Sony Xperia XZ drops to $399.99 in US

Himanshu, 23 May 2017

Deals on the Sony Xperia XZ are currently available in the United States. Amazon and B&H Photo have the device listed for as low as $399.99, a discount of around $100.

The black, blue, and platinum color variants are going for under $400. Aside from Amazon and B&H, Frys is also offering the blue variant for $399.99. No information on whether or not these are permanent price cuts, so those interested in availing any of the deals may have to act fast.

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Way more than that, Samsung's phones have over 500 Japanese component suppliers for motherboard capacitors, resistors, voltage regulator modules and a whole load of parts I can list. Samsung AMOLEDs use Japanese ITO, OLED emissive chemicals, and poly...

  • Anonymous
  • 24 May 2017
  • vV5

That's why S8 don't have stacked Dram camera sensor, because it use the out-dated sensor and markup the selling price with boarderless gimmick.

Your point is valid. I need the 64GB for app space. I have a large memory card basically for storing photos and other media.

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