Sony Xperia Z5 Premium

Sony Xperia Z5 Premium

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  • AnonD-213493

Finger print sensor, new improved camera, STEEL BACK OMG STEEL BACK, the freaking 4k 800ppi display omg .. This is a Win Win situation for sony!

  • CZ P-07

Wow! Finally a smartphone worth spending my money on. I'll definitely be getting this. WOW!!

  • AMR

802 poi that's awesome phone
23 mg camera
I won't to have some think like that

  • AnonD-73154

Completely Perfect If Z5 Have 4GB Ram and Fingerprint sensor.

  • Rief

AnonD-73154, 02 Sep 2015Almost Perfect, If Z5 Premium have Fingerprint sensor. Keep It U... moreYes it has a fingerprint on the power button

  • AnonD-387177

AnonD-151913, 02 Sep 2015Congratulations on New Z Series "Z5" But I Will Wating... moreYour way of typing is annoying though.

The phone kills it. It is top notch and first reviews will show it. Will be the Flagship of the fall 2015.

  • AnonD-331410

Rk display having just 3430mah battery??

Sony givea a small battery life,nobody bats an eye..

Samsung givea small battery life everbody starts loosing their mind...

  • Ak Shayzadag

Yeeeeaaaaaaah! Great Phone Love You Sony

  • AnonD-151913

Congratulations on New Z Series "Z5" But I Will Wating For High End Specs On Hardware in Next "Z6". Good Luck SONY

  • AnonD-73154

Almost Perfect, If Z5 Premium have Fingerprint sensor. Keep It Up Sony..

  • Gymnex

I think the price is above iphone 6 plus or same price.

  • lysreng

just Z3+ is enough, dont you think 4K? :D

  • AnonD-401967

RAM should be 4 GB and fingerprint senser is much needed now a days

  • AnonD-97167

No0o0o0oW we are talking Sony 👍😀

  • first

z5 being a flagship failed to have a higher front camera than m5. What i mean is that there is a huge gap between 5mp and 13mp!

  • Anonymous

No X-reality ?

  • Macieyla

Worlds are going crazy like sh....
Stupid stupid stupid 4k 800ppi

  • AnonD-229221

OMG 800 ppi phone. Cant wait to hold it. Love u sonyy

  • Anonymous

Welcome to 4k display everyone. This is the limit.

  • Yash

How about finger print sensor ??