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  • Mark

sony xperia T LT30i model already exists.. some website posted android 5.0.. soon sony xperia Nexus .. true?

  • GO

HYE all,when this phne will arrive in malaysia..n wat it cost??

  • richi

please tell me which one to buy and why T or TX?

  • AnonD-78666

AnonD-78653, 19 Nov 2012HTC One S or Sony Xperia T? Could someone help me?xperia t is one of the best android phone yet its soooooooooooooooooo cool

  • AnonD-78653

HTC One S or Sony Xperia T?
Could someone help me?

  • ben

Birnad , 12 Nov 2012Today I am a proud owner of the Sony Xperia T, the latest smartp... moreWhere do u get that phone in malaysia. I'm hopeless to search that phone. Please tell me the place

  • james bond fan

james bond only use this phone to receive an SMS.. less than 5 seconds on screen time... pity xperia T T.T

  • AnonD-78365

I've been using the Xperia T for a while now and the phone is, on the whole, one of the best all round.

The chassis and build quality are superb; I dropped my Xperia T on the 2nd day of ownership, a fall of about 0.5m onto tarmac and not even a scratch or scuff. I especially like the design and it feels nice to hold in your hands, don't worry about the location of the power/sleep button as you soon get used to it. I feel that the Sony range of phones looks more 'grown up' than perhaps the Samsung equivalents, don't misunderstand me, I am a great fan of Samsung, but prefer the sleeker Sony.

Software-wise, the Timescape UI is well thought out and easy to use. You can uninstall most of the 'bloatware' and even the Timescape app itself if you're not a fan of such things. You have five standard home screens with plenty of widget space, although something that's frustrating is that you only have the option to install new widgets to the phone from Google Play (store), other than that you'll have no problem navigating the rich and no-nonsense Sony modded version of Ice Cream Sandwich, with plenty of customisation possibilities.

The hardware choices that Sony have made focus on the entertainment and multimedia, with a 13MP camera that is great to use, although there is some low light degradation and the large BRAVIA powered screen make the world come alive. You may notice that the high quality of the screen does drop of at steep viewing angles, but you can use this phone just fine as long as you're not really silly and trying to watch a move at 45 degrees (I mean who would want to do that?!).

You have MHL support (when used with a compatible cable or Sony's Xperia T Dock), which is a useful addition if you stream or play movies (unlimited data plans help here...!).

The speed of the Xperia T is excellent and apps, browsing and multimedia launch super fast (we should see even more smoothness with Project Butter on Android 4.1 when it's rolled out), I have had no problems at all with performance. Battery life is, of course, limited to a day of normal use, although I find that this is sufficient for most users.

You may want to keep an eye on installed apps and move them to your MicroSD memory card (32Gb for around £15 if you shop around), so save your onboard memory.

HSDPA at 42Mbps is a pleasure to work with and if you have an unlimited data plan, you may want to consider backing up everything to Google Play Music, Google Drive etc. and just stream your content. This is my preference and works just fine (most of the time!!). I'm not too worried about the lack of 4G support as HSDPA is fast enough for now, perhaps in 18 months when there are unlimited 4G plans, it will be advisable to upgrade to a new phone altogether, but by that time most of us get bored and fancy a new toy to play with.

Sorry to have bored you all, hope this was informative. Comments welcomed >:-)

  • Anonymous

Nice design but stil the same as the old xperia s....instead of lunchin different model one after another why don't Sony make a phone having all the specifications of different models into one single phone.....that wil make wow....!!!!

  • AnonD-78140

jonboy, 14 Nov 2012does anyone know if the xperia t is going to be 4g compatible? w... moreYes ,in the uk i think it will use hspa+, the phone is capable of 42 MBps.

  • AnonD-78140

Yea the battery issue, why they made it non removable is stupid. If your phone freezes i.think ya can reboot it by holding down either the camera button or volume key. Great phone tho.

  • Leila

It's looks pretty cool. It's got a nice camera, and a lot of cool stuff. I'm gonna buy it.
But since it came out the 5/7 of September, why is it so expensive ? Really 19 000 for a phone with no dual sim is a lot. ;)

  • Sony user

What about the viewing angle of xperia t? I have decided to buy it.

  • friend

Birnad , 12 Nov 2012Today I am a proud owner of the Sony Xperia T, the latest smartp... moreHai birnad,where did u get the phone??im stay at shah alam.i do see in online shop but it is cost rm1599 n ap set.wish u replied fast,thanks in advance

  • richi

Is it a problem for the future use of that battery is non-removable?

  • xperiatowner72

Anonymous, 12 Nov 2012hi,does anyone have it because i heard from someones it hangs so... moreI have the phone and it is really, really good. Not hung once for me. Really fast, great design, good to hold. Buttons on the side are too close together but other than that, I can't really fault it. Just got a small update from Sony which fixed the video issue. Get it!

  • abdul

Please Let me know the release date in Indi

  • Dave

an2ny, 13 Nov 2012Does this have a non-replaceable battery too?No, it doesn't comes with replaceable battery.. It is inbuilt.

  • jonboy

does anyone know if the xperia t is going to be 4g compatible? when 4g gets here.

  • T

Please Let me know the release date in India.! Eagerly waiting from August.