Sony Xperia Z5 Premium

Sony Xperia Z5 Premium

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  • Ak Shayzadag

Yeeeeaaaaaaah! Great Phone Love You Sony

  • AnonD-151913

Congratulations on New Z Series "Z5" But I Will Wating For High End Specs On Hardware in Next "Z6". Good Luck SONY

  • AnonD-73154

Almost Perfect, If Z5 Premium have Fingerprint sensor. Keep It Up Sony..

  • Gymnex

I think the price is above iphone 6 plus or same price.

  • lysreng

just Z3+ is enough, dont you think 4K? :D

  • AnonD-401967

RAM should be 4 GB and fingerprint senser is much needed now a days

  • AnonD-97167

No0o0o0oW we are talking Sony 👍😀

  • first

z5 being a flagship failed to have a higher front camera than m5. What i mean is that there is a huge gap between 5mp and 13mp!

  • Anonymous

No X-reality ?

  • Macieyla

Worlds are going crazy like sh....
Stupid stupid stupid 4k 800ppi

  • AnonD-229221

OMG 800 ppi phone. Cant wait to hold it. Love u sonyy

  • Anonymous

Welcome to 4k display everyone. This is the limit.

  • Yash

How about finger print sensor ??