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Sony Xperia Z2

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  • AnonD-258793

A new hands-on review from australia:­_z2/544805/

I just quote the final verdict: "Whereas Samsung’s flagship does many things well, the Xperia Z2 does all things better."

My order will be placed tomorrow, as the phone is finally available in Switzerland :)

  • AnonD-205770

AnonD-260152, 13 May 2014yeah :) but then they are selling at 49.990 ! anywher else other... moreYes, India Times Shopping of online retailer sells for 46,990/- with bundled Sony offer.

  • nirmal

Can anybody tell me which earphones are coming with the Xperia z2.pls tell me the product no

  • AnonD-260152

AnonD-205770, 13 May 2014Good news! Sony authorised retailers in Bangalore started sellin... moreyeah :) but then they are selling at 49.990 ! anywher else other than sony store wher i can get it for a cheaper price? fk is not an option btw

  • AnonD-258086

AnonD-169904, 13 May 2014You are having this overheating problem with the camera only whe... moreI only notice heating when filming in 4k

  • AnonD-258086

goldwinprince, 13 May 2014xperia z2 supports 128gb memory card or 64gb memory cardBoth:-)

  • Jack-the-wreck

I just got it, after two months of waiting.and analaysing...upgrading from galaxy S3.
Was thinking of IP 5s, but all my friends with IP walk through the day with the charger or extended battery, so thanks no (though i work with ipad and macbook air).
The ones that remains.
S5.... Looks cheap, but holds nice in hand, works any galaxy ...for a while. Was expecting something more fron next samsung flagship. UI annoing.
HTC one m8... Looks very nice, sounds great, UI nice, not very good photo (to be polite) so not an option for me, as i do a lot of photo every day as part of my work and i dont like to carry my DSLR all the time.
Decided for Z2., only from reviews and plaing with a Z1.First thoughts.
Works perfect, no lag, no bloatware, ergonomic and fluid UI. Nice display, good viewing angles, good touch response.
Premium feel in the hand, nice design. Glass catching prints, but not so awful as decribed by others. Sound very good, not so loud as M8 but still....U can listen music with beats.
A little bit to large, bezel a bit to large (could have host the home button....:D), a little cumbersome to use...hope that I will get used to it. Probably i will buy some cover, so i will hide the design :))) but almost all the IP users do the same :D
Camera good, probablly not the best, but among the best., very fast. Two pics to dark on point and shoot. No heating problems with 4k 5 minutes, recording on sd class 1, probably you wont shoot 4k for one hour. Good battery so far.
After one day?
Z2 compact, same specifications would be perfect!!
btw ... All of these cost a lot...but with age the price and size of toys increseas. I am not a fan of any brand.
Hope that this will help.

  • AnonD-205770

Good news! Sony authorised retailers in Bangalore started selling this beast. 'Xperia Z2' is now for sale. Good luck for purchasers.

  • goldwinprince

AnonD-4989, 13 May 2014goods i have use most of the best phones all the time but wi... morexperia z2 supports 128gb memory card or 64gb memory card

  • AnonD-116479

ankey, 13 May 2014i would prefer lumia 930Lumia 930 is just a camera phone, nothing special.

  • AnonD-4989

Mangerbangm, 13 May 2014Can anyone just tell me what good and bad about this phone?? Ple... moregoods
i have use most of the best phones all the time
but with this phone there is no VS
this is the fastest phone that i have use till now
so everything is good
lets say
1-screen great colors and nice look
2-app camera are great and funnies
3-rec camera has great quality
4-photo cam a bit disappoint aspect more but not so great
5-overall app are useful and works fine
6-sound is not so loud as m8 or m7 but for me its more quality
7-battery is great but depend how you use the phone
8-no lags no bugs
9-it fast on browse
1-some users include me have issue with overheating camera butits not a big problem for me coz i will not record all the day
2- a bit to big (lol)
3-charger u need to open it every time u charge it
4- camera quality @ 20MP i have some doubts there are too many burns when zoom it on pc
I dont have try
1 scratch screen
2 water and dust
3 drop test
so in short
what a phone needs to have
1- a good display i give 10/10
2- cpu,gpu,ram i give 10/10
3- camera i give 8/10
4 design i give 9/10
5 battery i give 9/10
my rate is VS all other phones in market till now

  • AnonD-4989

unfortunately this happen to all cam app
i have install a sd card i will test it buy saving photos and videos there

  • redX

Yeeeeee....Purchased Z2 just now, and as soon as attached, its showing a software update, updating now...

  • Peggysue

AnonD-169904, 13 May 2014Z2 Compact, 4.5 inches display with Z2 specifications would be a... moreYes! Yes! Z2 compact with z2 specs and battery. I will definitely be buying this phone.

  • ankey

i would prefer lumia 930

  • AnonD-169904

bobby21, 13 May 2014It unfortunate that this device is just too big. Waiting for the... moreZ2 Compact, 4.5 inches display with Z2 specifications would be awesome.

  • AnonD-159403

Has GSM Arena forgotten to review this phone?

  • AnonD-231676

AnonD-49469, 13 May 2014then why there are two models d6502 and d6503. one with lte and ... moreIndia gets non LTE D6502 as in iGyaan hardware and benchmarking review released today.Such a pity!It will feel dated really soon...bad for people like me who plan to keep it for 3 years

  • AnonD-169904

AnonD-4989, 12 May 20143 days I have in hand xz2 Super nice phone is fast camera ... moreYou are having this overheating problem with the camera only when you record 4K, or it's the same situation when you just turn on the camera or taking photos ?

  • AnonD-169904

Come on GsmArena, hurry up with the Z2 review !