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  • Morlock

Never a Sony again. Screen issue. Horrible.

  • Unfortunate person

I will never purchase a Sony phone again. The non-replaceable battery on the phone died within the one year warranty period and I managed to have the phone fixed after a long wait. The battery started malfunctioning again a few months later after the warranty had expired. The phone no longer charges. Learn from my mistake and buy an inexpensive phone with a replaceable battery.

  • Melo

screen touch faulty, calling/phone book app faulty

  • 花

i also had the touch screen issue with my XA1. But after sending to warranty service, they replaced the screen for free and the problem never happen since (october 2018). it almost a year now and i hope touch screen problem will never come back. it haunted me somehow 😅

saran, 11 Aug 2019had for almost my full two year contract sales rep at the time s... moreIt's much better than any J model from Crapsung (aka Samsung). Most performance mid-low end Xperia model ever. Some issues are fixable, but indeed it's not for fools. I and 3 friends have this model for more than one year. It's perfect!

  • Shafaat

Never go for this phone, even for all Sony Mobiles, Touch screen issue, Speaker issue, Charging Issue, No data transmitting via cable, I bought two one for my friend and these are in still under warranty both started giving problems within single week.

  • Anonymous

Syuser, 09 Aug 2019There is something wrong for some devices with the kernel of the... moreHuh what brand is that? Never heard of it before.

  • saran

had for almost my full two year contract sales rep at the time said "this is such a great phone". bought in october 2017, by january (3 months later) camera stopped focusing. went to my provider and the phone rep told me because my warranty was over that the only option was to in his words "smash the screen and send it in to be repaired". didnt do that because uhm no thanks. it was an alright phone and did its job, charging became slower as time progressed. went in and got a new phone a couple days ago (back to samsung) and the rep told me that sony no longer sells phones in canada because they are junky. oh well lesson learned

SAC, 06 Aug 2019HI Can you share details regarding how you solved the screen tou... moreThere is something wrong for some devices with the kernel of the on/off button that affects the screen and also the proximity. Flashed it and used only the proximity to turn on and off by a third party app... The procedure it's more complicated because in my experience there are different issues by different devices and their serial numbers. The simplest conclusion is to flash it with the 'for journalists ftf' from xperifirm\flashtool, use it without touching the buttons mostly the on/off one and also use a keyboard using predictive flow touch. I have three XA1 dual devices for more than 3 years among my friends and they are faster than any Crapsung's J model. Cheers!

  • SAC

Syuser, 24 Oct 2018A friend of mine helped me to root it in different ways. After t... moreHI Can you share details regarding how you solved the screen touch issue

  • Girish

TouchPad is not working.just one time upgrade. Heaving issue software. Prices at higher other brands sony product wroste wrong chip. Stop the mobile production. Go back India sony. I hate Sony. Don't buy Sony.

  • mouse

Anonymous, 27 Jul 2019Worst purchase ever. Display has multiple issues - didn`t work n... moreJust have the same 2 issues this week!!!

  • Anonymous

Worst purchase ever. Display has multiple issues - didn`t work near the edges and colours faded (like burnt) changed the display once, same issue re-appeared after a couple of months. Now the charger port is not working properly....

  • Gugz

Worst purchase!
Reboots continuously when connected via WiFi.
Now the front and rear camera are not working (hardly 6 months of use) - hardware related issue (not software).

  • Beepo

Don't buy this phone. It has touchscreen issues. If you replace the screen, it is only a matter of time until the new screen also develops issues. It's an unaddressed design flaw, and there are literally tens of thousands of people who have complained about this problem. It was a very enjoyable phone until the symptoms showed up. They got progressively worse over a two week period. Phone is now completely unusable. There is some talk of a class action suit, but that's all I know.

  • Jeah345

The camera quality is very good. There's a manual mode that I can take a better photo in different condition. Besides, the screen is not so good, it's really bad at the edge of the phone. Don't really recommend if you want to buy a sony mid-range phone with the edged screen.

  • cobalt1200

Don't buy the phone. It has a screen problem. I replaced the screen and the new one started showing the same issues after a few months.
Except that, it's a great phone :)

  • Bond1955

As with other owners my phone took to powering down for no reason and would turn on again only with the power cable plugged in. Now it's off permanently - will not turn on. Period. Sony Australia refuse too help because I bought the phone overseas. This is a common problem.

I have xa1 for almost a year and a half. I was very happy with this phone until now. I see I'm not the only one who have problems with the screen. The edges of the screen dont work properly and its very annoying. Sometimes I can't unlock my phone because the screen doesn't work. Its my 3rd sony phone...I always wanted to have only sony but now I'm slowly changing my mind. I am so sorry.
I was hoping it will last 2 years minimum because buying a new phone is not in my plans this year. I am so disappointed.

  • rad

never ever buy