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'No one' can beat pixel density and display resolution of this xzp, even s22 ultra, 1 iv, and ip 13 pm.

Anyone can mention mobile unit that can beat this resolution?! (Pixel density of course the highest now)


  • Heartbreakid Ayb

Bought XZP back in 2017 and am still using it. such a strong phone

Anonymous, 04 Mar 2022Less density because xperia 1 is using 6.5 inch, XZP is usi... moreActually XZP has the sharper disply because it's a true 4k display.
The new mark 1 doesn't have a 4k display of 3840x 2160 pixels, because it's a 20:9 display. Effectively cutting a lot of pixels from the 2160, to get to that screen ratio.

alireza asadi jozani, 14 Jun 2021i have a sony xz premium and my phone died while charging ... moreMy XZ Premium just died too and They told me the exact same thing at several repair shops , and I read all over the net that the Sony Xperia Premium XZ has countless phones just dying like that for no reason at all, impossible to repair because the fault / flaw is in the motherboard.

  • KheleShNi

I have been using this dream piece of wonder since first day it was out. My smart phone was wLumia920 after switiching to this master piece of sony brand only changed the battery once plus some minor shedding of the skin. I feels like it can still go for another 5 years.

  • Door

Joeboy, 10 Apr 2022Who still uses Bluetooth in this generationUmm Bluetooth headset, Bluetooth speakers, Bluetooth controller for gamesi mean thousands of other things

  • 5 years now

I have used this phone 5 years now and it is still working fine. Stylish, fast, good screen, memory slot, GPS, Gorilla Glass, etc. Imho the screen is also much more touch sensitive (and hence better to use) than some other screens.

  • Joeboy

Denis Thomas, 16 Nov 2021You can't do that. It's one file at the time.Who still uses Bluetooth in this generation

really disappointed with the outdoor visibility of sony xz premium. it's a lot darker than other high-end models from samsung, huawei

  • RayRay

IamD3V, 21 Mar 2017Oh I think you should google before commenting:- I don't... moreWell said.

Anonymous, 04 Mar 2022Less density because xperia 1 is using 6.5 inch, XZP is usi... moreChill bro, chill.
Dont be stupid here

  • martin03in

Got mine from ebay, no issues except in the battery (very minor - age) and SMS app. Working smoothly with any apps you throw at it (no games yet). Also you don't compare the photos taken by this device from the photos of todays smartphones, of course you'll see the big difference.

Great job here, Sony. Hope it will last for 4 years more.

  • n0-way

Veljko7623, 24 Feb 2022After more than 4 years, my phone work perfectly...Just bought a red one dual SIM brand new, international UNLOCKED, sealed! From eBay! Waiting to arrive!

  • Anonymous

Sepfian, 08 Dec 2021Wow, even Xperia 1 have less display resolution than this xzp!Less density because xperia 1 is using 6.5 inch, XZP is using 5.46 inch, pixel density means display pixels divided by screen size

So 4K resolution divided by 5.5 inch will be larger than divided by 6.5 inch, please don't "Katro" in this forum, shameless

Jojo, 05 Nov 2021Mine also works as if it were new. Best phone ever. I also ... moreAfter more than 4 years, my phone work perfectly...

I have same problem too...

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 07 Dec 2021so i got a xz premium new from china, shenzhen . I see they... moreMeans it got boorloader unlocked & drm got wiped. Meaning sony proprietary functions no longer works like their xreality/triluminous display, audio effects, etc.

  • quadcore

Hello, someone experiencing the issue with "Invalid sim card", the signal is down, but after restarting the phone it works again. A have reinserted the sim card but after a while (days or week) it comes again. Thanks

  • Anonymous

Sepfian, 08 Dec 2021Wow, even Xperia 1 have less display resolution than this xzp!Yep

  • Rice phone

Denis Thomas, 16 Nov 2021Yo problem was that water was inside the bottom speaker gas... moreDo not put your phone in rice. You could seriously mess something up in there