Report: Apple's folding device taking shape, isn't an iPhone

Ivan, 23 February 2024

A new report, citing "supply chain sources" claims that Apple's foldable project is now converging on the design.

That means that multiple design elements of the folding device are coming together, suggesting that that phase of the folding project is nearing completion and that Apple is beginning to think about mass production.

The report seemingly suggests that Apple's folding device won't be ready this year or in 2025.

Supply chain: Apple's folding device taking shape, isn't an iPhone

Rumors have strongly suggested that Apple is working on at least two flip-style folding devices and that there's a very high probability that neither will be an iPhone. Apple's 7-8-inch foldable prototype could be in the iPad category instead, the company testing the waters before moving the tech to its most popular product.

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Reader comments

Well since Vision pro is 3500 without many important accesories and a lot of technical and other issues litterary 3500 for a complete unfinnished product i suggest this folding thing will cost no less than 5000.

Nah apple devices are as buggy as android/windows ones and anyone thinking otherwise is showing pure arrogance or ignorance lol. My 1st exs dad years ago who developed software decided to have a crack with ipads and ios ecosystem, he had issues ...

Unless you work in a very high position in apple and know this as fact then dont bother lol. Even rumors here say they arent sure if its part of their tablet portfolio or mobile phone portfolio. Just because its not an iphone doesnt mean they wi...

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