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Sony Xperia Z3 Compact

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  • TelusDetective

NoLauncherPls, 08 Nov 2018I find this nonsense of having a 'launcher' forced upon users to... moreAll Android phones have a launcher. Apple has a launcher, even if they don't call it that. It's like the old Windows Start button. All you have to do is long press the icons you don't want and delete them from the main screen. And when you open the Apps Drawer, long press the apps you most often use, and drag it to the main screen. Easy as pie.

Instead of spending time complaining about it, better you invest that time on learning the OS.

  • TelusDetective

Anonymous, 05 Jun 2019Docomo z3 compact "SO-02G" can i flash this model by global off... moreFYI, I prefer 5.1.1. You can find it a Flashtool-compatible ROM at XDA.

  • TelusDetective

Anonymous, 05 Jun 2019Docomo z3 compact "SO-02G" can i flash this model by global off... moreGet (Xperia) Flashtool. That is all you need. It has Xperifirm built-in, so you can download the latest ROM for your device direct from Sony, then use Flashtool to "update" your phone.

Anonymous, 05 Jun 2019Docomo z3 compact "SO-02G" can i flash this model by global off... moreYes. You can flash it with either D5803 or D5833. I flash mine with Android 6.0.1 for D5803 and it is working great. But, I loose the NFC. Try to look for official stock rom. Google will help you to find one.

  • Anonymous

Docomo z3 compact "SO-02G"
can i flash this model by global official android marshmallow as "D5803 or D5833"?

Aun, 16 Nov 2018I bought Xperia z3 compact this year,2018. The camera, performan... moreThis was indeed an issue with older Xperia screens. My Z5 was unresponsive at the middle of the screen, like a thin stripe from one side to the other.
I got used to it though. Now I have a new phone.
Only fix is screen replacement unfortunately as this isn't a software issue.

Nick, 18 Feb 2019Nice little phone. It's fast and the new battery I installed las... moreYou did the repairing yourself.. and it's Sony's fault the camera's stopped working afterwards.

I mean I don't know.. to me this person is you.

I have this phone for my another daily driver (my main daily driver Xperia XZ). Camera I'm no problem because it's 2014 smartphone :v but in middle of my screen is give up cuz my mistake after playing game

  • Nick

Nice little phone. It's fast and the new battery I installed lasts a long time. I bought it new at ebay but the battery stopped holding charge about 2 months in. Sony wouldn't honor the warranty so I had to open it and repair it. I cracked the back glass screen so I installed it new, and the battery of course. Then a couple of months later both cameras stopped working. I'm disappointed in Sony to say the least

  • Bro

Rey, 04 Dec 2018Hi everyone, I got this phone, first was in May 2018, and loved... moreHi try to clear camera cache , n respond back

  • alex

This is a great phone (I have 2 of these in our family). I like that it is compact and battery lasts for long time. However, there is common problem with the phone. Namely, top and bottom of screen stop working and then you can not use navigation buttons and and notification area. The first phone was on warranty and Sony fixed it in about a week. The second phone just developed the problem and now it is out of warranty. I had to use additional apps to navigate the phone while looking for replacement.

  • Rey

Hi everyone,
I got this phone, first was in May 2018, and loved the size and performance. In July the back panel cracked an still working fine, a week later the camera went black. Thinking it's a bad batch so I bought another one. Last week of November the camera went black again, what a waste.

  • Anonymous

NoLauncherPls, 08 Nov 2018I find this nonsense of having a 'launcher' forced upon users to... moreSounds like you would like an iPhone because itÂ’s software is not so cluttered

  • Aun

I bought Xperia z3 compact this year,2018. The camera, performance, display etc everything was fine until one day the screen gave up. The bottom side of the screen started to glitch and the screen was not responding to the touch at the center. I didn't do anything. I used it with extreme care, like over the top care. Because I couldn't afford any more expenses. You get the point. Honestly, it's a very risky product if anyone is interested in buying it. I checked their web looking for a possible solution but there wasn't any and a lot of people experienced the same problem. hopefully, my opinion might be helpful. Thanks

  • Anonymous

I bought the Z3C brand new in 2015 and was absolutely in love with it, kept it with care until one year and just after one week of warranty expiry the top layer of touch screen became dead, I was pretty upset as I expected this phone to last me for few years. Bottom line is that the Z3C has a very poor quality glass and compared to previous Sony flagship products is an absolute disappointment. After 6 more months of use with a partial dead screen the bottom portion of the screen also died making it impossible for daily use. In addition despite being a water proof phone the main camera lens got fogged somehow (never fell in water or floor and all seals are intact) I was big Sony mobile follower (even have an Xperia X8 Shakira with me in good working condition) but with such bad experience with the Z3C bad experience have lost confidence in Sony product quality and have moved on to Huawei and Xiomi. Don't buy this phone even if someone gives you at dirt cheap price.

  • NoLauncherPls

I find this nonsense of having a 'launcher' forced upon users to be insufferably dictatorial - yes, dictatorial - and utterly irritating.

Can count on 2 fingers the apps I use and am rarely in the mood to have to go rummaging through some useless, pokey little 'app drawer' if I do ever need to find something else.

All I needed was conveniently set out on the home screen - searching for anything else was easy with Google Play Store - I could simply plonk anything else wanted on the home screen and all was hunky-dory - until Sony enforced the use of 'launchers'.

At LEAST give people the option of whether or not they want to use something so fiddly and utterly useless!

This irritating experience has taught me one thing: either go back to a dumb phone or don't bother with a phone at all because - let's be honest - who isn't witnessing a tech world waxing obese in leaps and bounds with its own stupidity on a near daily basis?

i have too sony z3 compact form 2014 untell now they are working fine and nice completliy --no any problem -and one phone after root it have many problem and its dead and antoher my phone is work fine untell now -sony z3 compact have only problems its heat up phone when use 4 k or games -----if you make root for phone so you destroied your phone---- 1 touch secrn is stack 2 wifi is dead 3 leg 4 slow 5 many problem show after your root phone ----

TelusDetective, 25 Aug 2018Maybe that part of the touchscreen is broken. Does the notifica... moreYes. The notification bar can be pulled down when turned to landscape mode.
I have tried testing the screen, sadly, there are lines (1 or 2 lines) on the top that is not responsive in the test.
I really like the phone because it is so handy.

  • Mahmood

Syedtalib, 26 Jul 2018Hey guys I'm really liking the sony z3c and I have a great heart... moreTake it, if you are not a big user of Internet. It heats up.

easy to carry phone. fast than redmi 5a