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Sony Xperia M5 Dual

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  • AnonD-399992

AnonD-424232, 01 Dec 2015Is the 2nd batch M5 solved auto shutdown issue? tq~Not sure for now... If the problem still exist wait for the firmware update.

  • AnonD-464943

AnonD-473366, 06 Dec 2015This is the worst **** I've ever used! Constant crashing when us... moreYou sure receive the first batch one

  • Bobby

While recording with 4K the video plays with faulty greenish ......whats this?
Please rectify it soon

  • AnonD-473366

This is the worst **** I've ever used! Constant crashing when using google, lag is a major issue and most notably, when u r using an app, exiting the app will sometimes, if not most of the times, causes u to somehow enter other apps like albums, camera, calendar etc in which u never even click on them in the first place!! ~Malaysian user~

  • AnonD-424232

It seems like comments r getting more positively...I will buy it 3 weeks later as my christmas present...Cant wait for it ^^

  • crossroad

just got my m5 yesterday (new set) after 1month... everything look great, no more problem until now. from Malaysia

  • Mr. SH

I went to Sony Center at KLCC, Malaysia today (4/12/2015). I asked directly one of the sales assistants about the auto shutdown problem that this model has. He said that problem is only affecting the first batch. When I asked him how many people actually came and complained about the problem, he actually laughed and frankly commented that he knows that their service center is having a hard time handling the complaining customers.

I expressed my interest but I was worried that the stock that they now have is the old one. He assured me after much complaints, they have replaced the first batch with the latest, and so far, according to him, there are no more customers complaining about the auto shutdown problem. He also said that the problem has something to do with the phone's software.

I'm tempted to buy at that time, but I had to hold myself back until I'm really sure that the problem has been solved. So this is what I've experienced at Sony Center KLCC today. I'm yet to buy it, because I'm still waiting for user reviews here who actually bought the same phone in the last two weeks from the same center. This is because, according to him, the newest batch of Sony M5 Dual is pretty recent (arrived around 2 weeks ago).

  • Anonymous

AnonD-472515, 03 Dec 2015Im from Malaysia buying latest batch on November. My phone was g... moreHi ensem,I'm also from Malaysia but now using 1+2,never been happier,m5 is a nice phone really,I sort of miss the size vs the big 1+2. :)

  • Nex

How to know if you have the latest batch

  • AnonD-472515

AnonD-461668, 22 Nov 2015My phone have the same problem with yours.Im using latest batch, already test 4k video recording seems owesome, no problem,

  • AnonD-456605

AnonD-472748, 03 Dec 2015I have this phone, and frankly, it's extremely disappointing. I ... moreDear Melissa
just send it to the Sony center
they already know that the first batch f this phone has major fault in their mainboards and ask them to replace it for you. that's what many of us did

  • sonysucks

this phone is a piece of crap,.
- sudden death - shuts down by itself, worse u cant turn it on w/o the charger
- camera blinks
- overheating
- speaker problems
- sim card auto ejects
- and more.....
And sony? They don't mind...piece of shit!!!!

This is not only happening in M5, but most of their phones..don't buy this phone.

  • AnonD-472515

Anonymous, 29 Nov 2015Sadly after 1mth with my m5,i trade it off n bought a 1+2,was so... moreIm from Malaysia buying latest batch on November. My phone was great no hanging, actually I don't install any game in my handset, normal user with apps like mudah, mysale, whatsapp and facebook.

Just to inform latest batch M5 dual don't have any problem, camera also save on SD card. np auto mounting and no auto shutdown (only happen once but after remove weather widget problem seems resolved)

  • AnonD-472515

Mzeke, 02 Dec 2015I also had shutdown issues with the phone but then I followed ad... moreHi, I only set phone to GSM only since they have LTE setting shortcut on the drop down menu. So I use LTE only when browsing or open You Tube, it quite handy.

  • AnonD-472748

I have this phone, and frankly, it's extremely disappointing. I purchased this phone from Expansys, and in the month I've had it, I've had to repair it using the PC companion program on my PC no less than twice a week. It dies when I make calls, or receive them. Switching it over to GSM makes no difference. I'll be sending the phone back for repair as soon as I can. I really hope the vendor will just give me my money back. But I doubt it.

  • Mzeke

Sonysuckshard, 23 Nov 2015Dude,do not open.just throw that fone on their face. Its crap fo... moreI also had shutdown issues with the phone but then I followed advice that I had seen on this blog and changed network settings from LTE to GSM only for both sims and no shutdown since then. Besides the shutdown issue this is an awesome phone five stars for the camera.

  • AnonD-456605

AnonD-229952, 01 Dec 2015in the official site, it does state that "Sony devices that are ... moreso then you agree with me that this should not be called "waterproof"

  • Mzeke

DMS1104, 20 Nov 2015Set your Network connection for both sim cards to GSM only.. ... moreI only have one sim-card in the phone and the setting is GSM but the phone still shuts down. I got the phone last week Thursday, it fell Sunday morning and then it started shutting down on Monday morning. I initially thought it could've been due to the fall but after reading comments on this site it seems that's not the case. Now I'm worried they may not take the handset back because it has little chip on the side due to the fall.


Suddenly shut down any resolve?

  • AnonD-229952

AnonD-456605, 27 Nov 2015try it yourself why do you believe whatever it's written and b... morein the official site, it does state that "Sony devices that are tested for their waterproof abilities are placed gently inside a container filled with tap water and lowered to a depth of 1.5 metres. After 30 minutes in the container, the device is gently taken out and its functions and features are tested."

It also clearly state "Just make sure you don’t submerge your device in bath water and you wash off those soap suds when you're done."

"There are other ways to take advantage of your Sony device’s water and dust protection. You can use the device in the following scenarios:

When your fingers are wet.
In dusty environments, such as a windy beach or when hiking along a dusty trail. Just make sure you wash off all the dust on your device using water from the tap afterwards.
Taking photos and movies in wet surroundings. Remember not to use the device underwater. If you accidentally get the device wet with non-fresh water, wash the device with tap water."

My conclusion is, Sony's waterproof-ness is only tap water -proof ( edit: actually, the official site states the waterproofness is only applied to fresh water)

P.S. you can buy waterproof container for phones.. or make it... plastic and zipper