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Sony Xperia XA2

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  • Henry

Nick, 12 May 2021I was going to try Sailfish only to find out that since the... moreSailfish has UK support again now.

  • Anonymous

Still great phone. With vanilla SailfishOS operating system, battery lasts for a week

  • Trooper

I'm so glad the XA2 (my main phone) is staying on Android 9, as anything newer (10, 11 etc) has introduced quite a number of new restrictions to the user experience. Such as an apps ability to change the system font to pretty much any size, but now there is a limit to the upper and lower sizes available, base on the handsets screen size (as witnessed on other more up-to-date handsets I own. This now severely impacts those that are visually impaired. There is also (as mentioned by others here) the option (one day) to update using LineageOS, which I will eventually, when 9 becomes too old to use on a daily basis...

  • Rafi

I am using this phone THIS phone is so good but please Give software update and add internal voice recording. pls🥺🥺🤓

  • Anonymous

I just updated to LOS 18.1 (Lineage OS) and it has incredibly smooth performance - would even say it has improved in speed and efficiency from LOS 17. This was the best small (ish) phone that officially supported LOS and it has been the best move. Hoping to get a smaller phone in future - bring back the XZ1 Compact!

Anonymous, 13 Dec 2020It's about 3 to 4 months.. how is it after upgrade to AOS 11?
could I have any feed back.

I definitely hope that Sony can make an updated version of this phone as a next-gen Xperia 10 model in the future. To this day, this is the only Sony smartphone that has a front ultrawide camera and I deeply value that feature a lot.

  • Nick

Aeolist, 06 Feb 2021Still a great phone, I'm especially pleased how well t... moreI was going to try Sailfish only to find out that since the UK left the EU they no longer provide support.

Lineage and /e/ have builds available for it though.

  • Anonymous

sony's phone designs from this time still slap, the colorful front bezels are beautiful

Phone still works but headphone jack doesn't work anymore and you can't play FM Radio through the speakers....the cameras are ok in good lighting but otherwise terrible
It lags now but battery life is still pretty good...and the screen is still sharp

  • Hassan

Amazing Smartphone . I was buy on 2018 and still working until now using Android 9. perfect battery and sound.

  • Aeolist

Still a great phone, I'm especially pleased how well the battery health has held up after daily use for more than 2 years, but I advise against buying it new because the security upgrade situation does not look great. Sony might have dropped this phone completely from its upgrade schedule; 7 months since the last security patch is becoming unacceptable if for example you have banking or trading apps on it. If it goes another 6-9 months without support, I'll have to get rid of it. Sucks that Sony fails at communicating which devices have been dropped.

On the other hand, if you can afford to install an alternate Android distro or Sailfish you'll be very happy with the hardware for a long time. Not an option for me unfortunately because apps I need to use won't work on non-OEM builds of Android.

  • odb

Johnny B , 04 Dec 2020Did any one install Selfish OS on this device? Any inform... moreI have been using Sailfish OS on XA2 for about 6 months. Everything works. Installation was easy.

  • Igor

good phone but like most androids it becomes laggy and slow over time

  • Anonymous

Xperia Xa2 is available with Jolla Sailfish OS

  • Anonymous

V, 11 Dec 2020For how long does this One get security uppdates? It's about 3 to 4 months..

  • V

For how long does this One get security uppdates?

  • Johnny B

Did any one install Selfish OS on this device?
Any information about, how it's working? Tks.

I'm wondering if it will ever get an Android 10 update since it has the same chipset as the 10 & 10 plus. I'm planning on upgrading my phone if Sony decides not to update the Xa2, which wouldn't make sense if they don't plan to.