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  • tZ4
  • 30 Apr 2024

bought this phone(used) in 2019,used it untill the end of 2021(bought poco x3 pro) then the poco died at the beginning of 2023 and im using xz1 again till now. the battery is bloated and the speaker is like detached because of the battery. yet it still works. i love this phone so much man

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    • yerro
    • nUk
    • 11 Mar 2024

    If only they released this phone with the updated hardware inside, I'd buy it in a heartbeat. :| The size / dimensions (wide but not tall), IP-68, the design. I don't even care about the bezels. Tsk. This and the XZ2 / XZ2 Compact were my favourite phones.

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      • harbottle
      • IB$
      • 22 Jan 2024

      I bought this phone new when it first came out in 2017. never updated to Android 9 since bugs were widely reported by users . never had any problems with any software or hardware after over 6+ years of daily use. i still get over 2 days of SOT .... from day 1, using an app to suspend the OS it's not in use for long periods (such as when I'm sleeping) helped with extending the battery life. THIS PHONE IS A BEAST!
      If you can find a used one in good condition, BUY IT!

        This phone is better for me than any other phone!

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          • Sorin
          • 6mK
          • 05 Oct 2023

          I miss this phone :(

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            • Anonymous
            • 45N
            • 26 Sep 2023

            Best phone I've ever owned. My LG dualscreen is toast so I went back to it. It's had water inside it, dropped from 8ft onto pavement numerous times, left in my car in direct sun and during the winter in - 35°C..... Still works amazing. It's only issue is it's charge isn't as long as it once was and the plastic strip along the top is gone. I have my eye on a few BNIB replacements... I'll be sad if I ever don't have one.

              Actually still a nice phone to use. The screen's good quality, performance is OK (better than a cheap new phone) and the battery lasts ages for a smaller cell. It even has a fingerprint scanner on the side where it should be. Just be careful not to get one with bootloop faults.

              Good battery life
              Usable-good performance
              Nice Sony display panel
              Built like a tank
              Extremely affordable on the used market
              Actually easy to replace screens and charging ports
              Stereo speakers
              Charges very quick

              Has a bootloop problem like the iPhone 7 and early Google Pixel models
              Starts to seriously lag after 30 minutes of gaming
              Stuck on Android 9.0
              Fairly uncomfortable to hold for a long time

              Recommendation: 7/10

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                • jazzarin
                • IV@
                • 25 Aug 2023

                zxczxc1212, 10 Jun 2023what a coincidence .. my sony xz1 recently also out of nowh... moremine autorestart evry couple minutes.. I did factory reset.. over 3months already til I got another autorestart..

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                  • manul
                  • 6rX
                  • 15 Aug 2023

                  Anyone has it working with a micro sdxc larger than 256gb?

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                    • wixting
                    • RxE
                    • 14 Aug 2023

                    Buy a second hand from Carousell Singapore. The owner bought the Docomo version in Japan

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                      • Sony User
                      • wYx
                      • 04 Jul 2023

                      manul, 18 Jun 2023Gets super hot and only because you're listening to mu... moreI think you got a fake one dude. Mine is completely fine and can even handle heavy games with high settings, although the phone's battery is not that durable. Sony XZ1 has an aluminum frame to reduce it's risks of getting hot

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                        • Anonymous
                        • NwI
                        • 19 Jun 2023

                        zxczxc1212, 10 Jun 2023what a coincidence .. my sony xz1 recently also out of nowh... moreI don't know how to erase all data in phone

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                          • manul
                          • 6rv
                          • 18 Jun 2023

                          Gets super hot and only because you're listening to music and browsing a website.

                            Itqan, 01 Jun 2023Sony xz1 is still a powerful phone.I even played genshin on... morewhat a coincidence .. my sony xz1 recently also out of nowhere started to has auto restart problem .. idk what's the reason for that problem. It often occur during charging.

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                              • Itqan
                              • KZK
                              • 01 Jun 2023

                              Sony xz1 is still a powerful phone.I even played genshin on it but with the lowest setting.I have 2 of them, but recently they both has an auto restast problem. Does anyone using this model has the same problem as me?

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                                • Arjen
                                • rJj
                                • 19 May 2023

                                After 10 months, Samsung A73 died when a drop of water went inside accidentally, but the Xperia XZ1 I used to shoot videos of waves in the sea, even the iPhone 12 Pro temporarily went to comma stage for 2 days when the water went inside ) XZ1 is one of the greatest phone ever made by Sony in the past years

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                                  • Anonymous
                                  • Y{X
                                  • 09 May 2023

                                  Can I use 1TB sd card on this phone?

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                                    • manul
                                    • 6ru
                                    • 08 May 2023

                                    Will there be Android updates for this phone?

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                                      • manul
                                      • 6rC
                                      • 06 May 2023

                                      Anonymous, 03 May 2023my xz1 went off and its not respong toany charger ,the rep... moreIt is very simple to replace the charging dock.

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                                        • manul
                                        • 6rw
                                        • 05 May 2023

                                        This phone is ace, very very nice phone.