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  • AnonD-2441

does sola supports video call with skype with main camera

  • Anonymous

when you update to ICS you need to wipe out all application from GB. this is the reason why your phone slower due to the previous application is not compatible to ICS.

  • tefa

How can i know ICS update came to egypt from the web before buying it?

  • meisterpido

AnonD-60680, 07 Oct 2012Don't afraid to update. ICS is better then GB and very smooth. I... moreHi guys i just grabbed my sola today after for a long wait. Is there anybody had unlocked the bootloader unofficially. I used lww also and keen to have the 'music i like' function properly on sola as i don't wanna lose my DRM. Tell me if u guys did one.Anyway this phone is pretty much amazing but it's only time will tell. I hope one of dev's in xda will get us to it. I'd read all the feedback here but still hey there's nothing to lose. There must be something to be solved for all the laggy and like the previous guy said..don't be afraid to upgrade to ics. I like that. Go Sola!!

  • AnonD-60680

Don't afraid to update. ICS is better then GB and very smooth. I am running it for 1 week and found no problem. only reset after upgrade and if it does not work, reset again. Lag will go away.

  • choba

sony ericsson experia sola after updating to ics can be upgradable to android os 4.1j.b

  • kuma

awesome glove mode..!!

  • hen

ashu, 05 Oct 2012Hey I m also a xperia sola user can u please tell me how can I u... moredon't upgrade your sola to ics, it is not better, slow and hang all the time.

  • hen

AnonD-19510, 06 Oct 2012Guys, i'm gonna buy this phone... Is there any hard problem aft... moreyou may buy it, sola, but don't upgrade to ics, it ruins everything you 've just had.

  • Sasa

buy it or not someone tell me ?

  • AnonD-74805

hey ppl dont get ics in wrong way mine everything is fine 6th day on ics... everything is butter smooth nd i'm having fun with this more then ginger bread its stable to nd new features like glove mode voice recogonization nd spelling correction is much intelligent now nd still lots of new things its got... but mine Ram is using same as before bit more just... nd remember one thing android ram is very diff from computer ram here out of 380 MB even if u fill it till 365 MB it doesnt lag the processor will work only one current app not everything on ram like windows based PC... nd after ICS make sure once u factory reset ur phone nd also clear internal SD card from settings then it'll work like charm it wont hang... :-) so dont blame ICS just make sure u do the above things... battery sucked before also nd now too.. and I'm to happy that after update I got benchmark score of 2600 or something while HTC one v got 2150 :-P same cost huge difference :-) so plz update and also in settings go to developer settings and enable 2d hardware force...

  • Mark

Why Does My Xperia Sola Gets Slow When Im Using WIFI? Even In The Strongest Signal My Phone Is So Slow? Can Somebody Please Help Me With This? I Cannot Use My WIFI Easily.

  • Ramy-Etlaty

mike, 05 Oct 2012no ICS update available in Egypt !!! Yes,, Iam searching for it too :(

  • AnonD-19510

maverick, 06 Oct 2012updated to ics . are you got any troubles after the update..???

  • Anonymous

AnonD-74357, 06 Oct 2012how can i check whether ics available in Pakistan or not coz ven... moresame error..,..

  • k2

after update to ics can sola use android beam???

  • AnonD-66148

evry1 having problems with ics u can repair phone from pc companion

  • AnonD-74357

how can i check whether ics available in Pakistan or not coz ven i connect by pc companion it says that u already hav latest phone software,when i have ginger bread?
plus there have been such dreadful comments in this forum regarding phone malfunctioning after ics upgrade.r these true? shud i go for the upgrade or not? anybody please help..

  • Sasi 90

Hello friends pls pls pls dont update your sola to ICS. It downgrades the phone's performance and it sucks the battery life. The worst update i ever seen. i used ics update for 4 day i cant tolerate the hang-ups. Today i downgraded to Ginger bread back.. dont update pls lets wait for jelly bean update....

  • Viki

Anonymous, 05 Oct 2012Hi frndz....Please guide me yaar....can I go Sony sola or S2....... moreGo for Samsung Galaxy S Adavance... cost around INR 19k..n have better specs than Sola...also Samsung has confirmed an update to 4.1 i.e. Jelly Bean