Sony Xperia Z5 Premium

Sony Xperia Z5 Premium

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  • Md Liton

Anonymous, 20 Mar 2016100% true. Sony is king.yes dear sony is king

  • kalu

please launch this phone in nepal too

  • Anonymous

Its awesome phone sony Z5 P.Best in battery life.Superior Camera and Sound.superbbb,,,i like it

  • Anonymous

Z5P... you awesome!! This is SONY at it's best. Superb processor, Exceptional display, Outstanding Camera. And since I've bought this smart phone I am surprisingly attracted to this phone, even after seeing me enjoying this, I tell you two of my friends particularly two die hard samsung fans've rushed to the shop. Believe me, you're not gonna say," What hell this phone is?" You have to say _ SONY YOU BEAUTY!! So buddy don't waste your time go and buy your new phone immedietly.

  • Anonymous

Jon, 03 Apr 2016You're describing every smartphone.Don't comment me and buy Sony right now.

  • Jon

Anonymous, 31 Mar 2016Better when new. But after few months lags and bugs start.You're describing every smartphone.

  • Anonymous

Samsung has been trying its best to try and stay on top but it still can't. Sony, on the other hand, still has the same design, doesn't have that much upgrade in terms of processor, display tech, ram, sound quality, and even slow on putting features on their flagships like the fingerprint sensor which other smartphone manufacturers had for months already. But surprisingly, sony is still one of the top. I wonder what happens if sony upgrades all the specs, the design, and add more features. Sony will rule!

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 31 Mar 2016Bette than SonyBetter when new.
But after few months lags and bugs start.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 29 Mar 2016Samsung sucks. Don't post comments about it.Bette than Sony

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 26 Mar 2016if you want the big screen go with premium, any other reason get... moreSamsung sucks. Don't post comments about it.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-519016, 26 Mar 2016The Xperia Z5 premium is it worth it? The xperia z5 premium... moreYes thus Z5P Beast is top of the SONY line cell Flagship

  • ali

hi. i think that z5 is better than iphone6.any thing of this smartphone , except real camera

  • Anonymous

AnonD-519016, 26 Mar 2016The Xperia Z5 premium is it worth it? The xperia z5 premium... moreThe glass is fingerprint magnet but it is easy to clean by any cloth, the waterproof IP68 make sure you can clean it with a better way, the dustproof also let you active life become richer and feel free from any environment, as a slippery fans said.
The camera is a powerful a shooter! Only the competitors not to believe it. But once you have it you will believe.
The 4K display for mobile phone is the most creative feature, we also can save some of the battery because the 4K wouldn't active on regular usage only active for the precious photos and videos, the competitors still don't believe, maybe they could only accept a 2K display or even a 1K display is the better display.

  • AnonD-519016

The Xperia Z5 premium is it worth it?

The xperia z5 premium design is basically the same as every xperia since the xperia z with very little changes made. In terms of durability the z5 premium offers the matt finish rather then the glossy fingerprint magnet effect.
With the z5 premium you get the first ever 4k resolution on screen which can look good but put it side by side with a qhd display and they almost look identical unless you want to get technical. The screen has not got much use in day to day activities like checking your newsfeed or interecting with online media, you can however record a video in 4k and olay it back on the z5 premium in 4k or on a 4k tv.
When it comes to performance it seems to have a lot going for it but so does the xperia z3 plus a much cheaper alternative. Every app you will download and run daily will respond just as the creator intended without lag or studder.
The xperia z5 premium has on paper a very high spec camera, its a shame its not the paper that takes the photos. The camera on the xperia z5 premium is quite a gamble on weather the image processor will actually capture what you intended it to. Some pictures will come out nice with plenty of detail and some will be over exposed and the details seem to be washed into the scene like a smudged painting leaving the xperia z5 premium camera a little on the down side.
The xperia z5 premium is a big phone with that in mind although it is quite thin it is very tall and fitting it in your jeans can be a problem sometimes especially if you are sitting down with the phone in your pocket.
The xperia z5 premium has the ip68 certified logo on the box which means the phone is water and dust resistant to a certain degree but im guessing not many people would go spend £500 and throw it in the pool for self satisfaction that indeed the xperia z5 premium is water resistant.

The conclusion is that if your looking to upgrade from the z3 your not missing out on much as with people wanting to upgrade from the xperia z5 to the premium the 2 phones are the same with a screen difference that will cost you precious battery life.

  • Anonymous

if you want the big screen go with premium, any other reason get regular z5 (with fingerprint, US removed it). Nice phone but expensive for 4k that you cant really use. camera not great in low light. galaxy s7 edge better phone.

  • Anonymous

doug, 18 Mar 2016I am planning to buy a new phone and I dont know which is better... moreI hav both s6 edge plus n z5 premium

  • Anonymous

Borrie, 15 Mar 2016Once upon a time there was a nice looking handset named Xperia Z... moreagree with you, I am using sony Z ultra, love the thin and big screen design, feel so good.
bought it 3 years ago when it comes out, now is 2016, it still fast and possible look as good as iphone 6 plus when sit them side by side. It does everything you want, mhl, tv, stream,VR ..etc but now, looking forward for Z5P.. seem good for VR .ad

  • AnonD-518474

Should I get this or xperia z5? Whats the reason? I need your opinion guys. Thx

  • Jdjdjfj

Mohamed, 16 Mar 2016The software of my z5 premium was updated to 6.0 yesterday 15-Ma... moreThey will bring it back in the next update

  • Anonymous

Amp-sg, 22 Mar 2016Was a sony fan till now had over 8 phones but would say this pho... moreIf Sony isn't good buy laggy buggy Samsung. Or overpriced iPhone.