Sony Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact

Sony Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact

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  • ctx1769

I have 2 of these Sony tablets, one for home and the other for work. Amazing piece of kit long lasting (4 Years), Sony please release a replacement. I,m still getting upto 9 hours on the battery and use the tablets every day enough said I think.

  • Anonymous

Used daily for more than 4 years. Perfect size for 1 handed holding, thin and lightweight, high definition display and so fluid to use/powerful. Small internal memory but a micro sd expansion. I just hope Sony releases a new 8 inch tablet before my beloved z3tc bites the dust. 10 inch tablets are too large to hold comfortably and comfortable sized phones are too small for enjoyable media viewing/reading. Although it shows no signs of even slowing down, regrettably some apps can't update anymore due to the older android version. Still one of the best purchases I've ever made.

  • Anonymous

I've had it for almost 4 years and I don't regret buying it. Performance and battery are great, considering the price. After several years, I am still getting ~7 hours of continuous video and 48+ hour of music

  • Anonymous

Don't matter what anyone says, this the longest lasting thing ever made, all my other phones are either dead or slow, this big thing lives on like nothing else. I love old sony phones, they last forever

  • Anonymous

One of the best compact tablets from sony. My wife used it for 3 years and still rocks. Now it´s slowly starting it´s usage,but stil has solid specs even by today standards!
Replaced by a Lenovo tab 4 plus 8,

  • AnonD-733567

Hello all users sony xperia z3 tablet...can i know flat cover usb sony xpeeia z3 tablet compact same what model sony xperia??

I have had my old Sony Xperia Z3 Compact Tablet. It has been with me for a while now but it slowly showing its age in terms of software (stuck forever at 6.0.1) and performance. Battery life still seems solid but I feel not for long.
I'm tempted to get a Lenovo Tab 4 8 Plus but the UK has the 3GB version of the tablet which is not fair for us fans/customers; prefer a 4GB one.
In terms of the speakers of the Lenovo tablet and mine which one you guys think is louder & clearer in real terms (disregarding Dolby Atmos or otherwise)?

  • vun from malaysia

the best tablet ,still using now, sony can u realease new tablet compact??? your hardware is da best among all

  • AnonD-223263

SO, 25 Jan 2017Sony really let down us by not updating this tablet to Andr... moreit had 2 year support as promised and it ended. i am very satisfied with kitkat to marshmallow updates

  • AnonD-695667

AnonD-695667, 11 Oct 2017Hello, Ive' got big issue with this tablet, wifi don't see ... moreafter running diagnostics wifi has started working but bluetooth still don't working...

  • AnonD-695667

Hello, Ive' got big issue with this tablet, wifi don't see any networks, don't react after turning on.. even after reset device - in welcome screen it sees net for 5 second and after that, networks disaappears again, anyone had this problem?

  • AnonD-669148

tablet Z3 user, 02 Jul 2017Push ur 64 or 128Gb microSD card as internal storage ( Sony... moreIt is NOT possible to make any SD-card part of the internal storage on Z3 Tablet Compact!

  • AnonD-669148

Fantastic hardware, but Sony have the worst software! The magnetic sensor, compass, only worked the first few days then Sonys software updates made it stop working! 30 percent is not low battery level, but Sonys software warns for low battery already at 30 percent and that high sound warning can not be disabled! I will never ever again buy anything made by Sony because their software is the worst of all!

  • tablet Z3 user

hippocyl25, 03 May 2017Am I the one found this? I'm using xperia Z5 premium and th... morePush ur 64 or 128Gb microSD card as internal storage ( Sony lock that; no need to root the device)
I gain 64 Gb for my year ahead in medical school

  • Vic

Still using it. Great tablet - lightweight, compact and excellent looking.

  • ambtskv

been using this for 2 years now and still going strong,, the best tablet until now,, nice job Sony

  • Nogrape

Indeed awesome tablet!! No lag still after two years but shame they stoped with updates.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 01 Apr 2017why, oh why is there no successor for this magnificent device?!Indeed. Waiting.

  • hippocyl25

Am I the one found this? I'm using xperia Z5 premium and this table together, surfing the same website, playing the same game, but I found my Z5 premium are hot like a boom and worried will it blast on my hand, but this tablet still the same temparature, no overheat problem. But only one disadvantages, the built in memory was too small although there are sd card support.

  • Anonymous

why, oh why is there no successor for this magnificent device?!