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Sony Xperia Z3 Compact

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  • john

yr910721, 19 Feb 2020It has a decent battery life because of the small screen and low... moreits a water resistant phone, the glue cant be weak.
possibly because you bought a used one or a refurbished one that has replaced screen, you can tell a replaced screen by seeing the screen thoroughly you can see like squarish pattern on the screen, you have to look really close when the screen is turned off and use reflection to see it more clearly.

  • yr910721

lukmansy16, 21 Jan 2020How About Battery LifeIt has a decent battery life because of the small screen and low screen resolution. At the beginning it was easily able to do 1 to 1.5 day. But be aware of the screen, the glue that they use to attach it with was really weak, so me screen started peeling off after I accidentally dropped it from a 25-30 cm height(which is laughable). Also, headphone jack died after 5-10 times I plugged in my earphones. And when screen peels off it messes up with a proximity sensor, so screen might go black automatically if you make phone calls, because system thinks your face is close to the proximity sensor. I loved the form factor and its battery life, but build quality is really really poor. So food for thoughts...

  • Anonymous

I had this phone for 2.5 years. My experience: the front screen broke twice which never happened with 3 iPhones I have had. The replacement dual-side tape available on the market is poor quality: it keeps un-sticking on both front and back which was annoying so I did it again- with a 2nd set of tapes and it was un-sticking again so I set it on a super-glue that made the phone not serviceble from that point on. The battery life is great. No signs of degradation. Reception is good/no issues. Built-in radio was a nice. Price was reasonable- noticebly less pricy than iPhones. Blutooth is not great- it kept disconnecting from my home phone headset system all the time/not reconnecting. Neither of the iPhones had that problem.

Resume: will not buy this model again for sure. Considering my choice on another Xperia - not sure because of the experience of the fragile front screen on this model.

How About Battery Life


Im personally a fan for small size powerfull phones and by far this is the best ive come across,i used to own this phone and I loved it...can you please upgrade it to double sim and increase the selfie megapixel,size is perfect...Thank you

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 27 Oct 2019This phone is amazing for the price ($115aud) as ive experienced... moreand I have owned 3 all of which have had been dropped and broken however my third one is still going with only the bottom half of the screen working and it can still do every thing I need it to do. would reccommend this phone if either you are extremely careful with it or buy a VERY good case / protection for it.

  • Anonymous

This phone is amazing for the price ($115aud) as ive experienced 0 glitches/ performance issues. However the durability of this phone is easily its worst feature and I

  • snw

Great phone, even in 2019. Until the touch dies. I used a 3rd party application (pill). Unfortunately recently I restored the phone to factory settings, and I can't skip the welcome screen. Dead.

  • Flint Eastwood

Planned obsolescence?
Now it has hit me. The Touchscreen dies after three and a half years. Display still looks fine but the touch-digitizer is giving up. It started a few weeks ago at the bottom and the top, so I helped myself with third party apps for the notification- and the navigation bar.
But now there are two stripes across the keyboard, makes it nearly impossible to type text and renders the device useless.
I really loved this phone, the compact size, the fluid performance and the long battery endurance.
I'm so sad now.

  • Rakitsiy

Hey guys..i have bought this phone about 3 months ago..a week ago,this phone can't get charged properly..when it dies,i charge and the phone won't turn on..what should i do?

  • TelusDetective

NoLauncherPls, 08 Nov 2018I find this nonsense of having a 'launcher' forced upon users to... moreAll Android phones have a launcher. Apple has a launcher, even if they don't call it that. It's like the old Windows Start button. All you have to do is long press the icons you don't want and delete them from the main screen. And when you open the Apps Drawer, long press the apps you most often use, and drag it to the main screen. Easy as pie.

Instead of spending time complaining about it, better you invest that time on learning the OS.

  • TelusDetective

Anonymous, 05 Jun 2019Docomo z3 compact "SO-02G" can i flash this model by global off... moreFYI, I prefer 5.1.1. You can find it a Flashtool-compatible ROM at XDA.

  • TelusDetective

Anonymous, 05 Jun 2019Docomo z3 compact "SO-02G" can i flash this model by global off... moreGet (Xperia) Flashtool. That is all you need. It has Xperifirm built-in, so you can download the latest ROM for your device direct from Sony, then use Flashtool to "update" your phone.

Anonymous, 05 Jun 2019Docomo z3 compact "SO-02G" can i flash this model by global off... moreYes. You can flash it with either D5803 or D5833. I flash mine with Android 6.0.1 for D5803 and it is working great. But, I loose the NFC. Try to look for official stock rom. Google will help you to find one.

  • Anonymous

Docomo z3 compact "SO-02G"
can i flash this model by global official android marshmallow as "D5803 or D5833"?

Aun, 16 Nov 2018I bought Xperia z3 compact this year,2018. The camera, performan... moreThis was indeed an issue with older Xperia screens. My Z5 was unresponsive at the middle of the screen, like a thin stripe from one side to the other.
I got used to it though. Now I have a new phone.
Only fix is screen replacement unfortunately as this isn't a software issue.

Nick, 18 Feb 2019Nice little phone. It's fast and the new battery I installed las... moreYou did the repairing yourself.. and it's Sony's fault the camera's stopped working afterwards.

I mean I don't know.. to me this person is you.

I have this phone for my another daily driver (my main daily driver Xperia XZ). Camera I'm no problem because it's 2014 smartphone :v but in middle of my screen is give up cuz my mistake after playing game

  • Nick

Nice little phone. It's fast and the new battery I installed lasts a long time. I bought it new at ebay but the battery stopped holding charge about 2 months in. Sony wouldn't honor the warranty so I had to open it and repair it. I cracked the back glass screen so I installed it new, and the battery of course. Then a couple of months later both cameras stopped working. I'm disappointed in Sony to say the least

  • Bro

Rey, 04 Dec 2018Hi everyone, I got this phone, first was in May 2018, and loved... moreHi try to clear camera cache , n respond back