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  • B

The Z5 has served me well the past 4 years and is still going.
Now, the battery drains quickly to the point that with the screen on and at reasonable brightness, it will be dead in 2 hours.
The screen is just bright enough at maximum brightness to use in direct sunlight but you can wave your battery goodbye.
The thing gets warm when doing much of anything and in summer can shut down because then it actually gets hot.
Fingerprint and proximity sensors have always worked reliably.
After all this time the os (i guess) started to become unstable. Apps kept stopping and preferences resetting. Something something wipe cache partition, didn't work, needed a factory reset.
Yeahnah twas good value for money in 2017 but as it has become a little slow with the apps of 2021 I don't recommend buying it today.

  • Xiao

hellomen, 20 Apr 2021does it last 2 hours by standby or whie using it?Using it...

  • Kujtim Zymeri

hellomen, 20 Apr 2021does it last 2 hours by standby or whie using it?Listen soo clearly this master. Samsung will lag 7 times in 5 minutes. Camera issues charging issues and dont event thing to handle 2 years without changing the battery. U said xperia never needed that. Bye bye

  • Kcee

Only good thing about the scrap is the camera

Anonymous, 26 Mar 2021Been using this phone for 5 years now. Yes it gets hot, yes... moredoes it last 2 hours by standby or whie using it?

  • John

Lucky, 12 Dec 2020This is a pretty good phone for the money you pay. The came... moreThis phones takes better daylight photos than any of the recent flagships by Apple and Samsung (detail wise), but in low light it's another story (It's just plain bad). It heats up quite a bit during normal usage but never shuts itself off due to heat (not sure what people meant by "overheating", maybe it's because it gets hot?). Anyways after 5 years the battery is degrading noticeably (there's no Qnovo so it's to be expected). I only get 3-4 hours SOT so it's a backup phone for now...

  • Anonymous

Been using this phone for 5 years now. Yes it gets hot, yes the camera is nice, yes the battery is shitty, because it's already 5 years old, because of that I can use the phone for max 2 hours now, it's gone through so many charging cycles it's not even funny. If I play games on it, it will die at ~45% and display a low battery indicator upon trying to turn it on again, at this age the battery drains for like 1-2% per minute while playing Clash Royale. Also the proximity sensor on the front is faulty, it needs to have literal sunlight on it so the screen lights up during calls. UI is good.
Yes I've made a stupid purchase when I was young.

I'm thinking of getting Samsung Galaxy A52 or A72 soon.

  • Mohammad umair

Sony Xperia z5 compact colors green 3gbrom 32ram

  • Water.bottle

The Sony Z5 doesn't have an Optimizer/Cleaner which unable the user to stop any apps running in the background. Mine just gets hot as if I was gaming and also drains my battery even when I'm not using it.

The battery itself is not good. I am using it right now, its hot and the battery is already 20% depleted from 100.

The File Commander has Ad & keep asking me to get the Premium Version which costs money.... Even though I thought that sorts of thing should've been within the package of buying the phone.

The Versatility, is not good.... You can't change the "navigation button" (that 3 icon sitting at the bottom the the screen). Its also really hard to find the Phone Casing/Cover (at least in my region).

I'm using the Docomo version which has other apps related to it (Docomo) in the phone. But its impossible to use it as its all in Japanese (tho I hope I could read read). There's no way to translate it.... No option to do so.

The Mobile Data Saver is also sucks. I thought by turning the Data Saver on, It will "Restrict" the apps from using Data completely. Turns out, by "Restrict" they meant reduce the usage of Data which doesn't even help.....

Random Systems also crashing randomly which is pissing. Sometimes you have to go through the settings in order to set your mobile service again.

It took a huge chunk of time for the phone to Start if you Restart it or turn it on after you Shut it off.

  • Lucky

This is a pretty good phone for the money you pay. The camera, despite not being up to today's standards, is honestly not too bad. Fairly decent autofocus, okay quality, good colors, I will say though that it takes a little while for the camera to take a picture, but still decent at this price point. Overall performance is okay, you can run PUBG and COD Mobile fine but, due to the fact that this phone's exterior is metal and runs on the infamous Snapdragon 810 it can get quite hot in the hands. Personally, I've only experienced the phone overheating while messing with the various camera settings (like 4k and camera mirroring apps, not regular everyday settings). The display is a good size for me personally, although if you are not using the adaptive brightness setting, which alters the darker colors on the screen to adapt to bright outdoor light, the display can be hard to see at times. As for reliability, I will say that I've needed to do a factory reset as the fingerprint scanner stopped working, HOWEVER, this could just be my own fault as during that time I was using shifty cracked/hacked apps. If there is one thing I don't like about this phone it's the battery. After 2 (almost 3) years of using this phone the battery has noticeably degraded, and often times I need it to be in power-saving mode and at the lowest brightness to get through the day. Still, I think this is a good phone despite it's drawbacks.

  • Anonymous

someone, 19 Nov 2020xperia Z5 getting hot. why?It uses the Snapdragon 810. This chip gets quite hot.

  • Anonymous

someone, 19 Nov 2020xperia Z5 getting hot. why?Because the snapdragon 810 chipset is itself a faulty one

  • someone

xperia Z5 getting hot. why?

It is unfortunate that this phone has not used USB Type C, still use android 7 and sometimes hot if played for a long time especially for gaming.

Well my comment is as follows the z5 is a total mess when it comes to phone all those tech don't mean a thing if you only bump into one problem or the other at every turn, the phone should be scraped up of the market in anyways, I have had a number Sony products and even when my friends say that Sony phone are not good I thought it a joke because of these failed series of z's, I bought the Z3 almost the same price I bought LG g6 but it can't be compared to what LG g6 can offer, LG to me is more durable, reliable and efficient, I also have this xa ultra before buying the LG g6, from the look of things I still grade the g6 more than xa ultra the only nice feature with xa ultra is the big screen well actually big for nothing which can be measured with g7, so for now Sony can go to hell, if I can screen shoot the Sony phone now it is even bleeding when it gets hot,what kind of shit is this Sony, you managed to disappoint your fans and I now understand why people have no interest in your phones again

  • Suriya

Bad net work very wordt network

  • Jack Burton

In 2020 the Xperia Z5 not the phone to get. The battery life from the factory was only OK level when new and by today's standards is subpar. The software is outdated and unless you dont mind the work of trying to load a version of android that Sony does not directly support then its not really secure or worth the effort. Sony has a track record of cutting support for their phones a little on the sooner rather than later side. The problems they have with the batteries dying on these older phones is a concern. Sony also has a bad track record of very delicate hardware and if the Z5 you get has not been well taken care of then you will have to worry about what is going to break if it hasn't already.

I honestly have a soft spot for Sony products but would recommend you get another brand when it comes to a phone. They are not bad when new but dont last near as long as their competition on average. I get more customers with dead Sony phones more than any other manufacturer, even Apple. They dont even look abused and fail hard. THe Apple and Samsung phones that I ger usually look like they have seen hell befor they broke.

The up side is its usually something simple like the screen or battery that need to he replaced but is it really something that should fail so often across their entire line of phones? You would think they would have figured it out by now.

Z5"s are cheap used for a reason.

  • Jigs

Jio volte sopport or not

My 9th phone and my fourth smartphone.

  • Lennart

Looking for users who made the upgrade from an earlier Z-model. Was it worth the upgrade? With a limited budget of approx $100,- (ebay) and prio 1 being camera, closely followed by audio (music, audiophile, and call), speed no lag, no games), video play (no lag, daytime brightness) and style. Latest Android of course, less important, but yet, as late as possible.
Did you overcome heating problems in e.g. z3+ by update and cache wipe? Is it still present in Z5 despite update/cache wipe?. Is there a (sleek) alternative given my wishlist?
What I found reading Gsmarena is that I'd better go with the Z2 as everything above has blurring issues (not to mention overheating). Correct or wrong?