Sony Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact

Sony Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact

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  • Anonymous

All these years there is no replacement for this tablet. It has traveled to so many countries and yet remained working in all of the difference conditions.

Despite it running out of storage space, it's physical hardiness has surpassed all of its other internal flaws.

Mine is on its final battery charge as the battery has bloated. I dare not charge it any more.

Sad to see it go, the last of its kind and it's time.

  • Theking2

One of those rather rare products that are too well constructed. Where in the lifespan of the Z3 I went through at least 4 phones this grand old still has the optimal specs in weight, size, screen size and features. Still not a day without me using it for a quick browse, take in a movie, or check my social net. A bit soft on battery life but with the perfect charging stand who cares.

  • kps/Nepal

4.5 years old, still worth like gold. only 16 gb is not sufficient for these days, but managing by transferring into SD card, still works perfect.

  • System

Heltu, 29 Oct 2019My Z3tc is now almost 5 years old. I can't find replacement for ... moreAgreed. Mine has been used as smartphone / daily driver for over 4 years and still loving it. The power button just break a couple of months ago, and lately, battery starts showing sudden drop. Still, the screen, the simplicity of the OS, the battery capacity (in its primary condition), the headphone jack, the NFC, and the black box design hold its ground for a long time.

  • Heltu

My Z3tc is now almost 5 years old. I can't find replacement for this one. Now a battery of Z3tc is dying and I don't know what to do!!!

  • jannesm

dlpoi, 28 May 2019I just picked up a new iPad mini 2019 because I can't wait for S... moreAlthough iPad (mini) might be new and great, I just added 256Gb SDXC card to My Z3T at a very small cost and use it happily on. Don't like Apple's policy on memory sizing/pricing...

  • ivie

I would like to know what if the plug for this tablet doesn't work in my outlet what can I do can I use the one from my cellphone or do I have to buy a new cable each time while using this

I just picked up a new iPad mini 2019 because I can't wait for Sony to release a follow up to this tablet and it has become just too difficult to only have 16gb of internal storage. Yes. You can transfer apps to the SD card but everytime an app updates it switches back to internal memory. It's very frustrating.

And it's a total shame too because even though the Z3tc is a few years old it's still hands down the best tablet ever made in terms of form and function. It's just not the same using the iPad mini and I sadly still go back to my Z3tc because it's just easier to hold. I also prefer the screen ratio on the Z3tc. The iPad is too wide visually and it also makes it harder to hold.

The Z3tc on the flip side is extremely easy to hold with two hands or even one. It is WATERPROOF! It is slim. It is the perfect size. It has a great screen although the resolution could be a little higher. I've tried other tablets and nothing even comes close.

When it first came out and reviewers preferred the iPad mini over this I figured they must have been paid to say that because in real world use this is the pinnacle. No one has made anything remotely close to it's design even years later.

If reviewers we're not so blinded by apple maybe Sony could stand a chance in selling their superior design. I wish Sony would try to release another small tablet because no one seems to be able to make anything remotely as good. If they did I would absolutely switch back.

Want more waterproof than only 30 minutes and 1,5 meter

I'm another huge fan of this phablet. Also been using it for many years. It's a superb quality phone. And tough as nails! And just awesome battery. Sadly few people can see the next level that an 8" phone puts them on. Hoping Sony wakes up and produces another one like it. Otherwise all that I've seen is Huwai's.

Does anyone know how i can get a newer version of Droid running on it?

  • rik

can u play Marvel future fight in this tablet?

  • Anonymous

I've been using this tablet as my daily driver for almost 4 years now and it is brilliant. Only thing is the 16GB is limiting the experience. Hope Sony makes a replacement for this soon.

  • Wah

I have had this tablet for a over 3 years and I still love it. Perfect size and very light. The only thing I'm having issue with is the memory. 16GB just isn't enough. But I still refuse to change it. I'm actually here to see if there is a bigger memory option that I can get. Sad it's only in 16gb. Anyway I decided to leave my own review.

  • Zoom

Diavolo, 03 Dec 2018Using it for 4 years! Great deviceSame here, can't find a good enough reason to replace it :P

  • Anonymous

Used for 3.5 year Great tablet

  • Dashby

Been using one for 3 years still great. Hard to find a better replacement

  • Diavolo

Using it for 4 years! Great device

  • Msk

Using the tab for the third year. Tab works perfect as just like the day it was baught, and the tab accessories

  • Arun

Need an updated version . Using this for last 4 years n still works perfect

  • ctx1769

I have 2 of these Sony tablets, one for home and the other for work. Amazing piece of kit long lasting (4 Years), Sony please release a replacement. I,m still getting upto 9 hours on the battery and use the tablets every day enough said I think.