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I got myself the SoftBank Japanese version for around $150-ish and been using it for about 5 months and here are my thoughts:

the good parts:
+ the device is a bit old, released at the end of 2017 but it is still doing good to this day.
+ the battery performance is average but the capacity is definitely not enough.
+ the chipset is capable of doing anything even in 2020, it's the old SD835 but still in the 8xx line up. Games are running smoothly (tested games like PUBG (UE4) and Honkai Impact 3rd (Unity) at the highest graphics setting).
+ Camera is not that bad but also not that extremely good, it's fair enough.
+ for the storage, I think there's no problem as I can also install an sdcard if I run out of storage.
+ headphone jack is definitely there
+ the 5.2" IPS display has a great color and brightness and I believe it does support HDR
+ fingerprint scanner is really fast
+ speakers are good and they're front firing, gets pretty loud and not much distortion

the bad parts:
- the software. altough it's clean and not a lot of bloatwares (not as much as the Japanese DoComo version) but it's running an outdated Android 8, not even 8.1. there's an update to Android 9 tho but, the japanese version would be a pain to update it as it requires a japanese simcard so, I ended up just using the Android 8.
- battery usage is really bad even when the phone is in standby and not used (the device didn't go to deepsleep), it still draw a lot of battery usage. (at the above, I stated that the battery performance is okay and it is. altough it draws power when in standby, but I still going to the one day charge cycle)
- the Japanese version might not work with any sim without doing a sim unlock first.

overall, it's a good device. a bit old but still doing fine.
what bothers me athe most is the software. not being able to do anything with it, not even able to unlock the bootloader to flash a custom rom / recovery (only the Japanese version).

if you are just a casual user, this phone is pretty good. able to game, the used price is not that high, good specs.

if you are a power user, you might want to get the NA/CA version and definitely not the japanese version. you won't be able to do anything with the japanese version.

  • Happy

Got an au sov36unit recently. Super light. Gorilla glass super hard. Only setback is volte and tethering not enabled outside Japan. Anybody have a good solution?

BumbleBEE, 14 May 2020i am willing to buy xperia xz1 for general camera use and gaming... moreIf you can find it for around 200 $/€ than it is. Camera is OK, GPU is still much faster than today's midrange offering but it won't be getting software updates.

  • BumbleBEE

Anonymous, 13 May 2020Hi can i know which app you use to handle the lag while playing pubgi am willing to buy xperia xz1 for general camera use and gaming lke PUBG MOBILE. can u please guide me is it still worth buying in 2020?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 13 Apr 2020Hi friends I am a gamer I want to tell you if you want to play f... moreHi can i know which app you use to handle the lag while playing pubg

  • xz1 buyer

in 2020 if u have very tight budget but want a fast phone this one is for u. mind u, in 2017 xz1 was the flagship phone by sony. snapdragon 835 is the hero here. it beats all the new budget phone by xiaomi, honor, realme, vivo, samsung, huawei, oppo, etc which get higher ram to 6/8 Gb but the processor is slow than sd 835. in the end of the day, useless to have more ram but slow engine. even though battery only 2700 mah, it doesnt matter since it use usb-c type cable with fast charging. bezel? no big issue for me since i can rest my thumb why playing games or watching youtube. i can add more memory with micro sd, it really fast with UFS. side mounted fingerprint more practical than rear mounted, if u right handed. overall, for the price this phone beyonds my expectation. im a happy user ;)

  • Kitkat1

Disappointed no Android 10 . great phone .

  • Anonymous

Hi people, I wanted to tell you that my cell phone has stopped playing audio through hands-free headphones, but the strange thing is that I connect other normal headphones and if the music plays. Can someone please help me solve this? Thank you.

  • RonyT

Had it for 2 years now and can't complain though using it as a secondary phone to the Xperia X Compact. It's fast, takes quality pictures and battery life is exceptional considering that I play games for longer periods. This phone is a must have...

  • Sony Obeng

A powerful phone from Sony, no overheating, good battery life, great screen. Highly recommend it to anyone who wants to buy

  • Sony Obeng

I have used a lot Sony phones but this XZ1 stands tall.......I recommend it to anyone who wants to buy.
Battery life is good and there is no overheating when playing games

  • Anonymous

Hi friends I am a gamer I want to tell you if you want to play free fire or cod (call of duty mobile)
It's a good phone but for Pubg mobile it will start lag but you can fix the lag with my personal app if someone wants to know reply so guys if you want to play free fire or cod mobile this is the best phone you can play free fire with ultra graphics more than 60 fps and cod mobile very high graphics at 60 fps.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 20 Mar 2020That's a bad speaker contact, if you could just simply remove yo... moreI never experienced any of the so-called issues described here.

  • Anonymous

gagatov, 14 Mar 2020Powerful phone with awesome hardware... Worst phone I ever had t... moreThat's a bad speaker contact, if you could just simply remove your backdoor and motherboard, then bend the contact pin of your speaker towards your motherboard. With this your pressure sensor isn't gonna work anymore and your phone now isn't waterproof. But if it's okay just do it, win some and lose some

  • Anonymous

gagatov, 14 Mar 2020Powerful phone with awesome hardware... Worst phone I ever had t... moreAre you sure you did not purchase a defect unit? Or perhaps that the issues stem from some thing other than the phone? I have not experienced any of the issues that you describe.

Powerful phone with awesome hardware... Worst phone I ever had though. The ear speaker constantly fails. At least once per day. I simply do not hear people calling me. This is not a connection issue, because when playing music one hears that only one out of two speakers works. To recover I must quite drastically slap the phone with full palm several times. Another issue - the phone fails to connect with Wi-Fi very often without any reason. I can say that the amount of fails dominates the successful connection attempts. Likewise, at all conditions equal (provider, location, weather) XZ1 is much more likely to not detect and connect with mobile 4G than the other smartphones. No updates of the software ever helped solve the issues. Accounting for the price I once have paid for this phone in 2018 with all those eternal flaws it is not worth a third of that.

  • Anonymous

harunmelih, 01 Mar 2020just one major update, it's embarrassing.There is no technical reason the Sony Xperia XZ1 cannot be upgraded to Android 10 or later.

  • Anonymous

Why is it that Sony has not supported this phone for as long as it should be supported? The Sony Xperia XZ1 is a masterpiece.

  • Skibang

Sony xz1 or Huawei P10?

  • harunmelih

just one major update, it's embarrassing.