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  • Anonymous
  • 3Ag
  • 24 Dec 2020

The screen stops working at the top and the sides and it gets worst over time. I had get this fixed 3 times still after a short period of time the screen has the same problem. (this problem affects the majority of the sony xperia's xa1). If you want to buy this phone, just DON'T!

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    • Wajahat
    • XV7
    • 16 Dec 2020

    Magdalena A., 21 Nov 2020I used the phone 2 years, I bought it in october 2017 and j... moreHow abou the betry timing

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      • Bagnon
      • sfG
      • 01 Dec 2020

      The SD card slot does not latch. The spring works but it will not "click" in. Does the SIM card need to be in for it to engage the SD card latch?

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        • Massimo
        • ABE
        • 01 Dec 2020

        My headset also had a problem with the charging port and the edges of the screen are gone. No sensitivity.

        I thought it was because I disinfected the screen too much during the first lock down, but I see it is a common issue. Unfortunately for me this all happened after the warranty period.

        I spent £45 to repair the charging port but with the screen I survived with a special buttons app.

        However I ended up buying a new telephone.

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          • Magdalena A.
          • JD2
          • 21 Nov 2020

          I used the phone 2 years, I bought it in october 2017 and january 2020 it was unusable.

          I really liked the phone. I liked the sound, I liked the design, "great" I thought. The perfect phone for me.

          But at the very start, at the FIRST DAY of use, the left side and the right side had no proper sensibility. I could press the p and q button, but often not on the first try.

          But I didn't like to bring it back this early and it wasn't really annoying. I could live with it and the other things worked fine. So I did nothing.

          But later, so after 1 year and a quarter, the notification bar became unresponsible. From then on, it only was working on lock screen.

          Also the uqualizer had a small issue. Sometimes there was bass, sometimes not.

          Then, it got worse and worse. At some point even the home and the back button stopped working! At this time, the phone was nearly unusable. I navigated through the phone with the "app button" (I'm not sure with the proper name), the button at the right side beneath the home button.

          But at some point, also this button wasn't working everytime anymore. And it always got worse. This was the time, the phone got unusable.

          What happend a bit later was that also the usbc charging port wasn't working properly anymore. Only if you've put a heavy thing on it, it charged. That's weird. Maybe a contact issue.

          To me, it seems like both a software and a hardware issue. Software because of the equalizer for example and hardware because of the screen and charging issues.

          But, there is also another thing I need to say, I think that's important and helpful, after I've read a lot of other comments here:

          1. I had nougat on my phone, I didn't apgrade to oreo! But had all the issues, people told would only appear on oreo!

          2. I didn't play games and also forced the stop of apps I didn't need - same issue.

          3. Sometimes I heard the akku sliding up and down when I was "shaking" the phone.

          4. I didn't have too much pictures or songs on my phone.

          5. I haven't let 8 apps or so open when using my phone.

          6. I mainly used it only for internet (google), communication and music.

          7. Factory reset didn't do anything.

          I am still curious what the main cause of these problems is. If someone knows it, please post!

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            • Rob
            • p3j
            • 12 Nov 2020

            The edge problem is the software update, sony didn't bothers to fix the bug because it's old and they think it's not usefull to them. Shame on them.. this is how important are customers to them

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              • Anonymous
              • ap8
              • 31 Oct 2020

              Peet, 28 Oct 2020I love Sony that's why I bought this product. Sadly, a... moreDid you have a warranty and where did you buy it from

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                • Peet
                • xCA
                • 28 Oct 2020

                I love Sony that's why I bought this product. Sadly, after a few months of using it, the touchscreen failed on the letters and numbers on the side. I think it's because of the design. The bezel is too thin. I couldn't press the letter p and the number 1 on my selected keyboard.
                Had to bring it to a repair shop. They weren't able to fix it completely though.

                It's very sensitive. You should buy a film protector and a case for it.

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                  • Ashi
                  • nC6
                  • 23 Oct 2020

                  Anonymous, 16 Oct 2020I wonder how your phone is doing now.How's the phone's it worth or is it's just Brand name

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                    • Dio
                    • 3Jx
                    • 20 Oct 2020

                    So there is a real issue on the edge display... as I cannot not press P or type it.... even on reset??

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                      • Anonymous
                      • 0wM
                      • 16 Oct 2020

                      XA1 lover, 12 May 2019FOR THOSE HAVING (edges) touch probem anything is workin... moreI wonder how your phone is doing now.

                        i bought this phone when it launched. not even half a year, the edge screen is dead and cannot touch. the usb charging port also getting loose easily and cannot charge the device.

                          • j
                          • jesus
                          • nH{
                          • 07 Oct 2020

                          Worst device I have ever owned. Second year of usage and screen edges are completely dead, not a single menu button out of three (bottom screen) responds anymore, not to mention letter "p" on the keyboard which is on the very right edge of the screen never even worked in the first place. Its a disgrace to company name and complete shit product. Price does not matter it is wasted money.

                            • I
                            • Innocent criminal
                            • rra
                            • 28 Sep 2020

                            Message doesn't produce alert sound, what's the problem

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                              • Anonymous
                              • 5xw
                              • 27 Sep 2020

                              Good as a smallish back up phone (fits in jean pockets).

                              But beware of buying second hand. Had the same problem with the screen edges as other users

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                                • Threedogs
                                • nFB
                                • 09 Sep 2020

                                Very happy with the phone, until screen lost sensitivity all round the edges. Not happy needing to replace, but it has progressed from a nuisance to unusable.

                                  • k
                                  • khushboo
                                  • fCE
                                  • 07 Sep 2020

                                  worst product in my life..never buy it............

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • Nw5
                                    • 04 Sep 2020

                                    got this phone as a replacement of previous one that crashed and now after 1 yr screen sensitivity on home buttons is gone.worst device ever

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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • pJZ
                                      • 26 Aug 2020

                                      Had this phone for about 2 years. Had similar problems to everyone else with the edges of the screen not working, so unable to use parts of the keyboard such as "P". I cannot use the notification dropdown because of the screen issue. The home and back buttons are also very unresponsive.

                                      I've also found the cameras to be pretty bad as well, especially the front camera. Whenver I take a photo it takes around 3 seconds to actually take a photo. The front camera looks blurred and tints yellow despite playing around with the settings.

                                      The phone will also sometimes randomly hang up phone calls. Overall I don't recommend, too many issues.

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                                        • Franklin
                                        • rKW
                                        • 24 Aug 2020

                                        Worst phone ever use, got display problems within a month still now struggling with that display issue