Sony Xperia tipo

Sony Xperia tipo

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  • RK

What is this Instagram s/w? How does it increase quality of camera in low resolution camera mobiles? I've Nokia 5233. Can I install this s/w or should I go for Tipo?

  • akki

m using this phone its nice but the downloading speed is lower as compared to other android phones

  • Anonymous

AnonD-12240, 13 Oct 2012Tried this phone in a shop today. 1. Touch is good. 2. Sound i... moreHD videos are not running smoothly, not even close. Your HD video that you tried is not real HD for sure. Maybe you tried a socalled "HD" video on youtube or whatever, but a real HD video is very different from that. HD in a video name or filename does not make it HD. HD is 1280x720, Tipo has no chance to play that smoothly.

  • kuthapi

I just bought xperia tipo and i am getting hit issue while surfing the web watching youtube vidoe any one
have this problem

  • AnonD-12240

Tried this phone in a shop today.
1. Touch is good.
2. Sound is very loud and clear. Matches with live with walkman
3. Tried 'temple run' for 10 minutes. It was running smoothly.
4. HD videos were playing smoothly in MX player.
5. Display is not that good, as pixels are visible.
6. Camera clarity is average.
7. Phone is very thick.

  • Aj...

tell me about d hd video specification and downloading speed on uc wth idea 2g.

  • AnonD-62376

Guys there is a good news related to this phone.
A couple of days ago I called Sony Customer Support and they told me that there is a software update for this phone in the service centres of Sony which will take care of the touch issues. So if you have any touch issues you can visit the service centre and get it updated which will resolve the touch issues of this phone.
Worth giving a try. I myself have Tipo with some touch issues and will visit the service centre asap.

  • cccc

Nanthu, 12 Oct 2012Tipo touch screen is good or bad Pls tell me nt good and nt bad

  • Sharavanan

Hiii I just wanna know how's Touch screen as i am seeing many compliants about Touch, & what's SAR value of this handset???

  • AnonD-4583

honestly some people are trying to influence the buying decision of people who r interstd in buying dis phone by spreading wrong information abt the touch

i m nt lying the touch quality is really gud

  • AnonD-75618

sony xperia tipo touch is better than samsumng galaxy and more

  • Soikot

Nanthu, 12 Oct 2012Tipo touch screen is good or bad Pls tell me im using tipo . It has a great touch and best battery backup among other android phones . Only disadvantage is low resulation camera . But you can overcome this situation by using Instagram software

  • rock

Anonymous, 12 Oct 2012If you want to play games you have to forget about those samsung... morecheap
u buy samgsung ace
he he

  • viks

good one atleast box contain....headfone, screen gaurd, 4GB sd card, witch htc exploser laks....

  • Nick

Just tried the phone in a shop today...screen was so unresponsive you could not use the phone at all. Hope it is only because it was a demo phone used by many people. First time i see a phone with such a pb though...not a good sign at all on the durability of that phone. Will probably get a Galaxy mini 2 instead.

  • Sindhu

I'm currently using HTC Explorer and I just planned to buy tipo. Does tipo equipped with Internet pass-thru facility which htc explorer has!

  • rajadxr

hi guys(I am from india), I bought this mobile last 20 days before.
the touch sensing is good and ok.but I faced one problem today ,I putted my mobile in sleep mode , after some time my Mobile gets Waked up automatically and displayed main screen then gone to sleep mode again.This happened 5 times ,after that I opened settings in my tipo its shown one shocking problem,
THE SCREEN STARTS BLINKING IN MUTIPLE COLOURS BUT AT SAME TIME TOUCH IS WORKING. I don't know what is going wrong. please tell me ,why it's coming like that ,is there any setting I want to change?

(one more thing I want to mention,the problem was persisted for 30 second then I switched off my mobile and I removed some unwanted application ,files now it's working good, I typed this message in my tipo only- I love my tipo )

  • AnonD-4583

AnonD-70182, 12 Oct 2012In my tipo temple run is very slow what to do ..uninstall sme useless apps

install smart ram booster
and enable auto boost settings in settings menu
it will kill all the background running apps and wl nt allow to restart

keep ur phone ram free upto 160 mb ram to ensure smooth functioning

touch is gud
i dnt knw y r u facing prblems

  • AnonD-70182

Nanthu, 12 Oct 2012Tipo touch screen is good or bad Pls tell me The touch is not so Gud as other model of Sony its very slow.

  • AnonD-70182

In my tipo temple run is very slow what to do ..