Sony Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact

Sony Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact

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  • Anonymous

Anyone got a docking station for this tablet?

  • wyyan100

Hands down the best tablet I've ever had, Sony can be expensive, but nearly 5 years of usage proves much

Jonny H, 14 Nov 2020Still my favourite tablet, comparing to the cream of the cr... moreBetter not to replace this. It's impeccable!

  • Caesius

jannesm, 15 Aug 2019Although iPad (mini) might be new and great, I just added 2... moreThanks for pointing out that you were able to use a 256gb SD card in the Z3 tablet compact. I can only Echo what everyone else has said here, that it is still the best tablet out there IMO. I'm having to replace the battery on mine now, but it's well worth the time and hassle to keep this baby running.

  • Caesius

AndColl, 13 Dec 2020Great tablet, still going strong. Am thinking of replacing,... moreI completely agree. My battery died, but the Sony Z3 Compact was the best tablet I ever had. It even had features that my later Sony phone dropped. So, rather than buying a new tablet, I ordered a new battery.

I am nervous about installing it. Or rather, I'm more nervous about having to break it open. These things weren't meant to be opened up. But thankfully there are tutorials on YouTube.

I came here hoping to find out if a 256gb SD card will work in it though. If not, I managed to for a long time with the 128gb card, so…

  • Anonymous

pete, 23 Nov 2020a great tablet I agree, but doea anyone know if it's ... moreI use sd card as the main memory had to go in to the settings to change to sd card as main storage

  • AndColl

Great tablet, still going strong. Am thinking of replacing, but it still does everything I need it why change?! Great size, shape and weight. Great bit of Sony kit.

  • pete

a great tablet I agree, but doea anyone know if it's locked against using the SD card as the main memory ? the option to "format as intrenal" in storage only shows as "format", so I'm guessing not ?

  • Jonny H

Still my favourite tablet, comparing to the cream of the crop, this tablet still runs the race, great processor, slim and pocketable tablet, ideal for me, shame I can't find ANYTHING near suitable to replace it.
Any ideas?

  • tareq morshed

Hadi38, 23 Aug 2020i got this tablet about 5 years and i don't have any i... moresame here bro

i got this tablet about 5 years and i don't have any issue with this lovely tablet what so ever I'm so sad that I can't find any tablet like this one light, slim and powerful with flawless stereo speakers after these years it's time to replace it with a new tablet if you have any suggestions about a good tablet like this tell me plzzzz

  • Kyle

ivie, 08 Aug 2019I would like to know what if the plug for this tablet doesn... moreJust use any cable but if the port on your tablet is broke there is some kinda charging stand that utilizes the prongs on the side but might be hard to find.

Agreed with all the comments. This is the best designed 8" tablet ever made (android or ios) even until this day. The battery on mine just started swelling:( I am so bummed since nothing even comes close to its form. It is the lightest and easiest to hold of any tablet in its class, and to top it all off it has waterproofing! But no repair shop I know wants to even attempt a battery replacement. There are batteries to be had, but no one will do the work to replace it, and I know I am not skilled enough to do it myself. If anyone knows a repair shop that can do a battery replacement please let us know. Sony E-readers which were better designed than any other e-reader even until this day got steam rolled by Amazon just like Sony tablets got steam rolled by Apple, Amazon, and Samsung. I really wish Sony would reconsider and start making tablets and e-readers again, but I guess people just don't know how much better these devices are than their competitors. The current options for an android tablet are pretty dismal.

  • Anonymous

All these years there is no replacement for this tablet. It has traveled to so many countries and yet remained working in all of the difference conditions.

Despite it running out of storage space, it's physical hardiness has surpassed all of its other internal flaws.

Mine is on its final battery charge as the battery has bloated. I dare not charge it any more.

Sad to see it go, the last of its kind and it's time.

  • Theking2

One of those rather rare products that are too well constructed. Where in the lifespan of the Z3 I went through at least 4 phones this grand old still has the optimal specs in weight, size, screen size and features. Still not a day without me using it for a quick browse, take in a movie, or check my social net. A bit soft on battery life but with the perfect charging stand who cares.

  • kps/Nepal

4.5 years old, still worth like gold. only 16 gb is not sufficient for these days, but managing by transferring into SD card, still works perfect.

  • System

Heltu, 29 Oct 2019My Z3tc is now almost 5 years old. I can't find replacement... moreAgreed. Mine has been used as smartphone / daily driver for over 4 years and still loving it. The power button just break a couple of months ago, and lately, battery starts showing sudden drop. Still, the screen, the simplicity of the OS, the battery capacity (in its primary condition), the headphone jack, the NFC, and the black box design hold its ground for a long time.

  • Heltu

My Z3tc is now almost 5 years old. I can't find replacement for this one. Now a battery of Z3tc is dying and I don't know what to do!!!

  • jannesm

dlpoi, 28 May 2019I just picked up a new iPad mini 2019 because I can't wait ... moreAlthough iPad (mini) might be new and great, I just added 256Gb SDXC card to My Z3T at a very small cost and use it happily on. Don't like Apple's policy on memory sizing/pricing...

  • ivie

I would like to know what if the plug for this tablet doesn't work in my outlet what can I do can I use the one from my cellphone or do I have to buy a new cable each time while using this