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  • Anonymous

4 years in and the only issue is the bottom/right speaker started having a rattling/buzzing noise when playing sound. The battery is still great at 92% of the original capacity and the software still runs smooth as butter.

XZP LUL, 22 Jun 2021today mark my 4 years period of owning this phone. 22/6/17 ... moreCongratulations. Hope you have yours keep going strong for another 4 years.
Mine is one year old. Still absolutely no issues, except when the speakers get wet.
God I hate waiting for them to dry out. Last time the bottom speaker took DAYS to completely dry. I was almost ready to take it to the service center and take advantage of the warranty. If only!

What did I do for it to get water in it? Had it in my pocket, and put a can of cold coca-cola next to it because i had food in my hands.
I guess silver was more thirsty than me 😄
It did eventually dry out though. I was hoping for the service center, hoping they would replace it because there's no way they would have replacement parts 5 years later.
No kidding though. Still loving my silver, still thinking he is the most attractive shinny boy out there.

Still hoping for the speaker to have been damaged too i guess 😏

  • Kujtim Zymeri

HeHe, 30 Jul 2021This phone was ahead of its time. Unfortunately today, it d... moreKeep on the power and the volume up button till vibrates three times and the release the buttons. If this does not fix it the do an software repair by xperia companion and i am sure it will work again. Sony never gives up.

  • HeHe

This phone was ahead of its time. Unfortunately today, it died and every time I tried to open the phone, it would just vibrate and the screen don't turn on. I used this EVERYDAY for heavy gaming and online work (ever since the pandemic started) and I'm honestly surprised that it lasted for this long. It can run almost any game at high settings except for Genshin Impact. Though, I would experience frame drops but it's almost unnoticeable. However, If someone is ever planning to buy this phone at this time, there are a lot better phones out there with cheaper price and better specs.

  • Vidd

Best phone I've ever had...
Although the connector charge got a problem, then hard to find some spare part & take much money, then the phone is normal like before..
Never sale this phone cz I always feel something special with this..

Btw I'm from 🇮🇩.. Sorry for bad English

  • User

All is good except not supporting HML..

  • Bruno

I agree still an awesome phone after 4 years! An upgrade to Android 10 would be nice.

  • Kujtim Zymeri

Anonymous, 27 Jun 2021Same here. Surprisingly, the battery is still at 92% capaci... moreThe best or nothing.

  • Anonymous

XZP LUL, 22 Jun 2021today mark my 4 years period of owning this phone. 22/6/17 ... moreSame here. Surprisingly, the battery is still at 92% capacity after 4 years of use. Incredible

  • Anonymous

I bought this phone this month four years ago and still working. Now I'm worried after reading other users experience of it dying. I'm not ready to let go of this phone. Such a good phone. I'm gonna back up my files now after posting my opinion. Just in case 😔

today mark my 4 years period of owning this phone. 22/6/17 till now. still going strong

  • Moelders

Woke up to what I thought was a dead XZ Premium this morning, literally just a day after reading the comments below about them dying. Luckily for me, holding down Power and Down Volume buttons until I felt the phone vibrate and it reset and started up. Big relief!
Still a bit nervous about it going forward. Was already looking to buy a new phone (why I was on the page in the first place). Better hurry up and decide which one (Sony Xperia 5 ii leading my choice atm)

Anonymous, 26 Dec 20202 years almost to the day and it crapped out. Checked a ema... moreExactly the same with mine - it just died for no reason. Never dropped, never any damage. OEM charger - the Xperia Premium just died - screen black, no reaction at all. Almost exactly 2 years after purchase. My trust and respect for Sony died with it.

alireza asadi jozani, 14 Jun 2021i have a sony xz premium and my phone died while charging ... moreexactly the same for me. repair told me motherboard dead, not possible to repair and too expensive and too complicated to repair.

loved and liked the Sony Xperia Premium a lot, but mine just died as well, and I heard countless stories of this expensive phone just dying, as well as the screen completely failing.
The entire phone is unrepairable when it dies (not just the screen) according to all repair sources and repairshops I've been in contact with personally. mine died at almost exactly 2 years (when any legal warranty runs out in my country) after it was brand new. Thats not acceptable quality for something at that price level, so I will never buy a brand new high-value Sony mobile again - I will always wait 6-12months+ and hear and find out how many flaws and deaths have been registered on mobile phones of the certain model I am looking for. This was completely unacceptable Sony. You lost my vote, my confindence and made it impossible for me to recommend you to any of my friends or family as well as stopping me from buying any more high value products from you. Making planned obsolesence items in important highvalue personal electronics is not an acceptable businessmodel to me. My data is more important to me than new products every 2 years.

  • alireza asadi jozani

jam, 12 Apr 2019You are spreading fake news i have the phone one year no pr... morei have a sony xz premium and my phone died while charging
the repair center told me it's main board is dead and he repaid cost is as much as the phone itself

  • An average human

I have this phone, it cant run Genshin Impact. But since it was still quick and compact plus a headphone jack, I gotta say Im pretty satistfied. For 90 bucks used this is a steal for sure. It can still run other medium-heavy games tho.

  • Diego

Kobresia, 22 Mar 2021Just checked today. Own it 3years and 7 months. Still works... moreTrue.

  • Arief93

Denis Thomas, 27 Jan 2021Can anyone tell me if xz premium supports this micro sd? ... moreYes still can handle 256gb sd card as well

  • Arief93

Sakuta Kaminari, 20 Apr 2021Great phone. Can sustain most heavy games and apps. Good fo... moreDo you trying to play genshin impact too?