Sony Xperia Z3 Compact

Sony Xperia Z3 Compact

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  • PhoneMoan

The best dang-blasted phone ever. The glass. The looks. The sleekness. The SIZE. The camera was excellent. WATerPROOF! Took this baby on vacation so many times. Underwater pics! Have bought about 6 of them to make sure I still have it. Like the white but love the black. Like a James Bond phone. Excellent craftsmanship. Excellent excellent excellent excellent. Those that had problems probably shoved it in their front or back pocket and sat down. No modern phone is made for that kind of abuse, and manufactures know it.

  • Madcat

On my z3c google services stopped working, gmail did not work and i could not log in and play store did not work but for some reason chrome does work, it always says checking info and sends me back to the last screen

  • Anonymous

Awsomegamer-h, 05 Sep 2021The Sony Xperia Z3 compact was a really good phone, and tha... moreAgreed. The Z3C was an awesome phone. Very disappointed when it stopped getting updates.

  • Awsomegamer-h

The Sony Xperia Z3 compact was a really good phone, and that is something very random to say about Sony's smartphone market. The Xperia Z3 compact had really good loading speeds for apps and google searches for it's time, and had a camera that is so good, you might not even find it on some newer iPhones like the iPhone 7 or iPhone 8. The only thing that brought this phone down in value was the hardware. I barely had this phone for 1 year before I started getting signs that the hardware was degrading and worsening. Overall though, if I could rate this phone from 1 to 10, I would give it a solid 5/10. It was a great phone but it would only really work great as a temporary phone if you were looking to upgrade within the next 6 months or maybe a year.

  • Jojo

Wheillebhertt, 01 Jul 2021changed battery and works perfectly better than some Galaxy... moreWhich battery is now available for replacement

  • Wheillebhertt

changed battery and works perfectly better than some Galaxy phone of today.

  • Rohit

Pete, 07 Apr 20212021 and mine still going strong. I mentioned before I turn... morewhich rom you are usinng

  • Anonymous

the best phone i had in years...

  • Pete

2021 and mine still going strong. I mentioned before I turned on Stamina Mode permanently since the battery which I haven't replaced only lasts 5 hours max without it. Wild Rift and PUBG are still playable at 25-30fps. The glue strip that holds the screen is starting to come off but it hasn't impacted touch sensitivity yet.

  • Anonymous

I keep all my old smartphones. I still have Galaxy 5 (not S5, just 5), S3, Sony Z3C and recently retired huawei P10.
The only one which is completely nonusable is Z3C. Incredibly bad build quality and screen that just wants to die.
It was also the only phone l had which wasn't a substantional upgrade over the previous one. Sure, it looked cool, but aside from form factor and style it doesn't have much going for it.

  • Rocknroll

Bought mid 2015, still my dailydriver in 2021. Over 5 years old and still working nicely. 1 front screen replaced. Super happy with Sony Z3 compact. Thanks

  • L7pedia

Is it Good idea to buy a z3 compact in 2021?are they still available and do i have to buy used or new are available?

  • AnonD-821125

LeemHan, 02 Jan 2021Wht do you expect from old device?i bought it brand new in 2015 and the lower part of the touchscreen failed within a year, i fixed it and then a few months later it broke again. the cycle continued until the 5th repair.

AnonD-821125, 01 Dec 2020very unreliable device. touchscreen kept failing and broken... moreWht do you expect from old device?

  • AnonD-821125

gave up after the 5th repair.

  • AnonD-821125

very unreliable device. touchscreen kept failing and broken light sensor caused the screen to go black everytime i would receive or make a call. no more sony phones from here on out.

  • Anonymous

Great phone, now running Lineage 17.1 (I'm using this as a daily phone), head over to Xda developers to check it out.


worst experience ever i used to be a huge fan of Sony I still am but my experience with z3 is the worst battery yuck and i dropped my phone from maybe an inch and the back glass cracked wanted to replace it but no luck there were no spare parts

  • Kujtim Zymeri

bedevicolfaresi, 02 Oct 2020There was a dead area on my original screen so I replaced i... moreHard to be true anyway, i have the same since 2015 and still nothing happened to it. Work's like first day even no updates now. It's running android 6. No LCD issues no typin issues no wifi no camera no sound and the most important no screen burn.

  • Kujtim Zymeri

30.10.2020 and still a king. Anyy issue. Any at all. Battery life perfect. Charging perfect.