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Sony Xperia Z3 Compact

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My 7th phone and my second smartphone.

  • Anonymous

How about SO-02G

  • Hakan

Anonymous, 17 Jun 2020Sadly after getting this phone second hand about 6 months a... moreTry to put pressure on the upper part of the screen to see if it helps. Both the Z3 and Z3 Compact have a problem with the tape strips holding the glas layer loosing their grip. When this happens the phone will stop registering key presses in the upper part of the screen. Have personally seen this happen on multiple Z3/Z3C. Today with the phone for most long out of warranty I guess a drop of super glue between glas and frame will be a quick and easy fix.

  • Big Vic

Very sleek and stylish phone. Had mine for a year or two, some things started to fail, so I hade it sent for repair. The package got lost in mail and I got my money returned. Used those to pay for a Z5. But I kind of missed my Z3C. I think this was a strong Line of phones made by Sony. My gf has been a loyal follower since Z1C and she hade Always been satisfied as a average consumer.

I hope Sony wont discountinue this Line, event of it looks like it now mid 2020. They seem to fancy big slobs nowadays.

  • Anonymous

Sadly after getting this phone second hand about 6 months ago the screen is no longer working in significant areas and despite trying factory reset and the support function on the phone, nothing seems to improve it. Problems with the screen seem to be fairly common

  • Anonymous

Guest user, 05 May 2020Hi, my Xperia Z3 Compact works as well as new since I chan... moreHi, may i know where you bought the battery from. Do you mind sharing the link?

  • Guest user

Jake, 18 Apr 2020I still use this because I never need my phone other than f... moreHi,
my Xperia Z3 Compact works as well as new since I changed the battery. It is not that difficult and you only pay 5€ for it. Now it gets up to 2 days again.
Best regards

  • Jake

I still use this because I never need my phone other than for calls and texts. The battery barely lasts 6 hours in normal use and it gets worringly hot extremely quick. But I turned on Stamina mode permanently and now it can last for 2 days straight. It's hanging in there!

  • RonyT

Used the phone from 2015 to 2017. It worked well for the first year until the screen started to peel off and phone overheated most of the times. It wasn't a bad phone though and enjoyed it a lot until those setbacks kicked in.

john, 26 Feb 2020its a water resistant phone, the glue cant be weak. possi... moreProvided its not repaired

you are right the problem begin until i replaced the screen now the screen coming out from frame

  • john

yr910721, 19 Feb 2020It has a decent battery life because of the small screen an... moreits a water resistant phone, the glue cant be weak.
possibly because you bought a used one or a refurbished one that has replaced screen, you can tell a replaced screen by seeing the screen thoroughly you can see like squarish pattern on the screen, you have to look really close when the screen is turned off and use reflection to see it more clearly.

  • yr910721

lukmansy16, 21 Jan 2020How About Battery LifeIt has a decent battery life because of the small screen and low screen resolution. At the beginning it was easily able to do 1 to 1.5 day. But be aware of the screen, the glue that they use to attach it with was really weak, so me screen started peeling off after I accidentally dropped it from a 25-30 cm height(which is laughable). Also, headphone jack died after 5-10 times I plugged in my earphones. And when screen peels off it messes up with a proximity sensor, so screen might go black automatically if you make phone calls, because system thinks your face is close to the proximity sensor. I loved the form factor and its battery life, but build quality is really really poor. So food for thoughts...

  • Anonymous

I had this phone for 2.5 years. My experience: the front screen broke twice which never happened with 3 iPhones I have had. The replacement dual-side tape available on the market is poor quality: it keeps un-sticking on both front and back which was annoying so I did it again- with a 2nd set of tapes and it was un-sticking again so I set it on a super-glue that made the phone not serviceble from that point on. The battery life is great. No signs of degradation. Reception is good/no issues. Built-in radio was a nice. Price was reasonable- noticebly less pricy than iPhones. Blutooth is not great- it kept disconnecting from my home phone headset system all the time/not reconnecting. Neither of the iPhones had that problem.

Resume: will not buy this model again for sure. Considering my choice on another Xperia - not sure because of the experience of the fragile front screen on this model.

How About Battery Life


Im personally a fan for small size powerfull phones and by far this is the best ive come across,i used to own this phone and I loved it...can you please upgrade it to double sim and increase the selfie megapixel,size is perfect...Thank you

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 27 Oct 2019This phone is amazing for the price ($115aud) as ive experi... moreand I have owned 3 all of which have had been dropped and broken however my third one is still going with only the bottom half of the screen working and it can still do every thing I need it to do. would reccommend this phone if either you are extremely careful with it or buy a VERY good case / protection for it.

  • Anonymous

This phone is amazing for the price ($115aud) as ive experienced 0 glitches/ performance issues. However the durability of this phone is easily its worst feature and I

  • snw

Great phone, even in 2019. Until the touch dies. I used a 3rd party application (pill). Unfortunately recently I restored the phone to factory settings, and I can't skip the welcome screen. Dead.

  • Flint Eastwood

Planned obsolescence?
Now it has hit me. The Touchscreen dies after three and a half years. Display still looks fine but the touch-digitizer is giving up. It started a few weeks ago at the bottom and the top, so I helped myself with third party apps for the notification- and the navigation bar.
But now there are two stripes across the keyboard, makes it nearly impossible to type text and renders the device useless.
I really loved this phone, the compact size, the fluid performance and the long battery endurance.
I'm so sad now.