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Sony Xperia Z2

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  • The Technician

rated b, 16 Mar 2020I'm having a boot-loop problem with my phone z2 since 2019 ... moreYes there is a solution, need to reinstall android on the fon to fix the problem.
After that everything will be nice and smooth

  • UserT

I am still using this phone as my daily driver and I have never complained for the first 4 years. After that the camera started to be not good enough for my taste, memory was running out and battery was nearly dead. I hoped that I could buy Xperia 1 II but not with that price.

Overall, this phone made me very happy over the years. It still has its original parts with minor scratches. I think after this phone only OP 8 pro can make me feel at home again.

  • Krzystof

rated b, 16 Mar 2020I'm having a boot-loop problem with my phone z2 since 2019 ... moreI have had a few issues over the years with this phone, often ask it takes its try to take out the SD card so a factory reset, and then things are good again. It might be one of the apps you are using that is causing the problem, so just add the essential ones back and watch if the issue returns.

I'm having a boot-loop problem with my phone z2 since 2019 of august, in every two to three weeks after fixed by a technician my phone back on boot-looping again and sadly cannot open it. Is their any solution?

I have one, the main unit in good shape. The problem is the phone heating so bad. and I also got ghost touch problem, even the screen in good condition, no crack or another physical damage.
The battery is still good.

  • Adiesmilo

Mine... I've been using this gadget for 4 years.. And still yummy 😋 😋 😋

  • A.R.B

ai, 16 May 2019I've had this phone for 3 years now and I needed to fix the... moreAfter 5 years my phone started having exact same problems!

  • Fazi Phone Repairer

All Z2 phones have hardware issue in power chipsets and EMMC IC. after a few years through over heating, it gets failed and will be dead! Sony Company knows that and fix this in Z3 or later models.

  • Anonymous

Oval, 17 Oct 2019Been using it for 5 years. And it is still working great. B... moreMine lasts for 2-3 hours and i have changed the battery and its the same. Think the battery drains faster when the phone overheats

High quality phone, especially for its time. Software wise and support is still up to date. Battery capacity and durability over time is ok. IPS LCD is just not as good with high glares and sunny days. Excellent glass and panel quality, very hard, rigid and hard to break. Overall timeproof and firm phone. For not so performance demanding even today a good phone.

  • Fahim

Dear Sony lovers, i am using this mobile from 5 years. very goods quality frame good battery life, never go to repair shop very good pic and videos till now. only short cum is memory 16GB. 3GB RAM.

  • Anonymous

Can I use USB power delivery on this device? I have aukey 18w adapter and I want to use it

  • Oval

Been using it for 5 years. And it is still working great. Battery still lasts almost 2 days.
I really want extra camera's now though to zoom in and out, so it's time to move on.

  • hassanj

No Name Anonymous, 14 Jun 2019It's my 5th year really solid phone ever had, used HTC whic... moreThis is non repairable mobile.

  • Wladimir

Best cell phone ever, and updated to android 8, not even think of undo yet.

  • Blackswordmaster

Really a extremely reliable smartphone going on for more than 5 years now. Other than overheating and a few minor issues it has been great in it's service.

  • No Name Anonymous

It's my 5th year really solid phone ever had, used HTC which drain-up battery.....this was great phone added 128GB lot more space. But few weeks realize that heats up little and hold for less than a day only. Thinking of change to Oneplus 6 256GB seems great reviews I read so far.....anyone idea about.

  • Anonymous

I have a really great experience with CarbonROM cr-6.1 (Android 8.1), planning to switch to Android 9 now (CarbonROM or AICP maybe)

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 11 Feb 2019Mine's coming up on 5 years now, and I have been overall pl... moreHuh, my experience is almost exactly same as yours. On my 5th year as well. I actually re applied the thermal but it still overheats a bit. I still get 4 hours of SoT. T-mobile on this is a bit shotty. Planning on getting a oneplus 7 pro.

  • Anonymous

Awanama, 28 Apr 2019in 2019 still good phone if u're not heavy users, the lolli... moreAlmost on my fifth year and it still holds up pretty well.