this phone like camera problems, auto shut down,lagging problems and about 4 times i sent this phone to service centre this is the shittiest sony phone i have ever used

  • Manoy

Hossain, 13 Jan 2016Many of other says their coment in opinion box that sony m5 is p... moreIf you think sony is the best in the world, then buy your own M5.

  • Julge Tarke

AnonD-487868, 13 Jan 2016I have been using this mobile for 7days......and its an enough t... moreWhat's the essence of buying an LTE phone if you'll be limited to a GSM connection just to avoid autoshutdown problem??? Makes no sense!

  • Hossain

Many of other says their coment in opinion box that sony m5 is problemable smartphone etc...they also recomended the public samsung a8,lg g7, etc to use ..but i know sony is sony another is is best ever brand all over the world....

  • AnonD-487868

I have been using this mobile for 7days......and its an enough time to judge a mobile i think. Xperia M5 is an excellent set with the best camera 10 out of 10, Super fast processor, lots of ram, good screen and battery back is 8 out of 10... The only prb i face is that 4-5 times hang of camera app. I hope sony will surely fix that on upcoming 6. Other complaining about auto shut down..... Plz keep ur mobile network setting to gsm, it will solve ur prb.

  • Nishant

This phone is equivalent to a 5000 rupee phone(price of this phone is 35,000). I found nothing good in it except the camera.It hangs a lot. Processor is also not good. It does not have gorilla glass even. The mobile claims to have a scratch resistant glass, but you would observe 2-3 scratches after just one falling of the mobile to the floor. I request Sony to deliver such products which match their prestige.

  • hadi

I am from the philippines and I bought sony xperia m5. im truly not satisfied with this phone. the sony store has replaced the phone 2 times already but still having auto shutdown problems. DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE. if I have questions you can email me