Sony Xperia Z5

Sony Xperia Z5

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  • akhil

eagerly waiting for this f****** phone

  • AnonD-431269

Fingerprint sensor on side?.. technically left handers are clean BOWLED!!

  • AnonD-335162

We all need more than 3500 mah battery. If lenovo and asus can reach 4000mah battery, why Sony cant?

  • xjdjdh

Finger print sensor from Sony? I'd definitely going to hate it.

  • AnonD-430320

I think that the front facing camera comes with LED flash...
I wish that the 23 MP camera has laser autofocus / phase detection and optical image stabilisation mode....
One thing is very good that is fingerprint sensor. Battery capacity will be around 4000Mah..
But upgradatation is really cool

  • raj

god news :-)

  • AnonD-213493

People here are forgetting that the New "One plus two" is also having the Snapdragon 810 the newest version which Sony has now. So, it won't mess things up like the previous 810

  • venom0706

The difference between this and my Xperia Z2 is almost non-existent (only the processor on this one is better). And the latter was released a year and a half ago. I'll stick with the Z2 for now.

finally back to some width! The device looks beautiful, especially the golden one!
Can't wait to test it in my own hands

  • Anonymous

can someone tell me if they used gorilla glass or dragontrail glass? and also no IR port?

  • AnonD-319946

What is the difference between z3+ and this????????
Hardware isn't up to the mark

  • AnonD-344041

lol ! again 1920x1080 pixel screen resolution f*ck.....

  • Massif

Is All Ready Out !! i can't wait Tell I get My Hands On It

  • Marcolero

Where is OIS?

  • Wankai

Taz26, 02 Sep 2015The only reason i won't get this is because of the 810 processor.What's wrong with it ?

  • AnonD-151913

Congratulations on New Z Series "Z5" But I Will Wating For High End Specs On Hardware in Next "Z6". I'm Proud on SONY. GOOD LUCK

The only reason i won't get this is because of the 810 processor.

  • AnonD-287859

this is what im talking about SONY!!