Sony Xperia Z

Sony Xperia Z

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  • anurag

nice looking handset

  • mish

I love sony!!!!! In every new cellphones they have 12mp cam not like others useless 8mp cam.. sony is best for clarity..plz release this soon!

  • AnonD-33040

the most important question is, is it gonna be dual standby or dual active or dual sim with sim switch

  • AMIR//A0M.2

g76jhyh, 02 Jan 2013Wow, this looks awesome! Sony fans... WELCOME TO 2013! P... more2012, Q2 :D

  • Sony U

Is it water proof?

  • g76jhyh

Wow, this looks awesome! Sony fans... WELCOME TO 2013!

Phones looks nice, top level spec, finally Sony gonna kick some butt!

  • babak otaku

wow its great time for note 2 and optimus vu to go to wastebasket.
everything like camera and full hd lcd are great, will wait until it release to buy one.

thumbs up sony

  • khank20

this is what am talking about