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Sony Xperia SL

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  • AnonD-36622

Anonymous, 03 Aug 2012sony needs creativityyyyyyyyyyyyyyy all the devices same, ... moreAcro S is different from S and SL...SL is variant from S of course it looks the same but I think it has an alluminum body like on the one on Xperia P. You want different?! You got Neo L, Tipo, Go, ion and newer ones yet to be announced like LT29i Hayabusa and LT30 Mint. You must be blind? One thing it's you not liking SONY new designs other is saying that SONY lacks creativity...I think your case is the first one. Name me one mobile company that have more creativity then SONY? I dare you to name one...

  • Anonymous

cutterwood, 02 Aug 2012for the adreno OK i agree, but no need for quad-core, coz t... moreSo that means SONY should not folllow what is currently trending in smartphones..and is the performance of a single core and quad core is similer??

  • Anonymous

sony needs creativityyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
all the devices same, you cant recognize it is acro or SL or S or ... all the same

  • TDMaster

sony wont produce phones with Quad core CPU until qualcomm will release their Quad core CPU with LTE/3G/4G since sony dont use any other companies

  • blah

is this a joke? it's COMPLETELY the same as xperia s. 200mhz processing power in difference, can you imagine... sony, get your management fired tomorrow!

  • Ahmed

No micro SD Slot
or even 64 GB Version

  • Ray

Sony please don't tell me that this is the next flagship Xperia. It comes as no surprises why Sony had $312 million losses when i see this phone. Other manufacturers are busy upgrading quad core while Sony busy upgrading dual core and what happened to Jelly Bean ?

  • cutterwood

AnonD-59269, 02 Aug 2012why Adreno 220 should have 225, still waiting for the quad ... morefor the adreno OK i agree, but no need for quad-core, coz the Android OS can fully use all the eficiency of all cores, so dual or quad - same s**t :)))

  • aaahdr

why bluetooth is 2.1?? it can 3.0 or 4.0....!!!
sony should produce a smartphone with quad-core CPU.

  • gsmarenareader

I don't see any feature of SL to be worse than Iphone 4s except its body material

  • AnonD-59269

why Adreno 220 should have 225, still waiting for the quad core from sony

  • vanya

Looks lik copy of xperia s wid a bit increased CPU..

  • AnonD-42680

i cant wait
i will replace it with my sony xperia s :D

  • hamid reza

sony like no other ...

  • Pup[ymonster

looks great!

  • rb

sony you need me to make you the top mobile brand. at least in asia! wait i am coming :) i sold 30 xperia s last month.

  • ibrahim

Not bad

  • Smasher

First... Nice update...