Sony Xperia SX SO-05D

Sony Xperia SX SO-05D

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  • It's me.

Sony mobile has twitter. Maybe they can answer if they will launch it in probably a few more months or NOT. I hope they will. :)

  • Yeah

Am really hoping to launch this worldwide. I'm seeing a good future if it will be. 1.5ghz Dual-Core on a 3.7'' screen! It's a really good phone unlike those big 4.8'' phones that manufaturers didn't consider comfortability of their customers. Waiting here in the Philippines, SONY!

  • ken

perfect size and specs! wouldnt mind a bigger battery to boot. worldwide release!

  • emedex

Sony, bring it in Europe as soon as possible. And GX with it!

  • D.A

Awesome specification for a 3.7 inch device, appart from sony xperia sx we dont have any device of 3.7 inch display with this specification.

  • Das

Awesome specification for a 3.7 inch device, appart from sony xperia sx we dont have any device with these specification with 3.7 inch display

  • Anonymous

the features.. sweeeeeeeeet!!! if only it was more bella like the neo l

  • Karim

I hope Sony in manufacturing their mobiles
do not follow any Quality Compromise since
in the last two models of the Sony Ericsson
we are experiencing a lower quality in the
ingredients of the product itself I mean software
and performance otherwise the Brand definitely will
start losing the image.

their S E mobile phones have been performing
amazingly for the last seven years hoping they
will continue without any quality deffect

  • abduppapk

if this available any japan online market,pls report.i wll buy online

  • abduppa

AnonD-56054, 26 May 2012Any one pls advice can we able to purchase this mobile and can u... moreU check

  • vigabs356

i wish that sony make a vio phone.. go go go sony

  • abduppa

whear is available country

  • Anonymous

SONY Xperia GX, SX touch and try event

Dates: June 11 - 17 @11:00 - 19:00

Venue: Ginza Sony Building 8F OPUS Communication Zone 5-3-1 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo.

Please come and visit.

  • DRaj9

Anonymous, 27 May 2012I heard it will cost $632 :(Doesnt make any sense if they'll price at that range...coz at $632 you'll get quad-core phones...hope that Sony makes a right move by hitting the right price point...& i believe that it $632 is for Sony Xperia GX...

  • Anonymous

DRaj9, 26 May 2012Finally the perfect handset from Sony!! Hope that Sony makes it... moreI heard it will cost $632 :(

  • Anonymous

No Scratch-resistant glass??Sux then.Shame because is a great phone.Sony mande a mistake because thei didn't put 1.

  • SSyar

Should be my next phone... if available globally

  • Arabian guy

come on sony !!!
why its not world wide phone
this phone must be world because it is deserve to be
me and my brothers here are burning to buy this phone
please sony do it :)

  • AnonD-56054

Can any only pls reply can we get this mobile from japan and use as unlocked mobile in world wide?

  • Konstantine

is that phone have an antena for the tv? - Digital TV and TV launcher ?