Strategy Analytics: Xiaomi was the top smartphone seller in Europe in Q2

Yordan, 03 August 2021

Strategy Analytics has issued its quarterly report on the smartphone market in Europe, and we have a new leader in sales. Xiaomi managed to surpass Samsung and has become the best-selling vendor with 25.3% of the market share. The Korean giant is sitting closely behind and the analysts predict we haven't seen the end of the battle for top positions.

Company Shipments (in million) Market share Q2 2021 Yearly change
Xiaomi 12.7 25.3% +67.1%
Samsung 12 24% -7%
Apple 9.6 19.2% +15.7%
Oppo 2.8 5.6% +180%
Realme 1.9 3.8% +1800%
Others 11.1 22.2% -20.1%
Total 50.1 100% +14.4%

The European market had a strong quarter, driven by COVID-19 recovery, said Boris Metodiev, Associate Director at Strategy Analytics. Xiaomi’s success is based on tremendous sales in Russia, Ukraine, Spain, and Italy where customers are “eager for Mi and Redmi series of feature-rich, value smartphones”.

Samsung is the only company in the Top 5 to ship fewer devices, and Neil Mawston, Executive Director, revealed this is due to increasing competition from Apple in the high-end market and Chinese vendors in the low-end scene. It also failed to capitalize on Huawei’s demise, but at least is performing well with new 5G models, thanks to the Galaxy A series.

Apple posted strong results because fans were “overdue to replace their devices” and the iPhone 12 series resonated with them. Realme’s now a top 5 maker in Europe as well, its great Q2 showing being attributed to the Realme 8 series.

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Reader comments

What part of Europe? Is it because they are inexpensive?

  • Moto
  • 06 Aug 2021
  • iBM

Caught...? Stealing...? No, they gather data same as everyone else, especially from browsers. It's a part of the terms and conditions of the browser. As usual, some people don't understand how "in private"/"incognit...

  • Moto
  • 06 Aug 2021
  • iBM

And who exactly is Xiaomi copying? Funny that I, a European, use a Xiaomi flagship and I'm also very excited for the Mi Mix 4. Since you say Xiaomi doesn't sell flagship phones in Europe. . .

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