Sony Xperia Z1

Sony Xperia Z1

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  • LuciTm

I own xperia Z,and when y got it y seed myself "thats it" but sony continues to surprise me.
Sony with z line and i1 gets to the next level,upper then galaxy cheap plastic.
HTC one league and Iphone 5.

  • victor

SONY, with such sensor and such resolution, couldn't you come up with xenon flash?

  • AnonD-139540

All I need is higher internal storage,32GB is enough, camera with a xenon flash and better lens...

  • AnonD-101313

Mobilemaster, 16 Jul 2013This phone needs optical zoom, and a 32/64 GB of internal s... moregalaxy s4 zoom is not a phone

  • Kiron

Awesome sala.

  • Anonymous

Really 1
if all specs are true

  • AnonD-29966

Anonymous, 16 Jul 2013I'm buyin this 1!! definately! :DHi 5 , I will upgrade my xperia z to this one . Next year probably.

  • AnonD-5041



Why SONY, WHY?!?!?!

1/2.3" you'd better have a very good reason why you put a smaller sensor than the 12MP Nokia N8 that was from 2010. It is too early to throw in the towel, SONY.

  • Gavi

I want this phone small dimension like this 125.5 × 69×9 & removable battery

  • AnonD-12555

It looks like Optimus 4x! It's nice, but...

  • AnonD-46252

The Display is Triluminos with X-Reality Engine (Enhanced Bravia Engine 2) as use in Xperia Z Ultra

  • AnonD-6921

nothing new!

  • AnonD-152653

Wth is up with that sensor size? I'm sure it'll be bigger than 1/2.3, at least I wish it is.

1/2.3 is not acceptable at all.

  • Anonymous

I'm buyin this 1!! definately! :D

  • saumitra

its being nice time to launch high end phones one after the other.
good strategy by sony.
we are going to see a new benchmarking champion because samsung and lg can't bring the quality (this is said by someone who has used samsung and lg before)

  • AnonD-26875

Hate that huge bezels

This phone needs optical zoom, and a 32/64 GB of internal storage, and the Galaxy S4 Zoom is killed.

  • Dzon

Camera phone and future flagship without XENON FLASH ????????????? is this a some kind of joke or what ????????!?

  • Honami

I'ts not okay for this model, in much rumored, sony xperia i1 honami, have a be like this:
IP57 certified but everyone wait IP58 certified
finaly this a bullshit smartphone

  • Mr. Brightside

gotta have this phone!!!! yeah boy