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  • Anonymous

Announced 2020 comes out 2021, skimping on battery, old processor, too heavy, insanely expensive. They will never learn a thing.

HELLO Sony, if apple's top phone is $1400 you might as well price yours for the same and pray that it sells. You are completely out of touch, no wonder why you have virtually zero market share.

  • Hrishi

I think compare z5 ppi camera battery very less difference only ram increased (development not proper)

  • Viru

I love Sony Xperia Pro so much but it's too much expensive we can't afford it simple

  • Pain

Anonymous, 29 Jan 2021hahahahaha.......if it had 12 Gb RAM, people like you will ... moreCamera is only a part of smart phone nothing more.But then again we need it If your sonys camera that much good why never come at top 5 camera phone list.tThose who are stupid enough will buy this garbage with snapdragon 865 about2000 euro.

  • Anonymous

Seti, 29 Jan 2021Its good to heard only sony mobiles has a 4k , but real fac... morei think you are not a sony user. fyi.....its 4000 mAH will definitely last longer or equal.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 29 Jan 2021No 16gb ram No 4500mah No S888+ No oblong rectangular ... morehahahahaha.......if it had 12 Gb RAM, people like you will ask for 16 Gb RAM. If had 16 Gb, you will ask for 32 Gb RAM.....its 12 MP camera are much better your 64/108 MP cameras....and all things you want are useless because sony has all best.

  • AnonD-973296

[deleted post]what does that have to do with anything

  • AnonD-973296

[deleted post]atleast my life does not contain baseless whining

  • OppaiHunter69

Anonymous, 27 Jan 2021You all ways complain...I wonder what type of work you do..ehhhhYup, seriously he's kinda annoying. Literally saw him in almost every single comment section and comment nothing better at all.


companies: adds cameras to phone
sony: adds phone to camera

  • AnonD-973296

Anonymous, 29 Jan 2021No 16gb ram No 4500mah No S888+ No oblong rectangular ... morenone of those things are that necessary since this is meant to be used with your sony DSLR as a main viewfinder and have it be a battery bank for it as well. and no other phone can do that, sure u can use a dongle but only sony's phones have UHD screen. when the rest have QHD/FHD/HD screens, and it can even send the data to cloud using 5G antennas as u record, stream or anything really. name me another phone that can do that, i will wait patiently...

i watch way too much MKBHD😶😶

  • Anonymous

No 16gb ram
No 4500mah
No S888+

No oblong rectangular sharp edges

Ugly curves instead off sharp edges like XZP, Z5, XZ1C

No dual standby 5G
No 2160p screen
No 700ppi

No Xneon flash
No carlZeiss optics

No 5 times optical zoom

No bigger sensors
No front 12mp bigger camera
No sapphire glass
That's a £2500 phone to be called a PRO

  • Seti

Its good to heard only sony mobiles has a 4k , but real fact is 4000 mah battery is major problem this phone should have atleast 6000 mah batery included , what do you think ?

  • King

Shahmir, 29 Jan 2021You call that pro?? I call that noobThe phone is for pro not noob


Shahmir, 29 Jan 2021You call that pro?? I call that noobI wouldn't call this a noob. This is only phone that deserve the word "PRO". Buy the phone and see what it can do. Then decide whether the phone is a noob or pro. In my opinion, this phone is not a noob but definitely a BIG PRO. As a professional editor, this phone is amazing. Totally worth the price. This phone only target certain people in the world. It's suitable for both professionals and non-professionals.


Humayun Hassan, 29 Jan 2021I mean u may as well buy the note 20 ultra 5G one that’s so... moreI suggest you buy the phone first and see if the phone worth the price. It's so expensive because it's not a target for you. As a professional editor, I would buy this phone right away.
It's expensive due to its specs and other stuff that only professionals use. If you are not, then this phone is not for you but definitely for me.

Anonymous, 28 Jan 20212000 Euro for HDMI port.! hahahaIt's not really just the HDMI port it's the software that comes with the HDMI port that makes it worth it.

Mobxpert, 28 Jan 2021For 2000+ Euros, I would expect a smartphone with the follo... moreDo you even know what you're talking about?
2160p screens on phones are redundant even for 2,500$
MIL-STD-810G Certified? You're buying a normal phone not a rugged phone. That certification is specifically for phones built to be rugged.
only e-SIM? Hello? How old are you to be saying "oH yEaH e-SiM iS sTaNdArD" most countries haven't even moved onto it yet and for 2,500$ a phone without a sim slot is a disadvantage.
No Sim tray needed for better IP68? Alright you just confirmed that you don't know anything about phones. The sim slots have padding that protect them from the water specially if it's IP68 and even if it did enter it won't affect it as most of the internals are protected for an IP68 phone

1TB? You know most people who buy this have sd slots since this is meant to be targeted to a very specific kind of people.

12GB of ram? Most phones that cost 1000$ have 16GB so I'm surprised you didn't say some absurd number because your childish brain thinks it has to have an absurd number otherwise it's overpriced.

And then you asked for 5000mAh with 7mm thickness? Man do you know anything about tech? Can you please at least research or look at other phones before posting a wishlist that will never happen and have a lot of idiotic things in it

  • Anonymous

Nadir12, 29 Jan 2021I prefer to burn 2000 euros rather than buying this phone..... moreOh that Redmi love man!

  • ylaeR

21:9 What the F..