Sony Xperia XZ2

Sony Xperia XZ2

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  • athila

i bought xz2 but my fingerprint is slow is that usual or problem please help me.

  • curiousbee

Razfaren, 02 Sep 2021Best used phone under 100 USD, just got it for about 85 USD... morehey bro it was second-hand, right?

  • Razfaren

Best used phone under 100 USD, just got it for about 85 USD in my country, and it's performance is outstanding, no phone at this price has same or better performance, the only downside is just battery life but it's not really a problem for multi phone user

  • zzzzz

is good for pubg ................................

  • Syahmi

Lywgamer, 22 Aug 2021Planing to buy cause I'm a student pretty affordable a... moreI bought Sony Xperia XZ2P, phone performance is good but the internet on it is unstable thus causing bad experience in game (high ping). Wifi keep on disconnected and its hard to stay on 4G.

Lywgamer, 22 Aug 2021It has three version premium one docomo one global or us versionI have the global version running Android 10. Sadly, no gestures.
I love the phone though; I just wish it had HDMI out.

I also have wireless Sony buds but it's not a perfect solution. Have you ever tried listening to audio clips that are a second or less? The audio doesn't play.

  • Happy XZ2 user

Good camera ( I'm not a camera expert, the photo looks good to me), meh battery ( battery sucks when gaming ), okay screen, good chipset ( this is a high end chipset, you can expect good performance from just about any game ), boring in term of features ( no MHL and 3.5mm jack ), phone too slippery you'll need a case. Overall good phone, it's the cheapest secondhand phone with Snapdragon 845 chipset ( in my country though )

  • Azward

P650SE, 27 Jun 2021Can anyone comment on the pixel response times of the LCD p... moreit's much slower compared to my older z5. the display is very bluish too and can see heavy ghosting as well when live wallpapers are used. if it's not a problem for u, u can go for it

Benjamin , 01 Aug 2021Hi, After using 3+ years. The phone still works like new,... moreBro i admire you my first phone is is Nokia 2 touchreen recently become Sony fan cause the spec is pretty good and affordable for second hand and new

Well it's pretty bad it doesn't have a jack headphone but i have wireless Sony earbuds no problem and in case the earbud has no battery i can use jack headphone adapter for it to connect wired headphones or earbuds

Planing to buy cause I'm a student pretty affordable at Malaysia at second hand phone

Zalias, 21 Aug 2021No, it doesn't.It has three version premium one docomo one global or us version

Zalias, 19 Aug 2021No. Support has ended.Cause the phone need to be powerful to support android 11 like PC you need compatible spec to use win8 or 10

Anonymous, 19 Apr 2021Is it have navigation gesture after the android 10 updateNo, it doesn't.

Hidimahi , 14 Aug 2021Will this phone gets android 11. Good phone 📱 No. Support has ended.

  • Hidimahi

Will this phone gets android 11. Good phone 📱

  • Benjamin

After using 3+ years.
The phone still works like new, i have more than 50 apps. No lags, no hang. Perfectly works well. I'm not a game lover. But tried pupg like game, it plays flawlessly.

Camera quality is up to the mark.
Sound adequate
Speed on both wifi and mobile data are awesome, getting about 140Mb.
Touch, very smooth.
Phone connectivity and calls are so clear.

Battery, never lasts for a day. Even on less usages. I use basic mobile for calls. So no issues for me.

Suggestion : it's expensive mobile, we could get same specifications with lesser price. Bought this mobile for almost 80k. You could get same specifications for less than 30k,depends on you.

I'm sony lover so i bought this. I never used any other mobiles. For the past 20 years im using sony, my first mobile was sony k550i.

  • Help

HelpNeeded, 17 Jul 2021I can't unlock the bootloader, when I try CMD prompt i... moreAre you using Japanese version. Then you need to unlock using qunlock tool & it's chargable(30$). You can find post in xda. I unlocked it and installed lineage os 18.1.

Couz, 14 Jul 2021Yep just found out about it, well I don't really mind ... moreAh shoot wrong reply.

  • damn through

salman, 13 Jul 2021just bought a secondhand version sony xz2 android 9, no and... moreI never find problem while im play any game like call of duty mobil and pubg, maybe its about software and you can check device condition with sial number