Sony Xperia XA Dual

Sony Xperia XA Dual

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  • Chiro

Nice phone, excellent design, very thin, works fast, good sound Disadvantage: during operation it heats up a lot and the battery drains quickly - only for 1 day, it is not suitable for games.

  • Godspeed

Pranav, 10 Sep 2020I've been using this phone from 5 years, till now it d... moreSame with me ✌🏻

  • F3116

Why my xperia xa got main camera fibrated when used? How to resloving this problem?

  • Pranav

I've been using this phone from 5 years, till now it didn't even reported a single problem, it got drenched in many times. But still it's still working without any problems. I definitely recommend this mobile. Performance was also outstanding.

  • sony lover

im still using this one for 4 years...never had any repairs....still works like a charm.....for a economic friendly phone this one is great.....its more than great its greatfull for this phone..

  • Maria

I am in love with this phone. It's just auwsum, it's features, apps, camera etc.But I lost my phone 😢.I just want it back. I don't know how but I wish and pray to get back my phone.please pray for me and if anyone from you , know the way to find out my divice so please tell.

AnonD-689601, 04 Oct 2017What are you thinking about this phone? I am thinking to b... moreYou can buy this if you want to normal use this phone. But if you wish to use heavily, i recommend you not to buy it. Because it has issues with the battery life and overheating. But the performance is awesome. Cameras are pretty good. Sound is awesome and everything is cool except the battery life.

I am using this phone since one year and seven months, in between (last december when it was about one year after purchase) when it was under warranty, i got its camera glass replaced because its surface got blur on its own(some blue layer on its glass was worn out), they charged 300 rupees to replace the glass piece and without guarantee the charge 800+ rupees, very costly brand( this kind of problem does not arise in even Chinese brands). Finally now after using phone for one year and seven months, my touch have stopped working without any reason, now it costs 5000+ rupees.This phone are with really very delicate hardware which fail again and again, and still the company charges heavily for those, friends i dont recommend this phone to anybody. its just a waste of money.

  • Tebza

Battery heats up and drains quickly.. Mq4 is by far better than this phone believe me you.. I really detest the day I bought it! However, I'm so in love with the camera, performance and of course the shape..

  • AnonD-364282

Hallo friends im using sony xa dual
Im facing when I use headset with my xa pain comes from ears any body has this problem

  • Byy

Hello peeps, I have been using this phone for at least 9 months i guess. First of all, I definitely wouldn't recommend you this phone but wait let me explain. (Please read all of them, thx!) There's a whole range of smartphones with great specs and even greater value than the xperia xa dual. Besides, the most concerning issue of this phone is the overheating. It heats up very easily especially when you are playing games with high fps. The phone also heats up when you take some shots with the phone's camera. When the phone heats up, it doesn't just heat up the phone but drain the battery as well. If you have seen the complains, its all about the battery drain so i think you get the idea of that part. Its just not the average battery drain you would expect from a mid range phone. Okay what about the performance? Well, its not that great either but what can you expect from a mid range phone.. Am i right? Last of all : the camera. The image produced are a bit softer and the front facing camera just won't meet my expectations. Honestly though, its still a usable phone with edge to edge body ratio. The body is sleek and the modern design wont dissapoint you. Overall its an OK phone with a slightly higher price. Thanks for reading all of them.

  • JK

usat., 14 Dec 2017I had using this Xperia xa mobile atlest one year. When we ... moresame here

  • AnonD-726463

im okay with my xperia dual. only one problem, why the music is not loud. not enough loud. even my old nokia polyphonic ringtone is louder than my xperia

  • Anonymous

Sony xa plus is the worst phone I have ever used works slowly when data is switched on ,it can't perform multitasking what should I do

  • usat.

I had using this Xperia xa mobile atlest one year. When we using camera that time the phone is very hitting. And a others problem That is the very poor battery life. I thought This problems are the facing all Xperia xa user.. So i recommend my all frnd they were didn't buy this mobile phone

  • AnonD-75913

I am using this phone since one year, its performance is good but it gets heated up very fast particularly while we use camera for long time. i want to share some serious problems with this phone regarding its built quality, first of all at this price range its body plastic is very poor as my phone back side got minor scratches when already its back cover was on due to fine dust particles(not an issue with my Samsung at all), well which is not a major problem.. but now after 11 months my glass for back camera(13Mp) got blur(damaged glass surface) on its own with in genuine use, i visited Sony service center, as my phone was under warranty they charged me rupees 300\- as service charge and without warranty they charge 800-1000 rupees for the same problem & with waiting period if minimum one week so this is very costly brand after you purchase it.At this price range the quality is not up to match,,

  • Danu R

performance, camera, display, sounds great. but what st the heck i can do from 2300mah battery. it drains very fast and heats up when using camera and downloading files from wifi(eg:torrents) i like the brand but why they add a small batteries to their products and this is a waste of money. the main things that I want from a mobile are performance, storage and battery 😞

  • Anonymous

raza, 19 Aug 2017Now my xperia xa is making me crazzy.. now its too slow day... moreSame problem here. After nauget upgrade the camera became slow .When i want to restart it then it frize sometime. 😭😭😭😭😭

  • ola ola

I had using this xperia xa dual for almost 1 years and 3 month, all i got to say is there is pro and con,the con is heating ,its no so serious,but it will heat if using a camera for a long time or heavy usage like gaming,other is battery life,under heavy use it only get half a day,average usage will get barely 1 day

but on other side ,the pro,after more than 1 years usage i got to say ,this phone is still smooth and snappy,performance still good,only need to take care not to cramp internel storage,camera front and back good enough for me and its charging quite fast even with normal charger

overall,this phone is good because its still maintain a stable and smooth performance after more than a year because some of my friend bought xiaomi but after 6 month it get slow and laggy.the only thing that need to live with it is heating under heavy usage and battery thats all,i recommend this phone to someone that doing light usage and snap a photo sometimes ,cheers..

  • Nymphbeta

I got this phone for a discount and all i can it one hell of a phone for the price of RM 799.The performance is top notch and the screen is beautiful given for the price range.The battery kinda suck as i manage to to only keep it charge for 1 day but other that it performs well for my daily needs