Sony Xperia tipo dual

Sony Xperia tipo dual

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  • Bobgally

I use tipodual from last 8 months. but there r some problems.
1)sometimes it automatically restarts
2)internal memory does not connect with pc without pc compilation it is big problem
3)another side echo sound problem when calling.
After updating with new OS released by Sony all these problems became bigger and bigger

  • eluseff

hi everyone i have sony tipo dual for 6 months and i have a big problem with the network, some time it gives who is calling me unreachable and when i send it to the service center they install anew firmware and the problem didn't solved till now and the don't know how to solve it . so after this experience i advice you not to buy this phone and generally any sony phone because it is not reliable.

  • tvel

AnonD-136452, 16 Apr 2013I'm using Sony tipo dual. The mobile is simply good. But T... moreyou have to take it sony service center i have the same problem speaker jack get connected to ear speaker and mic. Normal receving you can't get use the mic and speaker. You have switch on the xternam speaker it will work. this problem rectified by them More over they calibarate the screen now the phone speed is atleast usable.

  • AnonD-153537

hey i think sony is the best one! samsung is popular now a days but sony mobiles are branded and works with quality

  • kax

I got brand new tipo touch very
bad n slow.what happening this phone

  • young laz

I got brand new tipo dual..but touch very
bad n slow.what happening this phone

  • xx

sandip, 04 Jun 2013if i use watsup or facebook on sim 1 and the same time if a... moreyes u can receive call from 2nd sim while u are chating over facebook or what's app.
but if u are browsing heavy or downloading then other one will be busy.

  • superkumar

hi friends ... i am going to buy a phone this week ....i have a great confusion whether to buy galaxy young or Sony xperia tipo dual friend suggests me to buy tipo dual as Sony offers future os updates in its website .... but i have read the reviews of both ... most of them voted for galaxy young ... please help me...........

  • AnonD-152778

dual SIM tp Sayang ga dual stanby

  • Mounika

Hello there,
I have been using tipo dual for past 7 months.All works good except Mobile network...It goes off everyoften and I must select Service Provider manually eventhough I set option to Automatically select. I am really fedup of this since I must check my mobile every often to see whether service is present or not... :(
Could someone pls help me in fixing this...

  • Anonymous

Jay, 04 Jun 2013Hello Friend, If you have already taken backup for you c... moredepends on your backed up contacts belongs to which phone ?

if it is of android then its very easy to get back- by simply copying it on ur memory card/sd, then click over it in the phone and contacts will be filled in ur contact list.

if it is of ur nokia contacts backed up portion then let me know first...

  • sandip

if i use watsup or facebook on sim 1 and the same time if anybody will call on sim 2 then it will be ringing or not. pls help me out ...

thanks to all

  • Jay

Anonymous, 04 Jun 2013sir pls. help me?how i insert my contacs lists from compute... moreHello Friend,

If you have already taken backup for you contacts then you can do it many ways as-
1. just copy that file to your sd card-contacts-backup and then select the option from conatcs-setting-import contatct(select the path)
2. install sony pc suit-restore/copy paste contatcts through this.

  • Anonymous

Sam, 29 Sep 2012Is it not possible to add incoming numbers in new contacts ... moresir pls. help me?how i insert my contacs lists from computer to my phone

  • AnonD-150061

Friends, I am very confused between samsung galaxy young s6312 and sony xperia tipo dual.Which one should I buy ? Which one is better ? I want such type of mobile where I can see you tube videos, fast internet, support many games and apps good battery backup, etc.
Friends please help me, I am very confused. Please suggest me one of them. I am going to buy within 2 days. So reply me fast and as soon as possible.
Thank you !

  • jatin soni

this is the best phone in his variant best battery backup best using perfomance best gaming etc etc..

  • Anonymous

AnonD-53679, 29 May 2013Do a factory reset. Go to settings and then I think to Back... moreThank u sir for giving me the playstore now is working.again...thank u so much

  • AnonD-147996

PMR, 26 May 2013Is tipo dual is best or tipo is best? How is internet speed... moreSingle is best.
B.ce it's not dual active n second sim signal will goes off when u use internet

  • AnonD-147996

It's better to go tipo single sim

  • AnonD-147996

When u use internet
The other sim signal goes off, which is not good