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T-Mobile G1

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  • Sameer Shehzad

it looks cooooooooooool i mean tooooo coool...

  • Sameer Shehzad

Devesh, 10 Oct 2008Microsoft office is there or not ?Is it is still required ???

  • tmo

Agreed with loki.
was skeptical before having one in hand. beautiful responsiveness, screen is great. and browsing kicks ass.

  • Anonymous

all people do is talk i bet none of you folks have this phone in hand so dont talk untill you have it

  • Kyle L.

Mike K, 10 Oct 2008reading loki's comment really makes me want anxious to get my G1... moreDud where have you looked because, engadget has a short hands-on and so does androidcommunity.com


  • Devesh

Microsoft office is there or not ?

  • Mike K

reading loki's comment really makes me want anxious to get my G1!!!
ive been searching all over the web for an actual USER review, not one conjured up by an Apple-bum sniffing and/or cynical bastard who has never even touched the G1...
the only thing im worried about is if its actually gonna fit in my pocket :/ lol

  • yiggs

I wonder when this will be released worldwide. Hopefully it'll make its way to Australia early next year.

  • mondo

loki, 10 Oct 2008ive been playing with the g1 all day and i cannot find anything ... moreWhat phone would you give a 9 or 10 out of 10?

  • crrish

is anybody know that
is the navigation already biult in or not?

  • loki

ive been playing with the g1 all day and i cannot find anything that is worse than the iphone... meaning that everything on it is either equal or better...browsing is very good...sms is better...you tube is better...over all i think this phone is better i give iphone 3g a 7/10 and the g1 8/10...g1 just looks a bit on the cheap side and its a bit big...but over all very good

  • Anonymous

i work for apple and i this this phone is better than a iphone only thing the i phone has over the g1 is the looks

  • Jason

Rmon, 06 Oct 2008Danger is my middle name. Sorry we are not all old and still hav... moreAre you serious? You think it's easier to SMS with the iPhone than the G1? You have no tactile feedback on the iPhone you have no IDEA what key you're pressing without staring at the screen. With a real keypad you don't need to look at the screen at all you can feel the keys.

  • that dude

arun, 08 Oct 2008no it's cost 299 dollars in upgrade plan if u hav a full online upgrade it will be 179.00+ tax's that will bring it to 214.00 how do i kno this cuz i ordered to already... and they was 214.00 now if u don't hav a full upgrade it will be 299.00...

  • Savor

And BTW, it will have PORN apps!

Unlike Apple's restriction on PORN and everything else for that matter. lol. Apple is like Nintendo when they refused to put the blood on Mortal Kombat 1. Apple are for prudes.



  • Savor




The location-based/GPS apps are going to RULE on the G1. I know iPhone will get the Street View app, but it won't have a built-in compass like G1. The more you read about the G1, the more you start to realize how powerful this phone can be. Look at the current scores. Up to 8.0 for features and performances. Better than iPhone's. The G1 is SELLING OUT everywhere, and it isn't even the "prettiest" phone in the world. People don't go out to buy OSes. Without Android, this G1 is nothing more than a Sidekick. You start to realize the power of the GOOGLE brand name....

  • Savor

An OPEN platform is nothing new in the industry. SYMBIAN is an OPEN platform. What makes the G1 unique is the APPS DISTRIBUTION and the solid UI that Google implemented. Understand this is Google's first attempt at an OS, unlike Apple which has nearly 25+ years of experience with user interfaces. Google is a company with a TON of money. One of the largest in the world. The ANDROID MARKET is going to rule! Yes, better than the App Store. The G-boyz are only giving us a choice. That choice is more FREEDOM! The G-boyz are the good guys. Remember Google's motto "Dont be evil". They are like the Rebel Alliance while that Apple logo is shaped like the Death Star.

  • arun

no it's cost 299 dollars in upgrade plan

  • Anonymous

What's the point of having a large touchscreen and at the same time having a keyboard and so many buttons? Isn't it supposed to be a touch phone? Google shoulda used the HD design... The HD sure kicked iphone's butt!

  • thatdude

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970if u hav a full upgrade it should com up to 214.00 after taxs... i already order 2 of them....