Sony Xperia SX SO-05D

Sony Xperia SX SO-05D

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  • Andreiner

The design of this phone is quitely awesome than XPERIA S. Hope it'll also launch here in Ph. :)

  • DRaj9

Finally the perfect handset from Sony!!
Hope that Sony makes it available world wide...keeping my fingers crossed!!
It has the perfect dimension and specification...If only Sony provide its for less than 400$, it would definetly be a dream come true...& i am sure it would surely sell as a Hot cake!!

  • AnonD-55206

Fine Sony if you not gonna make Xperia SX and GX worldwide I will go to Japan for buying this Phone :)

  • Anish

does anyone here here think that xperia U and P were just experimental models on how people receive the new sony design and spec sheet?...considering that both are really good except for some standout problems like no SD cards and no ICS...all of which seem to have been dealt with in these models while the good traits all stayed ?

  • slimberry

I've been an Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray user for quite some time. I love it, and I still love it.
This one would be a good upgrade from Ray.
Having more grunt behind CPU and RAM.
But I'm not sure I would spend the extra money just yet, as Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray is serving me very nicely for the time being.
Latest Ericcsion Xperia ranges, and now onto Sony Xperia, is definately looking good for me.
My only concern is all Xperia ranges carry too similar design concept, making all phones look the same.

  • AnonD-39606

This phone having perfect dimension and specification.. If Sony provide it worldwide for less than 400$, you might will make a huge income after Q3.. Please do it Sony.. This is a great phone..

  • Sophia

The perfect handset! Hopefully, it would be available world wide. Fingers Cross!

  • AnonD-56054

Any one pls advice can we able to purchase this mobile and can use it in India???????

  • Xreza

Come on Sony release this phone worldwide and I'll pay for €350 max.

  • AnonD-38119

navnit, 25 May 2012Bullshit mobile, I think I made a mistake by buying Xperi... moreYou're a bit off topic here, this is the Sony Xperia SX, not the Xperia S.

  • Zeake

If sony was smart they would buy out awd launcher or something instead of their crap launcher.

  • Anonymous

Killer design and killer specs. but .. Why no gorrila glass??

  • MAXX

gsm arena see all these comments....all people in the world are ready to buy this mobile...for the massive hit of this year......gsm arena pls pls pls...send all these comments to sony company or to concerned sony department.......
"release this mobile world wide" company profit surely sx..the best mobile of sony xperia....due to specification and size of mobile.

  • Bobo

Why only Japanese market? All SX models only for the japonese?

  • Anonymous

Great dimensions and specs
sony why u not worldwide??

  • Arvin

Absolutelylutely! If Sony makes this phone available worldwide this is absolutely going to win a lot of nokia, samsung, and HTC fans! This phone will rule the midrange section!

  • Anonymous

Wowww..... Almost perfect middle class phone.. Amazing... Sony, please release this baby worldwide.. Please, please..

  • Grishm

I see people more inclined towards Xperia SX than Xperia P. In terms of design and specs SX beats P hands down. Sony better make this phone worldwide instead of sticking only to Japanese market.

  • 11: 06

[deleted post]No need to dethrone samsung, the more important is customer satisfaction by releasing this sexy SXSX worldwide asap.

  • Samir

I want Oranger colour please Sony release WorldWide..if is available in Bangkok or Singapore I'll travel there to buy it! But please release in India I'll pay max. Rs.20,000 for this! Come on Sony! You can Do It!!