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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 11 Feb 2019Mine's coming up on 5 years now, and I have been overall pl... moreHuh, my experience is almost exactly same as yours. On my 5th year as well. I actually re applied the thermal but it still overheats a bit. I still get 4 hours of SoT. T-mobile on this is a bit shotty. Planning on getting a oneplus 7 pro.

  • Anonymous

Awanama, 28 Apr 2019in 2019 still good phone if u're not heavy users, the lolli... moreAlmost on my fifth year and it still holds up pretty well.

  • Anonymous

ai, 16 May 2019I've had this phone for 3 years now and I needed to fix the... moreHad the phone for almost 5 years and the battery is still okay, 4 hours of screen on time

  • ai

I've had this phone for 3 years now and I needed to fix the battery twice. It never lagged much and I admired the responsiveness but there were just too many issues with the phone.

I didn't get the phone from the official store but from dealer, it seemed unused. It started having battery problems about a year later, and kept shutting off at 70% battery, so I got it fixed. 2 years later and my phone fell and the screen broke (the durability is good, I have dropped my phone many times and it came out without a scratch), so I got it fixed along with the battery because apparently the battery had a chance of exploding. After that, my phone started getting extremely hot, the battery started draining faster and the responsiveness was reduced, I had to click harder and wait longer. A week ago my screen started glitching and clicked everywhere randomly, opening apps and closing them, switching on bluetooth, etc. Not sure if it was the screen that was causing this.

There were other problems too, even before i replaced my screen, like when I use the camera for more than 2-3 minutes it automatically closes the app, saying that the camera has overheated. The camera quality is okay, not too bad. The charging flap fell off and the rubber around it (to make the phone waterproof) fell off after 1 or 2 years, making it no longer waterproof. It overheats when playing simple games that use less than 300mb. It would also randomly restart at times. The speaker wasn't good enough, either.

There may be more issues but I can't remember them right now. It wasn't completely trash but still needed a lot of improvement.

  • giwrgaggelos

I tried to swap it with a S7 Edge, but Z2 is far better in key features. It has double tap and gloves mode. The last is very important to me because I ride a bike, so I don't care about the double performance and the fingerprint sensor of the S7.
Sony Z2 rules!!! :D

  • Awanama

in 2019 still good phone if u're not heavy users, the lollipop roms better than mm

  • Shaun

I like its picture quality and I would recommend it to a friend. It's the best mobile ever. I like it.

  • Anonymous

Mine's coming up on 5 years now, and I have been overall pleased. It still has pretty good specs, even by today's standards. Mine only overheats when I record more than a few minutes of 4k video, but the camera has been great. My only beef has with reception, which seems to have been something that's happened overtime, and may have more to do with my network, T-mobile. It seems to have an issue with hopping or reconnecting to towers when I am mobile, or if I lose signal, then come back into range, to resolve I have to reboot. I am finally thinking of upgrading to address these issues. We'll see if T-Mobile's new extended LTE provides value or is just marketing hype. Not sure what to replace it with though. Want unlocked device, killer camera that shoots RAW and 4k, expandable storage, and supports 600 and 700mhz bands.

  • Anonymous

This phone is unusable by today's standard, all early z-series had sensitive touch display and the keyboard doesn't function very well, and also prone to ghost touch. I guess everything has it's days.

  • Major willie

Many Sony xperia z2 users are complaining overheating and battery drain issue...
the overheating in normal mode and battery drain issue is cause by a hardware.... Nothing cant stop the overheating issue unless that hardware is removed on the phone....... how can,, recording 4k video and then make the phone to overheat and drain battery fast....
the problem is the back camera.. which cause the phone to overheat
Remove the sony z2 back glass panel to gain access on the mother board now
remove or disconnect the camera cord connected on the board
all the overheating in normal mode and battery drain are fixed....

  • Anonymous

Had mine for more than 4 years. It's still really quite good. Still get 3-4 SoT. No lag or reboots on my still running marshmallow. Beautiful screen. It does overheat quite a lot if I watch heavy videos or played games.

  • ras

Russel Ramachandran , 15 Nov 2018My Xperia is heating too fast and battery charge will quick... morei also have same issue phone get heat very quicly

  • Russel Ramachandran

hosam hemaily, 04 Sep 2018not a good phone 1- phone is heating quickly and you cant ... moreMy Xperia is heating too fast and battery charge will quickly empty.

Phone charging is very slow,Whenever the Xperia is in on condition, phone is heating.

Performance excellent. 4 years completed.. There is no another issue

  • acak

.. , 18 Sep 2018After 3 years its a good phone. The screen start yellowish ... morei've used this z2 for more than 4 worked very well till the motherboard become problem and cant start i use oppo f9 and i never regret to buy both of this phone

  • ..

After 3 years its a good phone. The screen start yellowish but it's ok. The vibration is dead but i order new vibration motor so i change it by my self. The phone working fast and i dont need a new one right now.

  • hosam hemaily

not a good phone
1- phone is heating quickly and you cant put on your ear because heat.
2- the place of sim card and charger is very stupid and some times the sim card difficult to insert it in it place
3- i dont recommend any one to purshase it

  • Tawfeeq

I need ur help users
My phone heats and battery goes down so fast
Network doesn't respond all the time

I think these three problems are connected together,,,

What to do?

Good day people!
One question: Is there any chance we can flash firmware (.tft) in Sony Xperia Z2 ported from different Xperia model (example: Nougat .tft from Xperia Z5)?

I bought this phone 3 years ago, and had been using this phone for less than 2 years. The problem I faced is the touchscreen was not responding in some section of the phone. Back to earlier, it was having "ghost-touch" (the touchscreen was activated without any finger tapped on the screen) and this lasted about one month with frequent self-resolution. The phone also heated up so much. Finally, I came to the nearest Sony service center, and asked for solution. They told me it was a hardware failure, and it cost about 2 million rupiah (about 140 USD). I decided to have it repaired in a non-official store and it cost me 750k rupiah (about 52 USD). But my phone's touchscreen was not restored as accurate as the original, and sometimes the phone wrongly detected my tap location. They got my sim card broken too in middle of repairing process, so it could only detected my sim card in certain position. I had already complained to the store, but they could not get my phone any better, so I am stucked using this phone to watch Youtube or movie.

  • AZAM

sony xperia z2 , 21 Apr 2018I have a problem with my z2 the battery got bloated last mo... moreBlue light means its in fastboot mode, meaning you ust be pressing ur volume down or maybe you have use pc companian