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Sony Xperia Z2

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  • Noushad

If the cap is going to be charging slot.
What to do.

  • mnj

Is xperia z2 is support potrait main menu view or not?

  • Ashish

If they won't give manufacturer warranty they r giving seller warranty. . In most most cases branded products will give good service.. but they give 100% original product ten wats ttt pro bro.... u won't come across any issues if uve bought a good brand product.. . Ha ha ha....

  • AnonD-418326

I will not suggest anybody for buy any electronic part to Ebay because there is mostly items imported & they don't give you manufacturing warranty .they gives you only seller warranty.

  • DK

AnonD-405302, 17 Jul 2015its a mobile phone mate if u play games like mortal kombat or as... moreI've been using Z2 for over 6 months. Initially I used slightly & it lasts 3-4 days in single charge. Gradually I increased the usage by playing games like, Asphalt8, Subwaysurfers, Real Racing, NOVA, & specially Mortal Kombat X which is my favorite. Phone gets hot up to some extent when you play MK X in about 15 minutes & it stays at the same level where I play MK X for about 3 hours continuously. My daughters play Subway surfers, Asphalt 8 for about one hour continuously. Heating can be experienced but, it's not overheating like we can't hold the phone.
Even after 4-5 hours of heavy gaming, about 10 hours on WiFi with mails & some browsing, 3 hours of listening Radio or music, always on 4G/3G data where WiFi is not available this will last more than 24 hours. (Screen on time almost 6 hours) SUPERB PHONE!!!!! I'm really really happy with my XPERIA Z2. Thanks SONY!

  • Tunisian

It is really a perfect mobile phone,but why is not with 2 sim card

  • AnonD-405302

rbr7, 13 Jul 2015Did you use it in gaming,music,browsing?if yes,did this z2 battr... moreits a mobile phone mate if u play games like mortal kombat or asphalt the battery of course will end...btw i am going to buy this phone its already ordered i have been reading reviews for this phone about 3 months and i can say that the battery isnt such a big problem... compared to other devices battery lasts about 12 to 13 hours maximun (sorry for bad english)

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 14 Jul 20153h and halfSo where's the fast charge 2.0?

  • AnonD-58718

krish, 15 Jul 2015Hi guys, I'm planning to buy a new phone with a medium budget in... moreIn case you wanna use it for 1 year & then sell it,don't try to buy Z2.Rather buy Z3 as it was released few months ago...

  • Anand

In India is it bundled with active noise cancellation earphone or not?

  • Davi

I want to buy phone and can not decide z2 or c4 dual whitch beter (pref.,speed,durability,etc.)

  • dav

I have been using phone but this phone is the best ever met.better than lg group good battery life smoothly very fast.I will say everybody to by this phone without problems android which batt take three days.I never regrets buying this phone.Sony try to reduce the price,z2 the best ever met.better than all phones

  • Anand

Anonymous, 14 Jul wanting to buy s sony z2...but im not sure about moredidn't you get active noise cancellation earphone mdr nc-31em!!!

  • Madz

Plz tell me how is the frot cam is it quality?

  • krish

Hi guys, I'm planning to buy a new phone with a medium budget in 2015. I have two choices: the one is sony xperia z2 and other is lg g2. But I made up my mind to go for xperia z2. But I'm worried if this phone is stable or not. I mean now a days, phones are getting cheaper and better. If you buy a new phone now, it will have no value in market after 6 months. OS, processor, some special features everything will be retarded. I have galaxy s4 right now. It was too costly when I bought it and now it has no value. Everyone just forgot s4. So will same thing happen to xperia z2 ? Is it worth buying ? I'm going to use it for long period. So please suggest me.
-thank you

  • AnonD-58718

AnonD-365526, 14 Jul 2015Bought A Purple Sony Xperia Z2 from Sony Centre, Golpark, Kolkat... moreYou have cleared all my doubts regarding Z3,Z3c & Z2 in a very beautiful way.Great user review man.Thanks a lot :)

  • Anonymous wanting to buy s sony z2...but im not sure about it a good phone..

  • AnonD-365526

Bought A Purple Sony Xperia Z2 from Sony Centre, Golpark, Kolkata, India on January 11th, 2015 ... Since then overall experience is really nice ... With moderate usage I got 1 day 8 hours battery back up and with heavy It lasted for 18 hours which included a Full HD movie watching for 2.15 hours, some serious gaming like Riptide GP 2, Music for 3 hours and FB and Whatsapp. Screen on time 6 Hours 51 Minutes which I would say pretty good for a Full HD Smartphone. Well I would like to sum up categorically.
Pros: 1. Full HD Screen is a treat to watch.
2. I've chosen the purple one which is different from the others, ppl used to see when I'm on a call, truly a FLAGSHIP design.
3. Camera is good overall if you can play with the settings a little bit. Low lights shots are great if you can customize the settings.
4. For a Smartphone with Full HD screen in this category, battery backup is really good, from 8am in the morning when I left home, a moderate to little bit heavy use took a slight toll on the battery life as when I get back home (Around 8.30 pm), 48% Battery still left which is enough to last for several more hours. Stamina mode is helpful.
5. Notification light is good.
6. Dual Speakers (Up & Down) work perfectly. Sound is not that much loud when comparing to Giant speakers like HTC, but Sound quality is really good as when in a quiet room, it feels awesome listening through the speakers. The stock earphone that came with the box is great (Sony MH750) ... Though I didn't get the opportunity to try the DNC Headset by SONY, the stock one works pretty well ...
7. Performance is superb, multitasking is buttery smooth as 3 GB RAM is enough ... You get almost 1.5 GB free RAM always ...
8. Out of 16 GB inbuilt memory, 12 GB available which is enough for apps as I've a 32 GB Sandisk Class 10 Ultra Memory Card for videos, music and pictures.
9. Haven't tried the waterproofing capability yet, though for me its a Contingency thing. For daily purpose, who gonna jump in a pool to take a watery snap ... However, the build quality is epitome of Sony's brilliance ... Whenever I get a call in public, people used to look at the beast ... Superb design ...
Cons: Nothing much. It heats up a bit after "HEAVY" Graphics intense gaming like Asphalt and Riptide GP 2. But my sister played Plants Vs Zombies for more than 30 minutes and it was not that much hot I would say. I experimented with different games and it tends to get hot when more Graphics intensive games are played. Otherwise during net surfing in Chrome for around 1 hour the temperature was under control ...

P.S. I got it for INR 34,990 from Sony Store and I would say its worth the price. The Best of Sony ... Xperia Z3 is too expensive with slight difference ... But I would say, Z2 has improved a lot from Xperia Z1 in terms of design, build quality and performance. Great Phone indeed ...

  • Anonymous

angel, 14 Jul much time xperia z2 battery is taking to fully charge ... more3h and half

  • sonu

Hello tell me that eBay seller name I want buy dis mobile how is it condition camera,gaming,what about heating