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Sony Xperia SL

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  • pxlali

how do you connect your xperia sl to your pc without the pc companion cuz it heal using the companion any idea.

  • funnyguy

tashi, 18 Apr 2013I'm planning to buy this phone but I heard a rumor that this pro... moreHope so..
in flipkart it's not available
better go for ION @21K

  • AnonD-48948

akihabara, 18 Apr 2013It is possible SL to get the JB ? Really hope 911 for JB lost for xperia SL :P

  • yash

Sri, 19 Apr 2013Most comments here are pointing at the battery life and other. L... morei am intrested in buying this phone but note sure to go with ....

  • kakkashi23

battery!!! Battery!!!

  • Abhishek

i have heard that on JB update, the phone is lagging too much.. is it true..??

  • Bhavs

I love my Xperia SL I haven't experienced any lags but if you do just re-install the software in pc. But I heard jelly bean upadte to roll out on May.

  • Sri

Most comments here are pointing at the battery life and other. Let me summarize the Pros and Cons. And some solution to increase the battery life.
For me initially the battery was a problem , so I reduced the brightness and turned off the bravia engine in setting, by doing this my battery lasted for 1.5 days. Download the app called "night mode" and turn off the LED in the LED bar, this will increase the battery but not tried with this.

1. Battery life is good, ya its 1.5 days and this the best that u can expect from smartphone, if u want 3 or 4 days battery backup go for Nokia 1100!!!!!!
2. Great camera in day light, for night light LED flash is required for good Pics.
3. Great UI and specs.
4. Walkman app is awesome with great sound.
5. WIFI is great.
6. Haven't tried with the gaming, but as per my knowledge xperia ion is best for gaming and obviously Xperia SL will be good for gaming, more over both the cell phone is playstation certified so dont worry about gaming, it will be good.

1. Camera faces a problem of auto focus in auto scan mode, but if u try to face ur camera on other place and try to face ur camera again, it will focus again or try to go for infinite scan mode.
2. The three capacitive buttons are little and we might miss it, but this is not a big problem.
3. On heavy duty use the phone will be warm, a common issue in most of the smartphone.

Overall its a great phone, a must buy if your budget is around the 25,000/-. Don't go with hype of quad core or octa core, dual core is enough for most of the user coz we will not run any huge app beyond gaming. About the update, as per my knowledge we will get update at least key lime pie, because Xperia SL has a dual core, and Key lime pie is the first android OS which can optimally utilize the multiple core (ya for now behind the Key lime pie the number of core doesnít matter!!!!!!).

  • Raj

anyone use org cable?

  • AnonD-130951

its awsome phone and i like it. what about JB update?

  • akihabara

It is possible SL to get the JB ?
Really hope so.

  • kacipkacip

Jellybean for sl ? Release date ?

  • Anonymous

Amit, 17 Apr 2013I have heard rumours about that only Xperia S gonna get jelly be... moreNo SL has got jelly bean update.....

  • sampatra

MK, 16 Apr 2013I bought sony xperia SL yesterday and its awesome phone...till n... morefrom where u bought it?from store or online??

  • Anonymous

Karan SL user, 17 Apr 2013M getting a Problem in Games, Like Temple Run 1 & 2, Subway ... moreMay be you've installed an antivirus software which constantly runs.

  • tashi

I'm planning to buy this phone but I heard a rumor that this product is soon to be permanently discontinued by the company.

Is that true?

  • AnonD-48948

my main problem is wifi, connect to wifi and internet going good and lost but still connect to router but can't browsing or download anything...
should i change antenna for fix this problem??
please email me to fix this

  • AnonD-88288

col, 17 Apr 2013i have had this phone for a couple of month,s it was ok for the ... moreyou are wrong, first when freezes all u have to do is to hold the power key and the volume up key together for 3 seconds and it will force shutdown, second thing this phone hangs very rarely so either you have a virus or you have a hardware defect.

  • techSolid

samul, 16 Apr 2013hi guys, is there any app to hack wifi reply soon No,sorry noway!

  • col

i have had this phone for a couple of month,s it was ok for the first few weeks and now it freezes a lot and you have to wait until the battery runs out to restart the phone , i would not recommend .