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walang bibili nito, 13 Feb 2021A very very bad price, sony. Samsung's foldable phone... moreYou do not know what this phone is capable of

  • Hoo

walang bibili nito, 13 Feb 2021A very very bad price, sony. Samsung's foldable phone... moreAgree

  • Anies

For professional this phone cheap, for normal peaple this insane

  • walang bibili nito

A very very bad price, sony.
Samsung's foldable phone is more valuable, more modern, and also cheaper than this phone.

  • hamid

this phone only pro phone sony likr no other

To those people who are saying this phone is expensive, please watch the MKBHD review of this phone where Marques calls this phone "a bargain" for what it brings to the table. This phone is not for everyone.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-789801, 11 Feb 2021It is strange that all your favorites devices on gsmarena a... moreThis people are probably getting paid to post hate comment on sony phones. I mean it's not even expensive. You can just buy this phone if you don't eat out for a week, just pack your lunch your maybe a week. For it's features and camera, I think that the price is just right. What would I call expensive if phones that doesn't have 3.5mm jack or charger

  • AnonD-789801

Daimon, 11 Feb 20212000 euro for an xperia ???? a Big NOOOOOO. It is strange that all your favorites devices on gsmarena are sony xperias... and all your comments are against xperias... are you ok?

2000 euro for an xperia ????

  • Anonymus

This is real Xperia Pro and has HDMI port from 2011

  • JIMMY the Avator

Men this is the machine the world has being waiting for. I study electronics in clevaland.
Forget those politics people play on the internet about products I have never seen where any phone can be like DSLR CAMERA they just publish highest mega pixel of no value in electronics. they do not say the truth about a product just to look for an excuse because they are not ELECTRONICS ENGINEERS. buy this phone is very good

  • klein

imo is a fair price because if a person can spend 3000 bucks on a profesional camera, why not a great quality screen with multiple 5g modems to transfer your high res photos. This phone is not for average consumers like you and me (thats why you feel it expensive)

  • Anonymous

I cannot understand why people is complaining about the price of this phone. It's not even that expensive for it's camera quality. I don't like bulky cameras so this phone is suitable for me. What's expensive is an iphone or samsung that doesn't even have a 3.5mm jack or charger.

  • AnonD-973296

T12, 06 Feb 2021"The only real PRO phone on the market"... I assuming u got that from the MKBHD video on this haha

"The only real PRO phone on the market"... I agree.

Anonymous, 02 Feb 2021Ridiculous, and more so are the people that defend and prai... moreAt least Sony has still its "true identity" and now listens to their fans and segmented communities by moving to a super-niche market that has won't be swayed by trends easily and "normal phone users" like you, bringing more exclusivities features that your faves won't ever touch in a million year from its expertise and know-how to Xperias that fans demanded, simultaneously bringing back the features that were removed before, for instance: 3.5mm headphone jack, front-facing stereo speakers, side fingerprint sensor, and HDMI port.

And yet, you are here just to "stink the forum", knowing you don't like Sony, but still, dare yourself came here to complain...

senz, 01 Feb 2021Then Sony should of names it Sony Alpha phone which suits t... moreWell, Xperia Pro is literally a 4-in-1 communication device (a dedicated smartphone, a 5G modem, a video encoder, and an external monitor), while Alpha is the main camera equipment. Especially, when Alpha supervises Xperia since 2019 with its camera systems but not take whole control of Xperia, especially telecommunications technology, so naming this phone "Xperia PRO" should make sense.

A14Bionic, 02 Feb 2021This.Not an Apple fan or a troll defending a hater or another troll saying this phone isn't worth the market targets, price, and features build-in when their faves literally removing all essential parts of the phone like 3.5mm headphone jack, and charger from the box and doing this whip for years and decided to use the "Pro" moniker on its highest lineup. I can't- 💀🥴🙃

  • Reed

This price is more bullshit to me .

  • Anonymous

19890309, 05 Feb 2021I agree// I'm going to purchase this phone because of ... moreWow