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  • Chief

I have used Z1 and now im using Z2. Z2 is on its own level. Crystal clear screen even when tilted, unlike Z1 which appeared whitish when tilted to a tight angle. The biggest pro, battery Life. This phone has got the best battery life ever...Gaming Asphalt 8 and Gunship battles. Its fluid and super fast. Never hangs unlike Samsung. Beautiful design. Moderate Internet usage like 5 hours a day and the battery pulls through 2 days. The two speakers have outshone the one in Z1. Excellent music play. Well done Sony....I can repurchase this phone a million times, worth every penny!!!!

  • deva..

How I set profile pic.... Without. Crop. please. Tell. Me friends

  • AnonD-317601

i have a question .

can apps and utorrent movies be downloaded directly in memory card instead of phone memory ?

how is battery life compared to samsung galaxy s5 or note 3 ?

how is camera clarity indoors ?

in ultra stamina mode or normal stamina mode , will whatsapp work ?

  • Darwish


I have a strange error with my Z2.

When anybody calling me there is only vibration alert and no ring tone however all the setup in place!

  • baru

good phone no lag

  • AnonD-11224

It didn't work for me using the PC, but yesterday I received a message saying it's available on air. I downloaded the update using the wifi directly to my phone, installed it and it's working! Try the OA-update option on your phone and it'll work.

  • Anonymous

After 4.4.4 if ringtone sounds good and only notification sound degrades than its not xLoud's fault. Coz xLoud enhances both ringtone n notification sound.. I think its a bug n Sony should fix it soon..

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 06 Nov 2014Hey ya'll? This sony xperia Z2 is my first sony after a number o... moreWhatsApp doesn't work when you've got stamina modus on. Go to settings, search for your stamina modus in power management and you can put WhatsApp on the apps active in standby list. Best phone I ever had. long battery life, easy user interface, compared to Samsung. In short, great phone.

You can use pencil on z2 touch

  • valeri

I tried to update my phone from 4.4.2 to 4.4.4, but it says everything is up to date. I tried both the software update from Settings and the Sony PC Companion. I am in the UK and I bought the phone here. Any idea why I can't update it? Thank you.

  • AnonD-328443

I have updated to it is similar to z3....wifi issue and heating issue has gone....but i am facing battery backup is not good as in 4.4.2...and also the large icon is not good....

  • jhing

how could it be charge instantly

  • jhing

how could it be charge instantly

  • AnonD-64830

My Partner has a Sony Xperia Z2 which he purchased from CEX used this week.

I have set it up as best as I can.

I can set a main ringtone for all calls but when I try to set a ringtone for a contact it only plays the main ringtone.

Am I doing something wrong?

My partners phone is Vodafone Branded and I was wondering if Vodafone have messed with the phone so that it wont set properly.

I have not updated the phone to Android 4.4.4 due to people saying that XLoud option has gone from the phone and is also supposed to be affecting text tone volume negatively.

All advice most appreciated.


  • mohsen

How check display panel used in z2, sharp or jdc?please help me

  • Anonymous

How recognize panels (sharp or jdc )for xperia z2.
Please help me

  • AnonD-305805

[deleted post]Xperia M2 has inferior hardware; SP's hardware is much better, besides it is quite some bit cheaper. However SP has only up to Android 4.3, but you can flash a 4.4.4 kitkat ROM on it in order to make it even faster and better.

  • AnonD-305805

Updates on 4.4.4;
DON'T update your device to 4.4.4 if you:
- don't want the extremely big icons known from the Xperia Z3 series
- don't want lower notification sound alerts (from 3rd party apps) as sony apparently felt obligated to completely remove the Xloud software enhancement in this software version. I can't get my head around this as low sound alerts have been an issue from the beginning of the Z2 and Sony had adressed this. With 4.4.4 you're back from where you started.

  • AnonD-305805

yuukun, 06 Nov 2014bro seriously ? go check properly superior and manual mode c the... moreYuukun you are absolutely right. I take back my previous comment about the camera as it is a complete nightmare when I had to use it for proper photos yesterday!
Sony delivers good camera hardware, but completely fails with the software part. The whole camera app is very inconsistent, somewhat laggy, and first but foremost Sony has terrible camera algorithm software processing: photos simply don't look fine compared to a S5 or G3.
I really hope Lollipop delivers a better camera performance but I highly doubt it.

I think it's quite pathetic and somewhat ironic seeing sony advertising their phones namely based on features like the camera, video and waterproofing, yet all their devices happen to fail at those three areas miserably.

  • AnonD-305805

AnonD-114479, 06 Nov 2014I watched reviews for Z3 and the big icons appear in the device tooYes true, that's because this 4.4.4. update is based upon the Z3 series software, which introduced us to the bigger icons. But it is in fact quite a matter of taste, I don't like them.