Sony Xperia M5 Dual

Sony Xperia M5 Dual

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  • AnonD-464943

Does this phone has waterproof test fail?

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  • AnonD-456605

AnonD-469856, 24 Nov 2015How to check second batch?take out the sticker inside the simcard tray and read the numbers
it should be like 3415
which means your phone is manufactured in 34th week of 2015
if it is after week 40, it should be 2nd batch
that's what I know so far

  • AnonD-456605

AnonD-424232, 25 Nov 2015The shopkeeper said 2nd batch M5 fixed the problem...izit true??... moretrue

  • Smit1319

Dear please check this phone is not working some company sim card...i will check realiance sim card not work properly... I insert realiance sim card this phone will be automatic please be carefull for buying this service centre replace this phone but also same problem in new phone SONY XPERIA M5 be carefull It's critical case in ahmedabad............

  • AnonD-424232

The shopkeeper said 2nd batch M5 fixed the problem...izit true???
From Aeon Bandaraya Melaka~

  • AnonD-424232

danial, 24 Nov 2015i'm a student from malaysia. i already use it for 2 days and i'v... moreGot any shutdown issue so far? is ur M5 2nd batch?

  • AnonD-424232

bun, 23 Nov 2015just buy it a week ago. superb phone. doesnt experience anything... moreSir, pls update here about ur feelings...yesterday i asked sony center melaka, they said tis is 2nd more auto-shutdown issues same wif xperia z3+ overheat issue.
Izit true 2nd batch has fixed the problems?

  • Giray

overall is perfect , camera ,videos,gaming,browsing,gaming... but this phone battery so weak and easy to overheating ,possible make your phone running slowly...

  • Mangkuk

AnonD-469426, 24 Nov 2015Mangkuk i want to ask you something. Your m5 is second batch rig... morei dont have any problem to access battery usage. all function ok. maybe your phone something not right there. did they replace new board ? did u check the IMEI ? still the same or new one after take from service center? .

  • AnonD-469856

How to check second batch?

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  • AnonD-469426

Mangkuk , 23 Nov 2015Yeah I'm waiting for updates too. Mangkuk i want to ask you something. Your m5 is second batch right. Then did you have a problem such as you cannot access the battery usage option in the setting. I dont know but from the first time i got it after it being replaced by sony center i cant access it.

  • danial

i'm a student from malaysia. i already use it for 2 days and i've experience that this this phone warm a bit. about the camera, you should not worry the camera is superb. but there are some camera apps will be error to open . but if you like taking picture . so yes it is worth it with the 4k video and the 21.5mp. although the phone is water resistant i suggest you to not put it in water or rain.

  • bun

just buy it a week ago. superb phone. doesnt experience anything like overheating, autoshutdown. camera is great, phone is smooth. maybe because my phone its second batch. just buy it if u want it.

  • Sonysuckshard

AnonD-460374, 28 Oct 2015i shocked from your opinion about shutdown problem in M5 please ... moreDude,do not open.just throw that fone on their face. Its crap fone.ol m5 dual got shut down issues nd wont turn unless connected to usb charger. Buy other brand.

  • Mangkuk

AnonD-468212, 22 Nov 2015wait for marshmallow update. it is almost around the corner. Yeah I'm waiting for updates too.

  • myopinion

I am from Malaysia. Dont buy this phone, it overheats, battery only 2600mah and it is very pricey. The 2nd day i used, got charging issues. I sent my phone to service centre and luckily get to claim a new one from directd. Then now im using note 4 . Happy with it. Luckily i sold my m5 quickly or else it will face the shutdown problems as i saw many people mentioned it. I suggest you all buy
samsung note 3/4 or either Asus' phone. Sony sucks man . I will never buy sony again.

  • AnonD-469426

AnonD-465917, 15 Nov 2015should i buy this phone? I saw a lot of negative comment. Does i... moreI strongly not recommended this phone. Because even it 'mid-range' but the price still high. And in malaysia you can find high end phone that has same price like m5 dual such as z3 or z1 compact or even z2. If you look for a phone with a long battery life maybe you can buy lenovo k70 with a 4000mAh battery life. Mi4i a good choice too.

  • AnonD-469426

I dont about the overheating issue... But please dont use it underwater for first batch before week 40.. I got this phone a month ago and after 2 day without issue i use it underwater. For the first 10 minute the phone just working normal, i take underwater photo and video and then the nightmare suddenly happen. My so 'waterproof' m5 dual goes half green and blurrinh then auto shutdown itself. And it never wake again 😢😢. I send it to the sony center and after a month of torture without phone i finally got my phone back and sony eventually change it to the new phone with 4215 second batch and new motherboard. I use it for three week it just work normally but suddenly after i use 4g simcard the trouble comeback. The overheating issue and not only google chrome but every browser that ever existed cannot work properly. But for camera thumbs up its a great camera all working normal. 4k video such a beautiful video. And i forgot to tell that before my old phone broke the camera not functioning properly and some camera app cant even started.