Sony Xperia XZ2 Premium

Sony Xperia XZ2 Premium

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  • CatGuy

i bought this phone since oct 2018, works perfectly with minor screen issue (when the phone is hot, the screen is burning in. but a little).

i want to ask to all xz2p user =>>

in android 10,
1. why sony delete block call feature in call apps? its so annoying. i must install true caller or get contact to block anonymous number.
2. why sony cant get this phone to test mode (#*#*7378423#*#* you put this code on the call apps and nothing happen. also other code, nothing happen)

my ver. is android 10. patch july 1, 2020. build number 52.1.A.3.49

thino, 03 Jun 2021just bought it from a secondhand, it was still great today,... morehow much did you bought it ,recently I've seen in some facebook page 120$ is it real?

  • Kan

thino, 03 Jun 2021just bought it from a secondhand, it was still great today,... more2nd hand is great value given the 4k screen and night video

  • thino

just bought it from a secondhand, it was still great today, the only downside is no 3.5mm jack.
the camera is so beautiful and strong in lowlight despite it has only 2 cams and 17mp and it huge width that makes less comfortable to hold in hand. gj sony

Cool Boy, 26 May 2021Does this phone have 120hz refresh rate, or 120hz touch sampling?It does support, but it's mostly pointless since YouTube only supports up to 60Hz

Hello everyone. I have a problem with my alarm sound. I put volume on max and wait for it to ring but it was very low volume. Then i enter volume settings and it was changed to very low. How can i fix this?

  • Cool Boy

Does this phone have 120hz refresh rate, or 120hz touch sampling?

  • Anonymous

Darwin, 26 Apr 2021Hi i might get this phone. I see the weight is 236g. Is ok ... moreI got mine in spring 2019, at first not get use to this large phone (my previous 1 is redmi note 3), but after all these years, my hand can hold it tight during commute.

Battery wise, still like day 1, and I am not joking. Just make sure you set the battery care manually (in line with your charging habit). It can only predict your habit if you charge all the same in a week. If you are like me having different charging time during weekend, the battery care will get confused.

Back to the pt, with light game, pick it up fully charged in the morning and then recharge again the next day back to home. During which you may play call of duty 1 to 2 times a day. If you are heavy gamer, charge 1 per day. And yes, the monitor is definitely thirsty. I left it at 1/3 brightness most of the time.

1 thing that I must pt out is the back is unbelievably slippy. Because of the design, it really is like liquid. I have mine drop from the table 3 times at least when I first have it. (ok my table isn't flat) Luckily no crack on the screen/back. But the camera will say they malfunction. But it is more of a protection msg, coz a restart will fix it. And I never took it to repair. Just get a case and all fine.

Just like the review mentioned, the manual mode in cam app works fine. Particularly like that I can control the focus, ISO and SS. Night photo is very good. Go compare in photo comparison tool, you can see how clear the image is and how good the color is. (I still think it got better image than 1 II, but then the 1 is excellent in other area)

Draw back could be only 64 GB internal and I only bought 64GB external. Got yourself a bigger SD card. The other draw back (as in all Sony phone) is weak torch light (compare to redmi or realme, haven't compare to samsung). Just try it out before you paid.

BTW, my firmware is 52.1.A.3.49, haven't got any above said problem about app nor vivid mod (I found vivid might only be useful under sunlight to get LED monitor like exp). Being an old phone with android 10, not expecting to get 11

  • Darwin

Hi i might get this phone. I see the weight is 236g. Is ok or too heavy for the palm.. and the battery is ok?. Does it drain too much from the display.?.

  • Anonymous

I've just bought xz2p used phone for its 765 dpi lcd but got only 368 dpi from cpu z test. Everything working very good except the lcd need to set in highest resolution to watch video on yutub.

  • Alexandru

tosp, 23 Mar 2021They just killed my XZ2 Premium with the new software updat... moreIt's not because of the update. The update fix OK Google problem. You have to roll back web view system. The web view update from 22.03 have some problems. I installed web view canary and from device developers option change to canary and uninstalled web view updates. After that change back to normal web view and uninstalled web view canary. Now everything works fine...

  • Karma

tosp, 23 Mar 2021They just killed my XZ2 Premium with the new software updat... moreBy apps don't work. Do you mean they keep crashing? if so then, uninstall Android System Webview on Playstore. then reinstall, see if that helps. Had a similar problem where apps would keep crashing after an update on my vivo phone and apparently it happens to everyone

That really sucks. I was about to pick this phone up. Now I guess I will wait for the 1 iii. Can you elaborate on what you mean when you say half don’t work? What kind of apps are they? And do they come with error messages?

  • tosp

They just killed my XZ2 Premium with the new software update 52.1.A.3.137. Now half my apps don't work.

  • blaze about to buy this phone it worth it?can anyone tell me about this phone performance?

  • Anonymous

been using for 3 years now. I love my xz2 premium. it's not perfect and there's a flaw but for me, it's the best.

  • ahmed

i use for 2 years ..smooth phone until lagging problem..some game can set to ultra setting...battery still in good condition..install open camera for better result..dual mode camera so good at night...i use 4k resolution to watch on youtube

  • none

SONY, since you update the android to 10, there's no option to block number in call option. What is the struggle to create button that can block number? i must install another apps to block undetected number. please....please.....

  • Rahmany

Plz fix super vivid mode on 10V

  • Rahmany

Chris T. , 23 Aug 2020Had this phone and sold it. Thinking about buying it again.... moreIt has screen problem vivid to professional it not stay on super Vived mod