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Sony Xperia Pro-I

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  • RWA

The phone is very good pics n videos....but we have a problem.....doing videos and pictures simultaneous produce warm in the phone... also watching videos on youtube produce warming/ get hot with the use.

  • Homer

Some reviews and opinions are obviously aimed to influence you not to buy the phone and still consider buying an apple or samsung.

  • Pedro

Anonymous, 13 May 2022i've seen a conversation similar to this about LG when... moreSony made profits continously last year so they will not close down, so go cry now haha

imparanoic, 12 May 2022Just wondering, I am considering getting a xperia pro i as ... moreNot sure what to tell you, you should rather search for a review on yt. Don't think many people around here had their hands on this phone to tell you exactly...

  • Anonymous

Haha, 11 May 2022In your wildest dreams!i've seen a conversation similar to this about LG when they were still making phones. Maybe one day we'll see who gets the last laugh

Just wondering, I am considering getting a xperia pro i as it's currently not as expensive in my country, does this phone often over heat? If yes, what conditions? Do you use a case (apparently make it more likely to overheating as the sides distribute the heat better) or is only just filming over 10 mins in 4k at 120fps? How about normal phone usage, YouTube or regular camera? Thanks

  • Haha

Anonymous, 07 May 2022Maybe soon, we'll finally be able to say by.e to ... moreIn your wildest dreams!

  • Tris

qasar80, 05 May 2022Sony is no longer friendly towards the costumers, especiall... moreThis phone is not aimed at retail as it's a combination of Alpha camera tech and a phone. It is designed for photography professionals and enthusiasts, you can get the almost identically specked Sony Xperia 1 III for much cheaper. That said having had Sony phones since they merged with Ericson this is by far the best built handset I've owned. It's also available online in UK for £900.

  • Anonymous

qasar80, 05 May 2022Sony is no longer friendly towards the costumers, especiall... moreMaybe soon, we'll finally be able to say by.e to sony's mobile business.

  • Anonymous

Karolis, 01 May 2022Price is indeed an bummer, but sony thinks it can overcharg... moreThis specific model is a niche product that only a select few would buy if they need to.

Xperia 1 lll & 5 lll are the more common flagships comparative to other brands that is priced closely.

Anonymous, 06 Apr 2022Not just flagships sadly, I can't remember the last ti... moreActually, the very last flagship phone with a removable battery is LG V20 in 2016, the same year as G5, albeit later (in Q3/Q4 2016).

Sony is no longer friendly towards the costumers, especially the loyal ones, like I am or was for the last 15 years, and not only on phones, but all electronic devices. Prohibitive prices, few features, bad support and service, looks like they do not want to sale anymore. Just bought a Samsung S 21 FE with a neo Qled in bundle. It is strange outside the Sony universe but looks better already. Hope for better days for Sony.

  • KheleshN

I bought my second smart phone as Sony Xperia XZ Premium. I have been using it since 2017. The way the phone is built in every aspect has excelled my expection . I would rather continue with sony brand phones but with the economy as it is , the current pricing of the phone plus regional taxes and with cheaper brands getting popular in the region I am currently resident It . I hope they will make new budget friendly version of this phone.

They should just sell it cheap, really cheap and offer SW features. You would pay for what you need/want, like with PS.

If it was Sony Xperia Fold Pro instead...

  • Karolis

Anonymous, 06 Apr 2022Unless you use this with your Sony cameras....whats so good... morePrice is indeed an bummer, but sony thinks it can overcharge just like iphone... After so many years it doesn't surprise me that sony charges more money for less features compared with competition.

  • Karolis

goya, 20 Apr 2022Well some like the polaroid cameras, and of course full AI ... moreLol samsung flagship is like 1300 euro same with iphone, this one is 1500-1800 euro... Stop being delusional and stop misinforming people

Where can you buy this global version phone and still at a good reasonable price?

  • Stephane Swiss

GSM Arena always the best, well balanced test. Congratulations.
Hooe soon Sony Xperia 1 IV (or other name) news or release (May?)
Do you think a new Pro will be release end 2022?

  • goya

Jimbob, 16 Mar 2022They really messed up with this phone.. it didnt need a 4k ... moreyou could say that for 2 k which many of the phones are using... the hard memeory is perfect size.. may i suggest you use the camera at a shop and start processing on the 4 k film in video pro mmm...i think it is also the only camera with a seprate micro card reader expandable slot up to 1tB i am sure iphones dont have that... and nor does oppo