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Gino76, 29 Mar 2017I have heard about Greenify since two years ago. I must say i'm ... moreYeah well most battery saving apps are indeed fake, but I use greenify since day one and it does work. Aggressive Doze is a setting that allows Doze to run within minutes within greenify, but it requires some additional info that you can do with a pc to actually activate this. No not root, just some basic knowledge of adb.

Well as for the camera yeah, that's all I can say. Z5 takes a lot wider photos than any other phone atm, so some drawback has to be expected in such wide lenses.

Anyway I don't mean to create a scene, but GSM arena isn't as trustworthy as you might think.

DenisXD, 29 Mar 2017As you said, it's all down to how you ere using a phone and what... moreI have heard about Greenify since two years ago. I must say i'm not that convinced. That's probably why I don't use it. Unless you can help me which some setting but until then I'll stay away from it. And besides I also heard some percentage of people online that such "battery saving apps" doesn't really help at all and can somehow clash with Doze on Android.
Going back to the uneven photo sharpness and the corner bluriness what would be the solution then? Cropping the damn photo?
Also to tell you (for the third time) that I mostly based my opinion on being a former owner and user of the Xperia phones I just mentioned in here. Sure I can go to a store and ask for a Z5 but most stores I know don't stock/display the phone anymore. And when there was that available Z5 then it's either the phone's software isn't up to date. the phone isn't fully charged, the phone is on demo get my drift. So, my opinions and perception are based on a mixture of my own experience and on online reviews from well known and reputable sites such as this site.

Anonymous, 29 Mar 2017Z3 - Colder colours Z5 - Warmer colours. Cheers anonymous. But how about speakers. Between the Z3+ and the Z5 which has the slightly louder/clearer/less muffled sound?

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Chap1, 28 Mar 2017Who has the better screen(brightness,sharpnes,colors,whites,blac... moreZ3 - Colder colours
Z5 - Warmer colours.

Gino76, 28 Mar 2017I don't unlock my phone using my voice so that's irrelevant to m... moreAs you said, it's all down to how you ere using a phone and what you are doing with it. The battery life is something I keep in mind with everything I do, that's why I can get a day or two with it.
As for your curiosity, I use greenify to kill background tasks alongside its aggressive Doze feature. It kills background stuff much faster than the regular Doze do after the screen goes off.

The blue tint in low light situations? I have experienced that I won't lie to you. In superior auto Z5 has a tendency to boost the iso a lot, even when it's not needed. Going manual and keeping the iso under control yourself saves you fron that blue tint.
The corner softness? Not only but it also distorts the photos it takes at the corners. This happens because the camera has an ultra wide lens of 22mm. And it's pretty darn wide, even the big ultra wide lens boys mess things a bit at tge corners because of it.
The other phones don't have such wide lenses so there is not much distortion there. But you can fit a lot more stuff in your photos with Z5 so im cool with its lens.
If it annoys you that much crop your photos at the same photo size the s7's lens takes and the distortion will go away.

The speakers muffled? Nope, not mine. As I said my Z5 is pretty louder than a regular Z5. Poweramp music player bypasses the phone's software and you are the one who controls everything, and I know what I do there.
Anyway boosting the right in the equaliser options can get you a much clearer output, even with a free music app who has an equaliser if you find the output muffled.

Also you Base your opinions on online reviews, that's hardly a proof. Sony doesn't pay reviewers like other companies do.. So there's your answer about the online reviews.

DenisXD, 28 Mar 2017Umm as a Z5 owner i find your camera accusations false. I can ta... moreI don't unlock my phone using my voice so that's irrelevant to me. And besides that uses too
much battery life.
Using a phone and talking about the battery life is very subjective and depends on each person. That's very true....for 6 years since Android's inception. I have merely told you of my experiences with the below said Xperia phones and the keyword is "I have been consistently using the same number of apps, same number of tasks for the past 2-3 years as I haven't changed my work, etc.". I am curious as to what "battery saving tips & hacks" have you been doing to preserve your phone's battery life? Me...sans rooting it I have probably done almost everything under the sun which are too many to mention here.
Re the camera have you not experienced the notorious blue/orange tinge in the camera lens during certain angles or in low-light? How about the seemingly common issue of poor sharpness along the corners? What miracle have you been doing under the Manual settings to avoid these?
And to which phones have you used as a comparison in terms of speakers sound output & loudness? Do you not think that because of the waterproofness the speakers can become umm i don't know...muffled maybe?

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Gino76, 17 Mar 2017And why would u choose a 6S than the Z5?6s is a much "safer" phone if can I say that. You get what you would expect, even better. Sony phones are a mixed bag of trash and gold,your z5 could either be a premium phone with zero problems or a nice surface-looking one but with a lot of problems inside.
Some users are reporting these problmes ( not only with the z5 but with many sony phones:
- self cracking screen/back issue
- processors are getting heat very fast
- auto rebooting/shutting off
Other users have say that they never experienced any of these things including me , but I've had an old xperia sp, wich had zero problems and still rocking today with nice battery life and performance.
Here are some advantages over other phones:
- much better battery life over time
- much better performance over major android updates
- more detailed photos ( 23 MP vs 12/16MP ) but you have to know how to set everything correctly
And here are iphone 6s's advantages/disadvantages:
- smoother performance
- easier to use camera ( and better low light photos )
- better optimised apps
- has working finger print ( z5 does not had one but only if you live in US )
- better in call speaker quality
- poorer battery life
- smaller and lower res screen
- iOS limitations
Hope this helped :)

Gino76, 27 Mar 2017Sorry but are you speaking about the Z5 Nougat update?I think he left a huge clue about which nougat version he is using.. take another look.

Gino76, 27 Mar 2017Let me tell you something. I have had the Z1, Z2, Z3, M5 and Z5 ... moreUmm as a Z5 owner i find your camera accusations false. I can take awesome pictures in almost all light situations in manual mode. Z5 has a tendency of pushing the iso too much, controlling it in manual mode saves my photos from the usual red/blue noise and low detail preservation. You should try that too.

The battery life is alright to me. I can easily get though a full day with heavy usage, and if I use it moderately, defently 2. It's all down to how you use your phone.

Oh and galaxy s7? please.. I doesn't even recognising my voice to unlock and its front camera doesn't pick my face to unlock either. terrible speaker output that can easily blocked and don't get me started on the all known amoled burn in issues i had with it after 7 months. And the camera? I had to always stick to manual because of the terrible warming and oversaturation it does on all the photos it takes, very annoying.

So Z5 saved me big time from these. I can easily unlock it by just telling it to unlock, and when I can't, looking at its camera unlocks it instantly too. It's speakers are easily two of the best I have heard in years. I use poweramp as my music player which bypasses the Sony software speaker volume control and can output loud, bassy sound. That's important for me. Yeah Sony`s software volume control is pretty bad, I get around 30% louder and heavier output from poweramp than the stock music player it has.

So s7? yeah good phone for the masses who does have a clue about using a camera, using the right music software and STILL use patterns to unlock it.. in 2017 lol.

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gixxer, 22 Mar 2017I have the z3 and z5 and the z5 outperforms the z3 by miles. Sto... moreWho has the better screen(brightness,sharpnes,colors,whites,blacks,­vivids,etc); z3 or z5?

Some random z5 owner, 27 Mar 2017Just upgraded to 7.0 today (postponed my update coz of internet ... moreSorry but are you speaking about the Z5 Nougat update?

Twikuus, 27 Mar 2017I am only speaking about the camera performance here, but my fri... moreI don't know if i'm seeing it right but the Z3 looks less grainy (less noise) than the XZ. Is this correct? Any thoughts/experience on the Z5? Would that be any better than the Z3? (may sound like a stupid question).

AnonD-651961, 27 Mar 2017You should buy a new one, not a-second-hand Z5, cuz you did't kn... more50% of the phones i'm buying are brand new. And i do not think buying a second hand would matter or make any difference; I'm very careful and scrutinise sellers with what they are selling.

  • Some random z5 owner

Just upgraded to 7.0 today (postponed my update coz of internet issues)

The fingerprint sensor is now lightning fast, i havent even properly positioned my thumb and it already unlocks.

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AnonD-144849, 26 Mar 2017Where did they announce Android O for Z5? They have a list of deviced that will be updated to Android O, and Z5 familly is there

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Gino76, 25 Mar 2017In the long-term and thinking about its current Nougat (and othe... moreYup, better choice, better camera then z3+, it has fingerprint too

  • Twikuus

Gino76, 27 Mar 2017I can't believe that a 3 year old phone such as the Z3 can be be... moreI am only speaking about the camera performance here, but my friend who bought the XZ to replace her old Z3 Compact also experianced some lag in certain apps and low battery live. For me though the most important part of a smartphone is the camera. And off course we didn't believe that the XZ camera would be of less quality then the older Z3. But we could test them together and the result wasn't good.... I can't post any samples here, but I did on the Sony forum, here's the link to that pages (this was page 16 out of 36 already...)­extremely-grainy/td-p/1171092/page/16

The difference in quality is obvious as you can see. And this was not just an incident. What ever we tried, we could not get the pictures to come out any better then this. With the Z3 that was never an issue, although there are also better smartphone camera's then the Z3, but three years ago it was ok.

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does z5 made of plastic or aluminum

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iabdul41, 24 Mar 2017Xperia X or Z5?Of course z5 for a higher specs and waterproof smartphone (at least in a paper cuz i don't own both phones so i can't take a conclusion based on my opinion) *CMIIW

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Gino76, 27 Mar 2017Let me tell you something. I have had the Z1, Z2, Z3, M5 and Z5 ... moreYou should buy a new one, not a-second-hand Z5, cuz you did't know what was happen to that phone before you bought it. *CMIIW