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Sony Xperia SL

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can xperia sl upgrade to adroid 4.1 jelly bean???

  • gani golden star

its amazing phone. i bought it yesterday. every one can buy it

  • Anonymous

aswin, 09 Oct 2012this phone is camparable with iphoneno. it cannot be compared. because it is the best

  • AnonD-73186

Can any user of Sony Xperia SL Tell me the Name of the battery used in the sony xperia Sl.

  • AnonD-73186

AnonD-8044, 08 Oct 2012Poor battery,poor sensitive buttons unresponsive,poor viewing an... moreU knw noting abt sony...

  • AnonD-22214

Confused between Xperia SL & Xperia S.... which one to buy.... Will Xperia S & SL get an update after jelly bean?? Xperia S costs 27000 INR & SL costs 29500 INR in Mumbai.... confused between the two.... please advice?

  • aswin

this phone is camparable with iphone

  • AnonD-52772

I jz got my bad boy today, even when looking at the box this thing is AMAZING!! after taking it out, it's a beast! I'll update u guys of my experience with this device. It's currently in my room charging.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-8044, 08 Oct 2012Poor battery,poor sensitive buttons unresponsive,poor viewing an... moreseriously r u using phone or piece of plastic . your cmnt shows u r a samsung lover

  • Aj

Superb Phone

  • sarjoon

its very good smart phone

  • AnonD-8044

Poor battery,poor sensitive buttons unresponsive,poor viewing angles,,weak led flash..Get the S3..

  • Anonymous

world's best smartphone

  • sid

Used this phone for 3 days now.

Ice cream sandwich support.
Nice phone design

The UI is a bit laggy even with the 1.7GHZ processor.
Battery runs out of juice in just 1 day.
camera is very bad as compared to Samsung S3 or even the S2. :-(

  • AnonD-57579

When will it be available to check the camera sample of this phone?
Also the loud speaker if its loud or not.

  • Anonymous

how to make screen shots on xperia sl?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 05 Oct 2012If you are running already on ICS try limiting your background p... morethanks

  • Anonymous

nice one

  • AnonD-42584

there is no need for 1.7ghz processor.

  • big boy

What a crazy fone 1.7ghz man thats huge