Sony Xperia SX SO-05D

Sony Xperia SX SO-05D

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  • AnonD-45342

i agree with maxx. sell it in world wide and i will buy it

  • A

MAXX, 24 May 2012pls pls pls sony release this mobile world wide.....pls sonyu r right mate...if this beast is released wordwide n priced correctly, its gonna rock d world!!!fingers crossed...

  • MAXX

gsm arena pls pls send these messages to sony.....

make xperia sx to be sold world wide.....surely sony will hit the profit more......pls sony release this world wide.....come on sony...

  • AnonD-29893

Wow! great specs, good processor, micro sd, style and screen size is better than iphone even though the phone is slimmer, I would definetly buy if available worldwide. This seems like a great succesor of Xperia Ray

  • navnit

Bullshit mobile, I think I made a mistake by
buying Xperia S because this mobile keeps on hanging inbetween and cannot even restart immediate, cannot remove the battery because it doesn't have battery and takes 4 to 5 hrs and sometimes more to work normally, I just buy d phone not even one month but hang for atlest 4to5 times till now, im fedup with this......

  • AnonD-53995

looks like Sony is taking over !

  • Anonymous

come on sony do sum thing for people d also ......
dont be so selfish ....!!!
despite of having a great design of xperia u,p nd sola they have a poor battery performance .......
nxt thing xperia p
a gr8 phone but 1300mAh battery its as gud as a piece of aluminum

  • MAXX

pls pls pls sony release this mobile world wide.....pls sony

  • Anonymous

I'm gonna buy this phone!

  • RAID_Noir

Wow Sony should keep their sizes around these area since they are the only ones that provide HIgh End Hardware on now Normal Sized Screens

  • King Kong

First !!

Better than Xperia P, and with memory card.. and smaller. Why Sony doesn't release this one instead of P ??

  • addi

oh mann it must be wrldwide