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  • NoelZ

I got my BRAND NEW SONY XPERIA XA1 ULTRA bought for me by my Friend in Australia. I was just using it for Internet, emails, facebook messenger, chess and Walking Exercies. In LESS THAN A YEAR, the screen just suddenly got frozen while it was idle. I tried to go to close some Apps and it was just not responding. I used the Xperia Companion Soft to Reinstall its SOftware but when I tried to TAP the "GET STARTED" icon in the Welcome screen it is not just responding. THe ToouchScreen is not responding even if i tried to power off or reset it from the POP UP menu for power shut down. I AM REALLY PISSED OFF. I HATE SONY ANDROIDS !!!

  • Mirsi

The phone itself is decent, has held up for aprox 2-3 years, but the battery is absolute shit.
empties with an hour of playing

  • Anonymous

malky1979, 09 Aug 2021all in all a pretty good robust phone - if you can see the ... morePurchased on 8/8/2017. Still working.

all in all a pretty good robust phone - if you can see the state of mine after 2 years use/abuse and still runs well other than no signal anymore ( but this seems to be most sonys i have had with same issue after a year or two) it is one of the most sturdy phones i have had, been dropped more than 100 times,the metal bezel is dented beoynd belief and it is now missing most of the corners, screen cracked on every inch, phone bent like a banana and had water spilled on it constantly ( i work in a kitchen) and still runs ok other than the phone signal. for a cheap sony phone it has out performed my expectaions i had for it and am now a bit sad to change it to the 10ii but with no network it was bocoming pretty unusable for anything outwith wifi range. i will still hold on to it and use as a back up for browsing etc and would buy again if i needed to.

  • haha rubish

rush67, 21 Jun 2021I had a Xperia Z1 Compact and loved it and early on, I did ... moreload rubish the phone works fine

  • rush67

I had a Xperia Z1 Compact and loved it and early on, I did have issues with overheating and very poor battery life. The fix was to remove Facebook and the Messenger apps and life was all good. Never made sense why it was causing the problems as I had never logged into them.
I am about to buy a secondhand XA1 as I like the Sony phones.

  • Magdalena A.

Wajahat, 16 Dec 2020How abou the betry timingWhat do you mean? :-)

  • mon

After 3 months there was a problem in touchscreen same issues with my friend, sony is bad in battery life and heat issues. Expensive yet disposable phone and not reliable.

  • SAM

Looks like the screen has issues mainly in the center due to bending. the phone screen bends inwards after a few months of use causing display issues after a while.

  • abedini

Max3c93, 24 Mar 2021I use it for 4 eyears and has no problem even today, everyt... moremy xa1 very awfuly bad

  • Max3c93

I use it for 4 eyears and has no problem even today, everything works fine, battery life are like 4 years ago and i push phone to the limit, no lag, screen sensivity perfect, after long trows 😅 but i dont have no problem with this phone.

  • Alwafid007

I bought this phone two year ago,, i used it just for less than 3 month then i sold it to my friend,, it was getting hot so much and there was small yallow spot appeared in screen

  • Lee

I've been using this phone since the beginning of 2018 and thus far, it has been the best phone I've ever had. It isn't the fastest phone on the market but it does everything I want it to do, with the exception of some games which it can't run these days. No big deal. It has even survived being completely submerged under water for over one minute (I dropped it into a muddle ditch at work and didn't see it at first). It's a sturdy phone. I've dropped it a few times and it has no damage whatsoever. I would definitely recommend this phone (in 2021) to someone who wants a budget second phone. If you can find it now, it should be cheap.

  • Shanky

I purchased this phone back in 2017, and only after 6 months, it became unusable because of the screen issue. I still use this as secondary phone just because the design is great. The flat edges reminds me of Lumia 800, which too I loved. This phone is for looks and only looks. To get the work done, I use Galaxy S9+.

  • Odigigi

Anonymous, 24 Dec 2020The screen stops working at the top and the sides and it ge... moreIf u are experiencing touch problems use the anti virus to clean junk files n free some space on the the phone device memory. I was experiencing the same problem but after doing that it working perfect

  • Anonymous

The screen stops working at the top and the sides and it gets worst over time. I had get this fixed 3 times still after a short period of time the screen has the same problem. (this problem affects the majority of the sony xperia's xa1). If you want to buy this phone, just DON'T!

  • Wajahat

Magdalena A., 21 Nov 2020I used the phone 2 years, I bought it in october 2017 and j... moreHow abou the betry timing

  • Bagnon

The SD card slot does not latch. The spring works but it will not "click" in. Does the SIM card need to be in for it to engage the SD card latch?

  • Massimo

My headset also had a problem with the charging port and the edges of the screen are gone. No sensitivity.

I thought it was because I disinfected the screen too much during the first lock down, but I see it is a common issue. Unfortunately for me this all happened after the warranty period.

I spent £45 to repair the charging port but with the screen I survived with a special buttons app.

However I ended up buying a new telephone.

  • Magdalena A.

I used the phone 2 years, I bought it in october 2017 and january 2020 it was unusable.

I really liked the phone. I liked the sound, I liked the design, "great" I thought. The perfect phone for me.

But at the very start, at the FIRST DAY of use, the left side and the right side had no proper sensibility. I could press the p and q button, but often not on the first try.

But I didn't like to bring it back this early and it wasn't really annoying. I could live with it and the other things worked fine. So I did nothing.

But later, so after 1 year and a quarter, the notification bar became unresponsible. From then on, it only was working on lock screen.

Also the uqualizer had a small issue. Sometimes there was bass, sometimes not.

Then, it got worse and worse. At some point even the home and the back button stopped working! At this time, the phone was nearly unusable. I navigated through the phone with the "app button" (I'm not sure with the proper name), the button at the right side beneath the home button.

But at some point, also this button wasn't working everytime anymore. And it always got worse. This was the time, the phone got unusable.

What happend a bit later was that also the usbc charging port wasn't working properly anymore. Only if you've put a heavy thing on it, it charged. That's weird. Maybe a contact issue.

To me, it seems like both a software and a hardware issue. Software because of the equalizer for example and hardware because of the screen and charging issues.

But, there is also another thing I need to say, I think that's important and helpful, after I've read a lot of other comments here:

1. I had nougat on my phone, I didn't apgrade to oreo! But had all the issues, people told would only appear on oreo!

2. I didn't play games and also forced the stop of apps I didn't need - same issue.

3. Sometimes I heard the akku sliding up and down when I was "shaking" the phone.

4. I didn't have too much pictures or songs on my phone.

5. I haven't let 8 apps or so open when using my phone.

6. I mainly used it only for internet (google), communication and music.

7. Factory reset didn't do anything.

I am still curious what the main cause of these problems is. If someone knows it, please post!