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Sony Xperia XZ Premium

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  • AnonD-450518

The day has come, finally a successor to the Sony Xperia Z5 Premium the king of all displays.This time around with even better 4K HDR display on Xperia XZ Premium, I was kicking myself for not getting the Z5 Premium but not going to let this one get away this time. Hope it's Daydream VR ready, would be better with QC 4.0.

  • Anonymous

Bad design ..., 25 Feb 2017For bad design (higher and higher resolution on phone displ... moreNo you can't do VR with low resolution.

The panel should be high resolution, but while in phone use it should stay in low resolution. Once the need is there (VR, photos) only then should the resolution jump. Simple as pie. low resolution on phones are no good, keeping it low while not needed is the key, but not keeping it always low...

  • AnonD-528139

are you kidding me, no OIS? and you're telling me why have I turned my back on Sony.

Guess Sony is targeting appearance more than performance.

Anonymous, 26 Feb 2017Bezels are always so damn big! Why Sony why? I've been wait... more1. How are you supposed to hold a phone with no bezels? S7 Edge users's primary complain is the accidental touches on the screen. Why exactly? Yep, lack of bezels! And we just need perfectly sized bezels (XZ has great enough bezels) with those amazing stereo speakers. It has been 4 years and Samsung is still lagging behind for not giving dual front-facing stereo speakers in which Sony already has since years.

2. My sister has a G4 and the sharp corners are actually great since they provide excellent feedback when holding the phone. And that phone even has sharper corners than Sony. You could at least try it once before complaining

  • Anonymous

Hold your horses, peeps. Didn't you read "Unofficial preliminary specifications. Product image for illustrative purposes."

  • Anonymous

Bezels are always so damn big! Why Sony why? I've been waiting for months now for you to slim down those bezels. Not only does it make the phones ugly but also very uncomfortable on one-handed use. Sharp edges are really ugly to look at in the pocket and also very uncomfortable. Please do your 2017 devices right since I dont buy Samsung and other brands. If they do them right, I might stick with Google devices or Iphones.

  • Anonymous

fanboys keeps boasting of their AMOLED/SAMOLED displays when they can't even wipe out the LCDs in the market which actually has more buyers than the OLED series, psh

I know its just subjective and people will disagree with me and thats fine but what is with those ugly top and bottom bezels??? So much unused and pointless space, a waste....personally the angular square design is super old having been similarly designed all the way back from the xperia z models.....

  • Surficial

Bad design ..., 25 Feb 2017For bad design (higher and higher resolution on phone displ... moreZ5 premium reduced it's rendering resolution to 1080p when not watching videos and stuff, but I don't think anymore than 1080 is needed unless its vr. Which phones don't have the power to look decent at 4k 90fps by a long way

  • Arian Adler

Snap 835 after Q2 (2017) and late because S8/S8p

  • Bad design ...

For bad design (higher and higher resolution on phone display) there is no cure. Phone should have ability to project externally 4K, 5K on TV, monitor or other device but screen resolution on phone itself should stay with much lower resolution because of hardware demands = battery life. We don't have nothing new to offer so we going to raise ...
On display 300 DPI is max that eye can see if I'm not mistaken.

  • AnonD-39937

Gug555, 25 Feb 2017Why 4k? 5.5" 6" even 7" Full hd maximum enough i mean 290... moreFor 4K HDR media consumption like photos, videos, YouTube, Netflix etc. Sony is a big name in the movie industry.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-473667, 25 Feb 2017nah nah nah, this awful design -_- rectangular phone? wtf, ... moreEvery phone is a rectangle with rounded corners

  • Nico

HDR with 16m colors?. LOL

  • Anonymous

No radio again, Sony? You're asking us to ditch you, aren't you?

It would be even cooler if this would have a 5.7 inch display, because the competition has larger displays.
About the camera: Sony really needs to do even better than last year.

  • Anonymous

Gug555, 25 Feb 2017Why 4k? 5.5" 6" even 7" Full hd maximum enough i mean 290... moreThis should be the successor to Z5P, what do you expect? 290 ppi? You've gotta be kidding. Are you looking for entry level phone?

  • AnonD-473667

nah nah nah, this awful design -_- rectangular phone? wtf, it is 21.century

  • Ongkhel

$&#!. im was about to buy XZ then this rumor shows up? LMAO!

Why 4k? 5.5" 6" even 7" Full hd maximum enough i mean 290-330ppi..