Sony Xperia M5 Dual

Sony Xperia M5 Dual

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  • peanutbutter

pwcc, 11 Oct 2015Silly quection ha...z5Before i ask this, i already review and read more articles that you do ^_^ So its better for me to ask about this. I'm asking about differences and i guess z5 dual is par with m5 dual although m5 is mediatek and z5 is snapdragon. So take time to read, much better not to answer my question with your non-sense grammar in English :D

  • k

AnonD-439693, 11 Sep 2015Does M5 Dual has a gyroscope?you asked the right question. NO, IT DOESNT HAVE A GYROSCOPE. capitals only to ensure that every one reads. it has proximity, halleffect, orientation, accelerometer and magnetometer only.

  • k

thephoneguy, 27 Sep 2015you know that Samsung A8 uses Snapdragon 615 right? A chip th... more70C is understatement. After a software update, when i checked the temp, it showed 83*c on cpu z app. I couldnt believe that!

  • k

Z, 01 Oct 2015I owned a Gold Xperia M5 the phone in ok but it tends to become ... morexperia tx is a dual core with very low end processor. M5 had octacore clocked at 2 ghz. Trust me, this heat is nothing compared to snapdragon 615 and 810. Also, came to know that initial batch of m5 had some manufacturing defects and heatup more

  • k

Z, 03 Oct 2015I just realized that my gold xperia M5 have a severe screen blee... moreyou are 100% correct. My old xperia device displays are much better. Bleeds from the top. Very clearly visible and very irritating. Makes me question the capability of the designers and engineers. Didnt expect such a thing on a mid range flagship that costs 35000 inr

  • pwcc

peanutbutter, 11 Oct 2015Sony Xperia M5 dual or Z5 Dual?Silly quection ha...z5

  • mohit

pwcc, 08 Oct 2015Htc one me or xperia m5??which has the better camera??sony m5 camera best but pries soon 28k

  • mohiot

iqbal, 09 Oct 2015its dont have a front facing led flash with 13 mp camera.. :/frant no led

  • mohit

KD, 11 Oct 2015I bought it about 2 week ago, first it's okay except battery lif... morez2 is batter

  • mohit

AnonD-168889, 11 Oct 2015Where can I buy one? Any link?wait for a week 28k

  • K

My phone get heating issue and restart all the time. Just bought 2wk and it suck.Battery drain fast .my prev C3 dual work better than that. I think bcuz of Mediatek shit.very disappointed.

  • KD

I bought it about 2 week ago, first it's okay except battery life. Now the phone get overheat and hang and restart all the time.even opening camera apps get heating issue. Hate that phone. It's really disappointed.

  • Mangkuk

poo, 03 Oct 2015hi i just bought this phone...for first time charge, how long we... moreNormally need 8 hours for first time charging.

  • Mangkuk

ashish, 04 Oct 2015i am using xperia m5 dual in gold colour from last 2 days and th... moresent your m5 dual for warranty claim. i just do and waiting to collect my phone back. cannot wait to see what happen after warranty claim.

  • AnonD-168889

Where can I buy one?
Any link?

  • peanutbutter

Sony Xperia M5 dual or Z5 Dual?


AnonD-316872, 02 Oct 2015Sony xperia M5 is a great phone if you wanna use it for camera a... more I PURCHASE M5 DUAL imported 25500/ FROM ebay but it is china good coppy


MAHENDAR, 09 Oct 2015sony m5 camera bestYes, agreed... You made a good observation!


MUKESH, 09 Oct 2015No gorilla glass.......... , battery must be 3000 mah, it would ... moreGet your facts right... You don't seem to own this phone... So you're commenting that this doesn't have LED notification light! IT DOES HAVE LED notification light!


SUGARWAL, 09 Oct 2015Nothing like that issue.. Made up and posted by trolls. My M5 wo... moreNo gyroscope sensor. I bought the dual sim version. Felt that battery was not upto mark. Play real racing for 30 min and battery goes down by atleast 30%.

About the GPU, felt similar to adreno 320. No stuttering during game play, but some times the frame rate drops during game intro.

1 thing to be talked about in this phone is the processor. Absolutely no heating. Played games gours together but the phone doesn't even get warm. Cameras were ok.