Sony Xperia tipo dual

Sony Xperia tipo dual

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  • Murari sarraf

superkumar , 06 Jun 2013hi friends ... i am going to buy a phone this week ....i ha... moreSony Xperia tipo dual is not better than Samsung Yong tipo dual has big problem of ........... touch

  • Anonymous

hi everyone i have sony tipo dual for 6 months and i have a big problem with the network, some time it gives who is calling me unreachable and when i send it to the service center they install anew firmware and the problem didn't solved till now and the don't know how to solve it . so after this experience i advice you not to buy this phone and generally any sony phone because it is not reliable.

  • Jo

No dual stand-by???!!!!

  • AnonD-146845

Can I move apps to external memory (sd card) on xperia Tipo dual ?

  • AnonD-136239

hay gays. I heard alot about update 11.0.a.6.8. but I did not find it. for 4 monthes I bought tipo duel and from the first day it tell me about update 11.0.a.6.5. then I updated but untill now there is no other update. dose the update depend on location? . if any one got that update from his phone ,so tell us which country you are from. may be if I changed proxy I will gat it.

  • AnonD-136239

I see that update 11.0.a.6.5 is very important for phone because it fix the wifi hotspot and let you see the names located in sim card and give you new option (sms counter) and makes internet faster and update youtube app. this what I saw in the update. is there any other? tell us....

  • Marti

Touch is vry bad while usin patten or pin lock. And also thr is no option for taskmanager and myfiles.

  • Marti

The touch is very bad whn usin pattern lock and pin lock. There is no also the taskmanager and my files.

  • Marti

The touch is very bad whn usin pattern lock and pin lock. There is no also the taskmanager and my files.

  • Chetan

kax, 07 Jun 2013 I got brand new tipo touch very bad n slow.what... moreinstall this App to Your Tipo

  • Anonymous

i think xperia tipo dual is one of brand of SONY, for which i have purchased for even SONy logo is there on my phone, isn't it Sony brand ???

so far no satisfiying major update for this device, even not worked over dual sim issue of being networkless when other is busy....
Samsung is too good in that case, they care customers.

  • AnonD-135380

It is not a (rumour) as the clown stated and misspelled. The Echo problem is REAL! The person on the receiving end of the Tipo phone hears an Echo. There is NO fix as of yet from Sony, they wont even officially acknowledged it.

  • Ramesh

Last month i got a mobile but touch working was very worst comparatively Samsung models.i feel it's not good.

  • Anonymous

I am using for sony tipo single sim 2 month nice phone but automatically restarting problem

  • Deepak

I Bought Sony Xperia Tipo dual on 10th June 2013 After that. I am getting system update 11.0.A.6.8 How to get Rid of that? that's annoying. I don't wanna update it. What to do?

  • Ace2329

Hi,I Think This Phone Is Good So Far I Use It With Root :D, You Can't Find Dual Sim Phone With 512 Ram In This Price =D

  • AnonD-155087

Network problem!! :( :(

  • athul

i am facing a problem with the speaker and the audio jack . i was listnin to music and suddenly the sound stopped i am alsoo not able to here through head phone
some times when i connect it i get the sound in the head phone but then i get problem with the speakers near the ears it stops working m all confused and frustrated its very annoying

  • Mundhe Ganesh

best phone .


Few authorised dealer .
unsatisfied service .
Servicing problem . Shopkeeper said We sent it to Banglore . I m waiting for my phone Since March 2013 till Today 11 June 2013
Not a joke BUT What a joke

  • Anonymous

Sony xperia tipo dual is a good phone but sometimes it's processor getting slow 800mhz is not enough for this phone