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  • AnonD-96986

AnonD-53326, 26 Feb 2014I will not replace my current z1 for z2 because I will lose too ... moreso..what the hell 16gb internal memory.same like z1.i use z1 now and always running out space because all apps can't move to micro sd.

  • AnonD-82155

Bro, the screen has been improved vastly!
The TFT panel has been replaced by an IPS LCD panel!
How can your forget that??

Anonymous, 27 Feb 2014design is not important phone performance is important and z2 lo... moreAnd you as a blind Samsung fan doesn't know anything about what aesthetics is all about. Of course, Sony's Z2 won't lag behind S5 coz they are almost on par with the chipset, it's just that Samsung's clockspeed is higher at 2.5 GHz versus Sony's 2.3 GHz but that means the higher the clockspeed, the more juice will be used and just so you know Z2 has 3GB of RAM and S5 only got 2GB. The battery on the Z2 is 3200 MAh as opposed to S5's 2800 MAh! Sony has a better camera module obviously than Samsung so why are you going to tell me that performance is the most important thing when I can have everything on the Z2? Stay stuck with your pathetic S5 and I won't change my mind in getting Z2. Case closed!

  • Rameez

Guys dont compare Z2 with grand2, bcoz grand2 is a mid range smartphone ..and another important thing is Z2 is the last flagship for the first half of we expect an another flagship from sony after July 2014...

  • Slayer

Anonymous, 27 Feb 2014lg g3 & iphone6 are the best smartphone of the year! Thank you for that, given the fact that both phones have not even been released! Troll much!!

  • v satan

worst sony, 27 Feb 2014grand2 has launched first and z2 has just announced and its look... morehe us saying that sony release z2 to compete

  • AnonD-132351

i have the Xperia Z waiting for Xperia z3 to upgrade! it would be perfect minimal bezels snapdragon 810/805 if it coes with the SD 805 even for me it would be a huge upgrade Like i would upgrade from S4 pro to SD 805 1.5GHz-2.8GHz 3GB ram 25MP camera 5.2" with minimal bezels and latest android android 4.5(?)

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Hahahaa.....he says
Z2 looks like grand 2?????.... Hahahahaha...oh god..Hahahaa...joke of the day... :D...he is really drunk...

  • refillable

Guys before you read these opinions, please note that trolls are rolling over the internet. One example is comparing a mid range Galaxy Grand 2 with this high end device.

Regarding the phone itself, we will not know yet before any reviewers got their hands on it. I only want to tell you that this phone is not essentially just a Z1 with a slightly bigger specs. However it's irrelevant whether you want to say the improvements from the Z1 to this phone is enough or not. It's just Not my problem. But The Improvements are as follows:

-0.2 Inch Bigger Screen
-0.3 mm thinner
-7 grams lighter
-KitKat Out-of-the-box
-Able to shoot 4K video
-Shoots 1080p at 60 frame per seconds
-Shoots High speed 120 Hz 720p video
-Comes with an updated version of Snapdragon 800 (Snapdragon 801)
-200 mAh more internal Battery

I Would like to point out that the biggest change here was the video shooting. Regarding the design, it is just personal preference, I prefer the Z2's more elegant design than the likes of S5. IMO from the whole MWC 2014 congress, I don't think any company outpaces the others in terms of innovations. But it's true that Samsung isn't innovating as it was in 2009-2011. Oh yes, The Z2 will never be overpriced as pricing leaks suggests that it will be priced similarly to the S5 and other upcoming flagships. We will see what the HTC All new One and LG G3 holds. Things does heat up now.

Have a good day, Cheers :).

  • worst sony

raki, 27 Feb 2014Go and check ur eyes first. Z2 looks like grand2. Wat nonsense. ... moregrand2 has launched first and z2 has just announced and its look is just like compete with grand 2 sony has launched Z2 with more features and high price copied samsung ...u got sonypia

  • AnonD-100217

Anonymous, 27 Feb 2014design is not important phone performance is important and z2 lo... moreDid I read that right?
Z2 looks like grand 2, you must be joking.

  • Rohit­ria-z2/specifications/#tabs

"Battery: 3000 mAh minimum"

What do they mean by minimum?

  • Ari

It seems that Samsung’s innovation has reached plateau, similar to Apple.
They move forward slowly but their competitors LG and Sony are running fast to catch . Now, they have overtaken Samsung and grab the crown.

LG G2 beats the original Galaxy S4 and the LG G3 is expected to beat the Galaxy S5.
Now Sony Z2 beats Samsung Galaxy S5 is announced.

Stereo Speakers, Noise cancelling headphones, Built-in FM Radio Hardware, 3200 mAH Battery, Better Finish Product, 50% more RAM, Better Waterproofing (Level 8).

Samsung & Apple want us to finger print our selves.
Our face might have already been taken and stored somewhere without our knowledge/permission.
Do we want to give away our finger prints as well? Read this one below :­d/nsa-hacking-into-stealing-from-yahoo-google-da­ta-centers-worldwide/

  • AnonD-237697

AnonD-205517, 27 Feb 2014I'm glad that after Galaxy S5 and the Xperia Z2, lg present g3, ... moreYes buddy...i do agree..never underestimate any company, but still...its not just always the hardware or software we look through..!
Switching to sony has its own benefits..lets etc..!
Also may be i m fan of sony's i m loving it and praising..!
Nywz...lets jst wait for g3 :)

  • emez

Non of samsung phone match with sony z2 this phone are unique with brilliant display and magic can release millions of phone every month but all are thesame with insane fixtures in my country no one recognise LG as quality phone maker.SONY phone in the world,keep on going SONY.

  • AnonD-205517

AnonD-237697, 27 Feb 2014Have you js said "what the hell 16GB memory" ..if so.... moreI'm glad that after Galaxy S5 and the Xperia Z2, lg present g3, so you will not be able to copy it, particularly Nokia, will g3 with s5 and Z2 wipe the floor when I get to it, last year was the same story, whether it is better s4 or htc one or Z1, and then come g2 and proved to be better than all three, Samsung is in full swing this year, do not underestimate lg

  • raki

worst sony, 26 Feb 2014s5 design is too good....z2 looks just copy of grand 2....stop b... moreGo and check ur eyes first. Z2 looks like grand2. Wat nonsense. U hav got samsungphobia..!!!

  • AnonD-237697

HTC M8 , 27 Feb 2014Put Z1 and Z2 in the arena you'll discover a very tiny differenc... morePutting both d devices in arena will not be a good option coz arena does not show ol d features devices have!
Js suppose an xample of viewing angles..z2>>z1
n dere r many too...!
Which is why there is a hype of z2!
N i cannot find anythng few that M8 would have ! :O

  • HTC M8

Put Z1 and Z2 in the arena you'll discover a very tiny difference the same as S3 and S4. What's the hype about Z2 which is unique about it which is not in Z1. I feel pity for Z1 owners. HTC M8 will destroy many phones in 2014.

  • AnonD-238649

I have been an Xperia user before i switched to Samsung. My previous Xperia S has good but due to the battery life, and few other issues i changed it.
But looking at this.This is a brilliant device. Much better than the S5 and is definetly going to buy this.